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  1. Funny, my butler did this for me. I asked for all the breakfast menus so I can pick and choose. He came back with the Haven Restaurant breakfast menu and said "anything you don't see I will just ask Haven Restaurant to make". I figured it was for convenience for him, but now I wonder if he was just continuing to go above and beyond as we had a great understanding between us and he gave us amazing service the entire trip.
  2. Joy has the forward observation lounge and library, Escape does not. Joy also has the deck 19 shaded "cabanas" and the top deck wraps to both sides, where the escape is just the one side on deck 19. I have not been on the Joy, Escape I have a few times. What I am stating I learned from researching her on youtube.
  3. @PelicanBill I guess it totally depends on where you live. Just priced out the first cruise date in Jamacia from RDU (Raleigh NC), which is also a secondary market, so 1 stop over. August 7th: round trip returning the 14 is $412 Same time going to Miami is $237, so a difference of 180 PP. Factor in that NCL is doing a second person flies free perk, and you are probably at about 180 total extra. I am not sure what you pay for a cruise (depends on cabin, etc, etc) but I am at about $2400 for two people even on my cheapest 7 day, so adding 200 dollars is not enough to mak
  4. Or it does cut it, they sail from other places that we are perfectly legally allowed to go to per CDC guidelines and then they return when the CDC drops the health emergency. I think this is much more inline with what will happen.
  5. NCL's letter rightly states that if everyone is vaccinated onboard, and vaccines work as the CDC says the do (and I believe), then most of these new requirements are not needed. It is pretty clear that the CDC is just pushing the peg further down the board, they don't expect the cruise lines to do all these extra things. NCL just politely told them they wont, and Carnival kind of said the same in their statement. Virgin cancelling 3 whole months this morning says the same. As for people saying why would we fly to other places and cruise, a LOT of us fly already to get to cruise ports. T
  6. OK, so I read it through, and I am sure we all want to be hopeful but all I saw was the CDC saying "We want them to sail this summer too, all they have to do is meet the guidelines we put out and then test cruise and then wait for the golden ticket to let the ship cruise". I have heard from NCL, and other lines seem to agree, that basically "We are not going to do phase 2a" (Read what DelRio wrote in the letter about getting onshore contracts put together). Folks, we have ourselves a rock and a hard place. For the very first time the CDC said jump and the cruise lines said Suck IT!. So
  7. I just went through for Sept 11th and no air included, which stopped me cold, since from where I am it would be 400 PP for airfair (cheapest), I was looking to NCL for a good deal on it. All that being said, Haven for two for 5000 after taxes and everything was a darn good deal for a 7 day. @sid_9169I made it all the way to the payment page, pretty sure it was not offered, did it twice, both times stopped just before giving a credit card.
  8. Hope you guys never disputed with your cards (that want your money back), that disqualifies you.
  9. I would venture to say based on the science I have read that it absolutely will require boosters, we just don't yet have data as to how often.
  10. NCL cancelled everything pretty much until Sept. 1st this morning when they announced the new outside the USA sailings. Go check, if you had a cruise during that time it was cancelled or will be shortly.
  11. Here is the simple truth. Pent up demand and FCCs of people willing to get the vaccine far exceed the loss of people not willing to get it in the short term. Once the pandemic comes to an end they will drop the mandate since herd immunity will be in force (I hope) and then you can get back on. Why do people feel everything has to be black or white in the world today. There is plenty of grey to go around.
  12. Gotta pay to play I guess (meaning I think this is a good price range compared to Celebrity who are at 4K for their week-longs). It would be cheaper going out of Miami, Mini-suites with extra large balconies used to run this range a year ago. Oh well, I need a cruise.
  13. And if the USA says no (or yes even), NCL still gonna cruise (Caribbean and Greek Isles): https://www.otcdynamics.com/nclh-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-ltd-announces-two-pronged-plan-for-long-awaited-return-to-cruising-within-and-outside-the-u-s-/ They also cancelled a lot of other sailings until Sept. 1st.
  14. They were silent for quite a long time, letting the cruise lines take the lead. I think that was plenty of honey. They could have been screaming about lost jobs and income the entire time, but they chose not to.
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