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  1. People attended muster and didn’t pay attention. They could even sneak out after checking in. No way to force people into compliance I don’t think.
  2. Well darn. Guess I’ll be canceling our bookings for early September. I don’t really want to be on one of the very first cruises.
  3. It does go really fast with the medallion though - at least for those who do their set up before they get to the port. Just walk up to the stand and swipe your medallion and then sit down. The one Medallion cruise we were on, there were lots of people who were standing at the usual check in lines, because they didn't have their Medallions already.
  4. The TCCL response to the CDC message on Wednesday was that they would not be sailing all ships. Maybe only 5 from the US to start. Do they maybe could reapportion the crew to staff fewer ships?
  5. I think that most crossings will not be sailing all ships at first. So they might start earlier, like in July, but only 5 ships at first.
  6. I know of one person who tested positive, and while ill with COVID (he was not asymptomatic) never had an elevated temp. I'm sure that there are more.
  7. That's similar to the repositioning cruises when they take the ships that are in LA for the winter and move them to Seattle/Vancouver for the summer, then back to LA for the winter. I bet there would be a market for that.
  8. They have headquarters, but they're all flagged in foreign countries... I don't know where their real headquarters are. I think Princess has a headquarters in CA, but don't know if that's the only one. If it is, does that mean that Ron's edict would have no effect on Princess? HIPAA is a requirement that entities cannot electronically share my health information with other entities without my permission. If I give my information to Princess, they can't spread it around to other entities in an identifiable way, unless I say it's OK.
  9. He's the governor of FL, not sure he has any say over a private sector that doesn't headquarter in FL. If he does, I suspect he'll just lose a bunch of cruise business. And when the cruiselines threaten that, maybe Ron will relent.
  10. They've been picking up crew and supplies and working on procedures. There are 5 or 6 ships that are normally home ported in CA sailing around in the Pacific between the CA and Mexico ports, dropping in to pick up supplies and crew once in a while. They are not fully staffed, I'm sure, but they are seeing some action.
  11. It was part of the requirements that were circulating early last week, I think it was, but things have shifted twice since then. But it was something like they had to have agreements with every port that they could disembark passengers that would need medical care or to be quarantined. Whether that would be the entire ship, I don't know. I don't think that requirement took into account fully vaccinated passengers and crew.
  12. Good point. But even if they do cooperate with contact tracing there's the airport, and the plane, and wherever they were going/came from. A whole lot of possibilities. But my point was more of an immediate - by the time the person turns up positive, they are off the plane. The plane doesn't have a bunch of potentially exposed people on board that it has to figure out where to offload them. Where the ship does. To me the difference is the number of passengers and the length of time that they are all mixing with each other, and then that they're all kind of "captive" until th
  13. But the thing is that they're not really like the rest of the travel and entertainment sector, I don't think. You get on an airplane, you're going to get off in a few hours. Even if you contract covid from the passenger next to you, you're not going to test positive until 3-10 days later, and by then who knows where you got it. If someone gets on an airplane with covid, and tests positive a couple of days later, they're not going to have to figure out what to do with that entire plane full of people. And no other sector has the passengers out in the ocean and has to figure out what to do w
  14. From these articles: Of the 1.7 million people who are fully vaccinated in Michigan, 246 people tested positive for COVID-19 (yahoo.com) Report: After full vaccination, 246 Michigan residents test positive for coronavirus, 3 die - silive.com Out of 1.7 Million people vaccinated, that's a rate of about .0001%. Well within the 95% efficacy range. The 3 who died were over 65 and 2 died within 3 weeks of vaccination (antibody response may develop more slowly in some people than others.) Raises and interesting question though. In a fully vaccinated cruise, if s
  15. I suspect that you and your spouse and me and my hubby are in different age groups with different underlying conditions. As such, our risk aversion is probably at different levels. For all of us, it's going to boil down to what the cruise lines decide and whether we are willing to live by those rules.
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