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  1. Sigh...still nothing for me on my Citi or my Chase cards. But Chase did have an offer for 10% cash back at PetSmart and I do need to get cat food and litter tomorrow, so that's a plus! 😂
  2. Thanks for the review! This is my first time following along with you on a cruise and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't think this ship is quite right for me (although the food looked AMAZING), but I appreciate you taking us along and showing us the good, bad, and ugly. 🙂
  3. Yay! Have fun! Tomorrow I'll be doing the double digit dance for the first time in 3 years. I'm so excited for everyone getting to cruise again. 🙂
  4. The terms and conditions on both mine and my husband's RU2 codes said it can be applied to a maximum of 2 sailings. I used both of ours one time and the offer was still available after booking.
  5. Yes, I did. I no longer have the RU2 code on my account so I used his account to both book the original cruise and check for the price drop. The new price was for the same cabin category with the RU2 offer, but the agent said we were ineligible for the price drop because it was under the Cheers promotion. I'm sure a PVP would've let us do it, based on the responses in this thread. But since I wasn't speaking to a PVP, I didn't want to push back so I just let it go.
  6. Yeah, it would've been nice to have that $140 back, but it's okay. I still get to enjoy my free Cheers. 🙂
  7. Of course it would work the day after I ordered the regular cards. 🙄 lol
  8. I have a cruise booked under RU2 and noticed a price drop today. The booking was done under my husband's Cheers offer and he does still have the offer available on his account. I called Carnival but the agent said that since we have the Free Cheers offer, that means we forfeit the option of getting price drops. I don't have a PVP so maybe a PVP would've made a difference in this case, but I wasn't able to get the price drop by calling Carnival directly.
  9. Yep, this has been going on for at least the last few days. I just ordered the physical gift cards instead.
  10. Thanks for the update. I'll try it again later.
  11. I just came here to ask this same question. I was trying to buy 2 of the $500 ones too and it won't go through. I even tried buying 1 at a time and using a different credit card and different browser, but it's not working.
  12. I called to rebook mine this afternoon and surprisingly had a very short wait. Unfortunately the agent wasn't able to transfer my payment from my cancelled cruise to the new one b/c the original was booked under my name and the new one under my husband's, so she had to send me to the escalations department. I waited on hold for about an hour before someone answered and they took care of it within a few minutes, and also applied my OBC to the new booking.
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