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  1. joern

    island tour, spices and chocolate

    I just took the tour with JNJ Tours and I defineately second the review. We had a great day and the price of USD 50 was very reasonable. I highly recommend Stan and his crew
  2. A year ago we were on Constellation in the Mediteranean. Great cruise and we had an extremely good experience with our sommelier in the MDR. He knew what he were talking about, knew when to serve and which wines to combine with the meals chosen. Also the wines were excellent. Because of this experience we decided to book Celebrity again and has just returned from the Summit in the Caribean, but what a disappointment. The first sommelier we had, didn't come to our table before I had the waiter call for him. Just asked if we wanted white wine for the appetizer and then served it when we where half done eating the appetizer. Same thing happened with the main course. He didn't care what meals we had chosen and definately not which wines to pair with them. Next day I asked to be moved to another section. The sommelier we had there was nice and she paid a lot of atention to us, but the knowledge was not good and the selection of wines were not better than standard wines on other lines. I don't know if this is just a new standard on Celebrity (or maybe they just serve better wines in Europe) but i was very disappointed and my intention of staying loyal to Celebrity is gone. I will probably book with them again, but only if it's a good deal
  3. Hi we have 3 nights at Double Tree by Hilton in San Juan. Can anyone recommend some good authentical lokal restaurants within walking distance from the hotel?
  4. joern

    Car rental

    Thanks. I might do that. Does anyone have an idea of the taxi cost for that roundtrip we want (for 5 persons)?
  5. joern

    Car rental

    Does anyone know if there are other car rentals than Avis and Budget in Frederiksted? We are 5 and planning to see Christiansted, a sugar plantation and Cruzan Rum Destillery, so I guess that taxi will be very expensive. I would therefore like to rent a car, but both Avis and Budget are sold out on our port day, so would be glad if someone can help
  6. I noticed others also use Charlies Car Rental. The rate is good but the insurance is sky high so considering carrentals.com with insurance. I'm not american so believe that I need the insurance? have you used carrentals.com?
  7. joern

    Concierge Room Service Menu, Please

    The app only seems to work on 3 ships
  8. joern

    Virgin Kayak Tour transportation

    Do You have a link to him? Couldn’t find it on google Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. joern

    Priority check-in for Concierge class

    We are also in concierge cabin, but traveling with my parents who are in a balcony cabin. Can we take them with us at the check in and to the embarkation lunch? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. joern

    Premium Outlets

    Hi I Understand that there's a Premium Outlet Mall in Puerto Rico. We have a few days before the cruise, and would love to spend a few hours in an outlet mall (we always do that when we come to the US). Is it worth going there or are we better off waiting till Sint Maarten? If so, how do we get there from our hotel Double Tree by Hilton in Condado area?
  11. joern

    3 days in SJ - What to do?

    Hi We have 3 days in San Juan 24-24/10 prior to a cruise. This is our first time in Puerto Rico and we are 5, 3 of them are 70+ Any ideas on what to do? My thoughts are a day in Old San Juan and maybe hire a car for a day, but not sure where to go, so will be grateful for some good ideas
  12. I was hoping for a Labor day sale on beverage packages for our upcoming cruise on oct 27, but unfortunately it didn't happen, so any advice as to buy it now online, wait to see if there will be an offer when we are closer to departure or hope for an offer once we are on board?
  13. joern

    Summit cabin 8049

    Noone who can say anything about this cabin?
  14. joern

    St Croix on a sunday

    Will visit St Croix oct 28 We are danish, so would like to see some historic places, but also visit Cruzan destillery and a beach if there's time. However, I understand that many shops and places are closed on sundays, so what would you recommend? Also, should we rent a car or go by taxi (We are 4 adults)?
  15. joern

    Summit cabin 8049

    Have just booked a cruise from San Juan on oct 27 and was assigned to this cabin. Can nayone tell me something about the cabin, maybe even with photos ;)