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  1. I'm sorry this happened to you. I keep all of our travel documents together in a large envelope and keep it in my purse when we leave. I also give my checklist one last look right before we leave the house. It's basically the last thing I do before we walk out the door. Tough lesson, but you have to move on because there's nothing that can be done.
  2. sunshower9

    New dessert buffet

    They are. I had them on the Dream last week. There was a peanut butter one that was so yummy! Hubby and I tried to go back and get another slice to take to our room for later, but it was all gone by the time we went back.
  3. sunshower9

    Seafood Shack on the Magic now?

    Me too. I just got off the Dream and ate at Tandoor almost everyday for lunch. I was thinking of trying the Magic next year and was looking forward to eating there again. Very disappointing. 😞
  4. sunshower9

    Cooking Demonstration - Vista

    I was on the Vista last year and they did it in the atrium. I remember that they brought around samples to everyone seated there. My husband and I were sitting at the bar and they gave us samples from JiJi's, the steakhouse, and Cucina, and possibly the sushi place (it was a year ago, I can't exactly remember).
  5. sunshower9

    How many days until your next Carnival Cruise?

    Tomorrow!! Can't believe it's finally here! Dream, here we come!
  6. sunshower9

    Allstate drive wise cards too!

    GO2SUGARBOWL19 for 1000 points
  7. sunshower9

    How many days till your next Cruise?

    5 days to go! We actually leave in 4, though.
  8. I leave next Saturday, so right now it's all about cleaning the house, packing, doing last-minute vacation prep, and working because this cruise ain't gonna pay for itself. After that, counting the days till the next cruise (in 2020! 😲). And hopefully booking another one before then.
  9. sunshower9

    Extra towel for shore excursions

    Thanks for the link. I'm going to order some b/c as you said, the Carnival towels take up so much space. I barely have room in my beach bag for other items when I pack Carnival towels.
  10. sunshower9

    Yep!!! I'm doing the...

    Yes! I hit the single digits today!! Have fun on your trip!
  11. Good to know! I'll be on the Dream in about 3 weeks and was wondering about this.
  12. I've cancelled both a shore excursion and a water order as well with no problems.
  13. sunshower9

    Chocolate Melting Cake your way

    I didn't like the chocolate melting cake the first time I had it, but someone on here suggested that I ask for it well done. I did and it was wonderful. That's how I'll always get it from now on. I need to try this next time. I love chocolate and peanut butter together.
  14. sunshower9

    Shiny New Panorama

    We got upgraded to a Havana aft extended balcony last year on the Vista and we loved it. We're booked on the Panorama for July 2020 and decided to book the same room again. We're sailing in the middle of summer during the 4th of July, so we figured we would need a nice quiet area away from the crowds. I convinced my brother and his wife to book the same type of room. Havana rooms are worth the extra money IMO.
  15. We wanted to get this on our last cruise but we were flying home and our bag was already at the weight limit. Next time we're driving so we plan to buy some. We bought a few other things 2 years ago and still have most of it.