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  1. The only way to answer this is it depends on you and what you are getting in return for transferring. If you find it to be worth it, then it is worth it. If not, then it's not. As for the how and when you can, some other great members have already covered those items.
  2. 55 days before departure is what I have heard. Did you use a travel agent? Not all of them opt into this program.
  3. I loved the Mushroom Ravioli in the Haven in February 2020 (our last cruise). Sad to hear it was cut for the new menu. 😞
  4. You keep whatever your original room gave you....plus if you go non-haven to haven, you get the haven perks.
  5. Yup, whatever you bid is what your UPGRADE costs, on top of your original cost. Times 2, of course.
  6. I am pretty sure the photo sales are the exact reason some lines cling so hard to formal dress up night. For the lines it is a sales opportunity. I find that taking a good picture is more about the smile on my wife and my face then it is about the suit I am wearing, but I cannot deny that those tux pictures above are looking sharp. So, basically, do what you like! Again, that is why I love NCL, they don't force me to dress up, or to not dress up. You will find folks wearing clothes at the same level as you no matter what level you dress to.
  7. I think if you check the numbers, you will feel better. In the last 3 years we have data, NCL had one outbreak, and they could not confirm it was noro. Celebrity had two, and both were confirmed. So, I think you are worried about something that hardly every happens when you think of the number of cruises that go out every year (across all lines), and also, has happened more on your go to line then the line you are asking about recently. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/gilist.htm As for the vibe of the line, go in with an open mind, I want to try Celebrity in the next year or so to try them out, but I plan to judge it on my likes of that line, rather then what I can get on NCL that is not there on Celebrity.
  8. It's NCL, wear what you want, if that is a Tux, go for it. I promise not to look at you funny as long as you don't mind my "formal" polo and shorts look.
  9. Mine as well, still have a printout of the original invoice in-case they have any questions or say I didn't have that perk. I am guessing it is an IT/computer issue rather then a mistake on all of our bookings at the same time.
  10. My Haven card from Feb of 2020, before the shutdown, was the tan one with the starfish on it, so the color must have changed a while back.
  11. The answer used to be get there early and hope you are on the first group getting on the ship (Or be in the Haven). Sadly, if you are not in the first boarding time slot now, I have heard you will be left to stand outside in the Florida sun, so I think you just have to hope you get the earliest boarding time.
  12. To be fair, I think it just posted the picture as it was the first image posted in your thread. I did not want it, or ask for it. Kind of odd. 🙂 My point was to show the OP there is already a great source for questions they may have, and that we can use your thread as a primer for folks thinking about the Haven and it's value to them.
  13. I would go one step further. It is how each of us values quantity and quality. The scales will tip differently depending on the weight we give each of those items. We all have different answers for these things. There is a great thread on here always near the top on how to get the most out of the Haven. Anyone wanting to know what the haven can give you (and if you value those things) should read that thread first. Here is that thread:
  14. The only correct answer is "It depends on you"
  15. Totally understand, Wedding Anniversary for me as well. We try to go end of Oct. or early Nov. as those are great deals as well. I just wanted to let people know that is probably a little high compared to dates around it. Hope you enjoy your cruise!
  16. If people are not clear by your date, this is a Holiday sailing (Thanksgiving) which are normally higher as the ship has a better chance of being fully booked. All that being said, I set my limit at 500 per day per person in Haven, so even this cruise qualifies for me. To give a comparison of why I go on "off time": Joy, 2/12/2022: Haven HI $6301.24/2 passengers = $3150.62/7 Days = $450.09/day/passenger Haven H5 $10641.24/2 passengers = $5310.62/7 Days = $758.66/day/passenger So, what would I do? I would go in Feb, and take the lowest room, because it is still the Haven and awesome. The lowest room BTW is even less then these two, and was under 400 a day, so well within what I normally would be comfortable with. All that said, choose what you like and can afford, and most of all, ENJOY!!!
  17. Sorry, disregard, I misunderstood how you wanted to use the internet.
  18. I had an upgrade accepted pre-covid less then 2 days before sailing. I can also tell you I was upgraded to a sold out category. Keep in mind other people are upgrading too, which can open up rooms you don't see available, so always bid on what you want, and don't worry how many rooms are listed as left in a mock booking.
  19. I was never meaning for this to turn into a compare and contrast of all the Away/AwayPlus class ships. I was just pointing out that the Joy was never meant to be a US ship and I think that is why she is an "odd duck" in terms of what is onboard. I do find your posts interesting, and as of now (I think my signature makes it obvious) Escape is by far my favorite. I go on the Bliss in a few months, so that should add to my views. I still have a few others to get to. LOL
  20. I sometimes wonder if the Joy, with her quirkiness of being built for a different market and then revamped will always be the odd duck of the Away class. She has more Haven rooms, no Spa, and probably other things I am missing. All things being equal I would guess most of us would chose any of the other Away ships ahead of the Joy, so she will have to compensate with lower prices is my guess. All that being said, I am sure how much of the ship is sold plays into their pricing and price changes heading into a cruise. That is why (supposedly) everything is so cheap right now, since a lot of folks are cancelling due to the spike again in the US.
  21. This is the exact reason I don't think I will be on Prima until Leo2 hits the water. It's just too big a difference from all the other ships in NCL on similar sailings (In terms of price point). I am going to probably do at least one MSC and one Celebrity to compare suite offerings and then come back after that. If it is still too high, I will always love the Away and Away-plus ships, so I guess I will be fine. 🙂
  22. Read a review on here about one of the Florida NCL cruises that mentioned a separate room for when you test positive and the person said they retested the folks in there. So you have 2 shots.
  23. Sanger, sorry for the confusion, I do everything but cancellation (for any reason) and it is always very reasonable. It seems the cancellation insurance is where you pay the large money. And I have a 16 day haven cruise I paid for, so I think when I say reasonable we are comparing apples to apples. May I ask why you would want cancellation for any reason? You do kind of get that right now with the policies the lines have (as long as you cancel 15 days out).
  24. I would NEVER EVER cruise without travel insurance. What if you break a bone onboard and need to be flown off to a hospital for surgery?
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