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  1. My TA has given me great deals in the past, and has always been good on service. Under the current circumstances, I'm going to cut him a lot of slack. I understand that times are very difficult for everybody in the travel industry right now, and I fear that many are going to end up going out of business. I'm willing to pay extra this time both as a reward for the past and to help my TA survive. But if he doesn't return to usual discounting in the future after things return to normal, I'll shop around again.
  2. I don't think I explained it right. The pricing is still below Scenic's listed rate, so there's no point in contacting Scenic. It's just that this TA has always given substantial discounts (roughly 10%) in the past off Scenic's rates, and this time I'm saving less than 1% off Scenic's rates. As I understand it, those discounts effectively come out of the TA's commission. My suspicion is that this year, with business having effectively come to a screeching halt, the TA needs to keep every penny of the commission, or close to it. I totally understand that, and don't begrudge it under the circums
  3. There's no banner on their web site, or any other announcement that I've seen, but 2022 itineraries are definitely available. I ran into this by accident when looking at a cruise for 2021; when I brought up details, it gave me the option for 2021 as well. I think this is a couple of months earlier than Scenic would normally make those itineraries available. It worked out OK for me. When our cruise for this year was cancelled, I looked for 2021 alternatives, and nothing worked for me--but a 2022 cruise does work, so I'm now rebooked for then. The only drawback is that my TA, who has
  4. I'm one of many with a cancelled June cruise. I have been trying to rebook, or at least explore options for a 2021 cruise, but my TA has been unsuccessful in trying to reach Scenic for several days now. I understand that they're slammed, but it's still frustrating. An automated online booking system would certainly help, rather than requiring everything to involve reaching an actual person at Scenic, but I guess that's wishful thinking...
  5. I will second that thought. The electric-assist may help some people for casual riding, but it adds a ton of weight to the bike, and detracts from more serious riding. I took a bike out for several hours to do some off-the-beaten track exploring during my cruise in 2019, and found the bike to be significantly less rideable than my personal bike--and it's not like I have an amazing lightweight personal bike. I preferred to ride without the electric assist, but found the assist to be an absolute necessity on slopes that I wouldn't think twice about on a normal bike. That said, it was still wonde
  6. My experience on Scenic a year ago was somewhat different than mj_holiday's experience 4 years ago. Everybody was expected to arrive at roughly the same time (after the port talk), but occasionally some people would come in quite a bit later. And the service wasn't in lockstep. Individual waiter stations generally served each course at the same time to their station, but different stations operated differently. And not just one station always before another, but in some unclear manner, so it was quite possible that our station would get soup before the station next to us, but then they got the
  7. There's no shortage of opportunities in Amsterdam. I'll throw Aneka Rasa into the mix: http://anekarasa.nl. In addition to their regular Rijsttafel, they also have a vegetarian version, which I greatly enjoyed a year ago.
  8. Yes, I know I was very lucky. It was the oddest thing to see, and took me a while to figure out. I would say that I just have an active imagination but the cruise director mentioned it later in the day and asked who had seen them. Very few other passengers had, possibly because it happened fairly early in the morning. The cruise director had never heard of such a thing before, but she asked the ranger on board, and was told that it does happen occasionally. It was just my lucky day. But other wildlife is much more common, and always a treat as well.
  9. I agree that Hubbard glacier can be much more impressive than the glaciers seen in Glacier Bay. I have a video I took some years back that has an embarrassing soundtrack of me just saying "Look at that!" over and over again, while watching huge calving. But I'll still vote for Glacier Bay any day, simply because of the variety of wildlife seen during the entire day. Otters, seals, bear, mountain goats, innumerable birds, whales at the mouth of the bay. I even saw two moose swimming right off the side of the ship this year. That can't be matched at Hubbard.
  10. I heartily applaud this, and just wish it were the standard for all river cruise companies, rather than the exception. It puts the lie to the claim that times can't be listed due to variability of river traffic, locks, etc.
  11. If the German companies can list approximate times, so could Scenic. With caveats, of course, recognizing that conditions may vary. But, as a river cruise, *everything* about the schedule comes with caveats. For example, Scenic has no trouble listing which ports are supposed to be visited on which days--but that all goes out the window in times of high or low water, or lock damage, or .... Why can't they similarly provide their best guess of port times? This basic information would be useful for passengers planning their trip, even if they're not booking private excursions. I'll gi
  12. Regarding the debate about indoor and outdoor muster stations, there's yet a third option: both. I had that experience 15 or 20 years ago on a cruise--don't remember which line--where we were told to go to our indoor muster station, received the lecture there, and then were escorted by crew to our lifeboat station, as we would be in an actual emergency. This certainly took more time than the current drills, but probably also was more effective.
  13. Scenic (and most river cruise companies) are incredibly bad about providing information about port timing. Many apologists on here say that it's just not possible, because of inherent variability due to river traffic, locks, and port officials. My own research shows, however, that there is far less variability than claimed, and it would be pretty easy for Scenic to provide general information about timing. I've gone to the effort to figure out what the real itinerary is for my upcoming Romantic Rhine & Moselle cruise by looking at how it's happened over the past three years, but I haven't
  14. Because they're such small boats, and a small operation overall, they don't have a fixed schedule. Instead, they work (within limits) with whoever books them first. Arriving at 1:00 is not a problem; that's when we were due to arrive in July, and Jayleen booked us for a 2:00 tour. As it turned out, during the cruise the ship warned us that we would be a little late in arriving, possibly not until 2:00; I contacted Jayleen and she shifted our tour to 2:30. Great customer service and flexibility!
  15. I'll second the recommendation for Jayleen. She was very understanding and cancelled/refunded our planned excursion in May when the cruise ship arrived in port very late due to propulsion problems. We were able to cruise again in July, and that time the excursion with Jayleen went without a hitch. I highly recommend the small boat approach; not only is there no problem with fighting for viewing space, but it's also easy to have a real conversation with Jayleen and pick up her knowledge (of both whales and the area around Juneau), rather than straining to make out more of a canned talk over a P
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