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  1. joern


    Hi Seen a lots of reviews of sloths and monkey places, but wondering. Are the animals drugged? Ask because we some years ago visited the Tiger Temple in Thailand and thought we were doing a great thing to help the animals. Only to find out later that the place where closed due to the fact they drugged them and did illegal trade. Won't have that experience again, so should we stay away from these places?
  2. Hi Assigned to this room. Anyone know anything about it?
  3. The cabin is very compressed, but didn't find it a challenge. When I woke up, I went to 15 for a cigarette and when I came back my wife was up. We had the bed close to the balcony. If you have the same, I don't think it will be a problem
  4. I used them on our visit in Naples last week. We did the Pompeji and Amalfi coast tour. Our guide Valentina and the Pompeji guide Maria did an amazing job and we had a great tour. Price is much less than booking on the ship and it's a much more personal tour, so i highly recommend them
  5. Back home after a nice cruise. Weather was fantastic and overall we had a great cruise. This was our 5th cruise after 2 with MSC and 2 with Celebrity, so we were excited to see if NCL can compare to Celebrity. In short: no. Food and wine in MDR and overall standard is much better on Celebrity, but the big win for NCL is the entertainment. Ship: it is a big ship but we liked most of it. The odd bathroom set up in the cabin was not a problem for us, however the cabin (balcony 9043) is very compact. We loved the H2O adult only area. Smoking: As a smoker you're in for
  6. Can I buy cruise next certificates on board and use them right away to book our next cruise? Going first time NCL in late october and considering a cruise in january, but will not book untill I have the cruise next certificates (and experienced the ship), so might book it while we are still on board
  7. We are booked on the Epic, October 27 and have a balcony (9043). I received offer to bid on upgrade and mini suite with balcony starts at 50€. Is it worth it?
  8. Thanks for all your replies. We are flying in from Copenhagen, så it's within the EU and therefore no customs/imigration issues 😉 Have used Norwegian several times before and was never delayed, but off course it can happen. I talked to the TA again and we have now decided to stick to the flight, but in case it is delayed, we shall contact the TA who then will contact NCL and let them know that we are on our way but slightly delayed
  9. How strict are NCL with the "Must be onboard 2 before sailing"? Are booked on the Epic, oct 27 and talked to my TA about flight into Barcelona. I was looking at a flight with Norwegian from Copenhagen with ETA Barcelona 14,30. The TA said that it should be time enough, but now I am unsure if it was the right decission to book that flight. It will be very expensive to change it as I', affraid that the tickets are non changeable, but on the other side it will also be a bummer if we are denied to come onboard even though the ship hasn't sailed yet. So anyone tried to arriv
  10. Hi we’re booked on Epic October 27 from Barcelona. Have adult beverage package as one of the Free at sea perks. Just wondering if I will be able to get fever tree when I order Gin/Tonic?
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