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  1. We are all guessing at this point, but I think based on state rules, Florida will be where ships start first.
  2. I would wait to see what ships and ports they will go out of (like CCL did this morning) and then pick from one of those ships, but pick the 2nd cruise, so that other folks can get that kinks out for you.
  3. Just Miami alone is what, 4 ships for NCL? I think that is around the start up number, 4 or 5.
  4. And to me a "plateau" is another word for flat, which means we have flattened the curve they spoke of. If that is the case we have to open things and see. I respect your opinion (when you say that "to me it is not progress"), but it is your opinion. Mine is that we have flattened the curve, and we should have things opening. I want to live in a world where we try and see, not one where we posture "maybe" about what will cause us our demise. I hope you have a great day, and thank you for the conversation.
  5. I totally understand what the CDC has authority over, what I am saying is they should not be blocking it, period. The CDC should look at the rest of the country and see that these things are open and we are not reversing into a horrible spike, so they should not be forcing the one thing they have control over into a lock down.
  6. Both resorts and theme parks "confine" you in rooms on site, so that argument falls flat with me. Both have been open for some time.
  7. Explain to me why anything else outside of your hometown is open to you then, because by this logic, you can't go anywhere that would allow you to "bring back" a virus. No restaurants, not theaters, no other town visits to get away (which a LOT of Americans did this year as vacations), it should all be off limits.....OR.....it should all be available and let people chose what they are comfortable with.
  8. I am just going to say it this way. Everything else is open, and you can choose to go or not. There is no reason cruise ships can't be given the same option. Moreover, they have done WAY more and have way more measures in place to keep you safe then your local walmart, restaurant, all inclusive resort, theme park, etc, etc.... Let the ships cruise. You don't have to want to cruise, and none of us will make anyone.
  9. Ummm, how about tip via the front desk or concierge desk? Here's another, bring a few blank personal checks on board and make them out to the people (bonus, now you have to ask who they are and their full name, half the fun of cruising is the stories these great people have about their lives).
  10. I can second this recommendation, Steve is great.
  11. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23576-cruise-ship-no-sail-order-set-to-extend-through-october.html
  12. Which magically aligns with the 30 days to get a ship ready quote that we have heard from all 3 major lines as well. Seems they need for it to expire and will use October to staff up and train? Let's all hope.
  13. I wasn't trying to twist any words at all. Sorry you feel that way, have a great day.
  14. That is your opinion. Many experts in the cruising industry will argue (and rightly so) that it is safer than WalMart, and many restaurants in your home town. It is NOT the same as driving drunk, that is a horrible comparison.
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