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  1. I am trying to understand all this talk about elevators and the use or no use of them on a ship and it all sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Does that mean that every elevator in the world is going to be shutdown? This virus will not only spread in elevators on cruise ships, better start getting used to walking up flights of stairs in buildings all over the world. There is safety and then there is safety and this is all becoming an experience of over reaction, cruise lines will decide if you and your health conditions allow you to travel? Better take the handrails down on the stairways, in th
  2. I agree with you!!! I wish all the doors that lead into the restrooms would do that. I don't like that I have to touch the door handles after I wash my hands. A lot of times, just on the past cruise, that the little paper dispensers were out of paper. This is not a criticism but a fact, the staff was so busy sanitizing that they did not have the time to replenish them.
  3. Thank you for posting this statement. This is not like Noro and anything else we have experienced and this was a horrible experience for crew and passengers. We were only notified about 10 days after the passenger was airlifted off the ship.
  4. I have been on three previous code reds on Oceania with Noro and not once were the doors open to the restrooms. This was also the first time that we have had menus that were thrown away, maybe they do things differently in the main dining room, but we tend to eat in the specialties and that has never happened to us before. Thank you for also pointing out that he was not tested, I did say that in my post. I am not saying there was any conspiracy, I just think that we should have been given the facts so that we could have made a decision based on the chance that we were exposed. When we wer
  5. I am a big Riviera fan and love to cruise on her with my husband and other family members, I am stating this because I notice if you have any negative comments people call you a hater and that is far from the truth for this family. We were on B2B starting on Feb. 26th and we had a great time on the first half, the weather was great and as it always is, the crew and the food was wonderful. I have to say that the last few days were terrible from our standpoint. We knew that things were up when they really pushed the hand sanitizer, but that was no big deal to us because we always use it. I f
  6. It does not look like they are planning on resuming soon. I see Riviera pulled out of Nassau today. I looked on cruise mapper and it looks like it is heading out towards Europe, maybe not but it looks like it at this time. A Regent ship left the same port at the same time.
  7. I received two emails from O and neither email stated that the passenger disembarked in Miami, it stated that there was a passenger onboard who has tested positive with the virus.
  8. I understand HIPAA laws but I think that we should have been told about this. There were about 30-40 people on back-to-back cruises and we should have been told so that we could have made an educated decision about staying on or getting off because we could have passed it on to the new passengers. This is not a venereal disease or a pre-existing condition that is truly not any of our business, but this is a serious pandemic illness that is killing people, we could have been told without us knowing who it was. This was not his fault, but people who could have been infected did have a right t
  9. I was on this cruise and the Captain told us that this individual had a pre-existing condition and that it was not associated with the illness that is going around.
  10. My family member has been disabled for more than 60 years and has cruised all over the world so I can speak about the cruise lines we have been on. They do not have many accessible rooms so we usually book a Vista suite and that does work for us. It works with the scooter and there are no steps into the bathrooms, we also ask for a shower chair and that works for us. It can be a little tight in the main dining room, but they do have tables that you can get to. The tables in the specialty restaurants do work and they are happy to remove a chair if the person you are with stays on their mobi
  11. If I am not mistaken the EC from Riviera is going to Marina. Sorry that I do not remember his name but he has been on Riviera for quite some time.
  12. We were on Riviera last week and the food has changed in the last 6 months. We have always enjoyed the food on O, but there was a step backward since our May-June cruise. Lunch in the GDR was horrible on the last cruise, had fish for one lunch and it was so wet and the smell was horrible. Ordered a hamburger twice in Waves and it was burnt and so hard that I thought about starting a hockey game and using it as a puck. They were using a teaspoon to put dressing on salads in Waves, I like to be able to taste the dressing and using a spoon that small made service slow. Food was still outstan
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