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  1. Unfortunately, there is no cancel button. But you can cancel using the online chat option when that’s open.
  2. Exactly I had a slight fever for one day, and few days of feeling very tired, and a mild cough. My husband ended up in the hospital on day 3 for 1-1/2 weeks with pneumonia on top of the COVID, and got all the big drugs. That was late June and he’s still not back to his Porter-COVID state. Don’t know if he’ll ever get there.
  3. Or they’re not testing or self isolating, just in denial and not worried about infecting others.
  4. Require vaccination, booster, and testing. Loosening of restrictions and not requiring vaccination is going to result in things getting worse.
  5. Doesn’t make sense. Yeah I’ll try that. Seems like 3 months should be more than enough time.
  6. WAIT!! Another bug in the App you say? How could that be?
  7. LAX. Yeah, I remember they don’t ship to those sailing from foreign ports, but we live in LA and are sailing from LA. If they can’t get them to us in 3 months how well they ever get them to the port? 😁
  8. I ordered Medallions for our cruise on December 21, 2022, and get a message that they don’t have enough time to ship it to me, that I can pick it up at the port. I don’t want to pick it up at the port, I want it shipped to me. The cruise is over 3-1/2 months from now. Is this normal?
  9. more stringent policies should be in place regardless of the length of the cruise. The mix of single cruisers plus B2B cruises, plus flyers who picked it up the day before embarkation, means that there will always be some level of COVID on the ship.
  10. Right. The current output protocols at sailing are not the current protocols I booked under. In fact, on the Ruby, the current protocols changed mid-cruise. There’s no option to cancel at that point.
  11. I wonder if they are still testing all the crew every week?
  12. Except that any other B2B passengers that didn’t get tested but could be positive are still there.
  13. what’s going to happen is that cruise lines are going to reclaim their “Petrie dish” attribute and all the good work they’ve done to control COVID and bring back business will be down the drain. And they’ll contribute to the spread. It may start sooner than the fall with this new variant getting a foothold. Out of 700 attendees at the Gridiron Dinner they have been almost 60 reported positive attendees. And they were together for a few hours, not for several days.
  14. Except that the person on Discover who shared their letter had NOT previously tested positive. So it does sound like no testing of in-transit passengers.
  15. This thread is quite depressing to me. I had thought that the cruise lines would protect their passengers because the last thing they would want is another severe outbreak like at the start of the pandemic because they might never recover from that. Now it seems like they are willing to make whatever money they can make now regardless of the risk. To see the number of cases rising and then doing nothing, not even reimplementing the masking, and doing away with between cruise testing, tells me otherwise. I don’t see it’s cruising again anytime soon, if ever. Vaccines do not prevent you from getting sick or from Long COVID.
  16. Well, testing was not mentioned in their in-transit letter. I think directions would have been included had they needed testing. I have receipts.
  17. On FB someone on Discovery B2B reported that their between cruise instructions say nothing about being tested. No testing, no cases, no quarantine, I guess.
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