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  1. memoak

    Alaska Felon Traveller

    I have sailed many times to Canadian ports both west coast and east coast and have never had an issue - I had a DUI (misdemeanor) back in 1977. I believe it is only a felony that would prevent you from going and you can obtain a waiver for that as well.
  2. We have just gotten off 20 days on a Princess ship and played quite a bit in the casino (couple of nice jackpots as well). We have offers of casino Free Play on our next cruise in February - in the past they have always given us chips or cash. Can anyone explain how the "free play" option on your cruise card works. I am assuming that the money goes into a "casino account" and when played the winnings go into our casino winnings pot. Can anyone verify this or tell me how it works ?
  3. memoak

    Sabatini's breakfast

    It depends on whether it is a sea day or port day - If I remember correctly from last month it was until 10 on sea days and 9:30 on port days - we always ate around 9 each day
  4. Carnival's partner line Princess also has a 15 drink cut off but they will allow you to buy more after hitting the limit as long as the bartenders or managers agree that you are not drunk. I think Carnival ships are worried about couples sharing the package more so than Princess
  5. memoak

    Royal gets sued

    I have been on numerous zip line tours with cruise lines and on every one I have had to sign a "waiver" before going. How are they going to get around the fact that they signed this form and knew there were dangers
  6. Anyone who only drinks 2 drinks a day probably does not need a drink package for alcohol
  7. memoak


    The first day or 2 out of LA may be a bit cool but from then on it should be fine - of course who knows what the weather will be in advance
  8. memoak

    First Epic Cruise back in the US

    It is very likely that there may be a full Coast Guard inspection which will mean delays. I am sailing Saturday (on a different line) and we were told a week ago that boarding would not begin until 2 and sailing at 5 (rather than 4). I fully expect not to sail until about 6 but we will see. Our plans are to drop luggage at 12:30 and then go have some lunch coming back around 3.
  9. memoak

    Club Class

    One issue with sharing tables in club class is that if some folks have already started eating and you show up it could throw off the wait staffs timing. If you come to dinner at the same time then it is much easier on the wait staff.
  10. memoak

    Crown Club Class

    Thanks for the replies I was assuming it would be on Deck 6 but wanted to verify. We were in club class last year but that was on the Pacific which only has one dining room and no any time dining
  11. memoak

    California Wildfires

    The air quality is horrible here in the bay area and I assume in LA as well but that would not have any impact on a cruise although I might stay inside for sail away
  12. memoak

    Crown Club Class

    We will be leaving on Saturday for 20 days on the Crown Princess - does anyone know which dining room is currently being used for club class dining ?
  13. memoak


    In over 35 Princess cruises I have always been able to take the elevators to the deck where my stateroom is - person manning the elevator was more than happy to go to that deck
  14. memoak

    New Wine List Rolling out on the Golden

    Yes and all the old vine Zin's that I love so much - the fire in Paradise has made the bay area covered in smoke. I can barely see anything out of my window here at work
  15. memoak

    New Wine List Rolling out on the Golden

    All land based bars and restaurants also have a huge mark up. If you buy it for $25 and then add in the $15 corkage it comes to almost the same thing.