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  1. Anytime you are in a full suite you automatically get free specialty dining the first night of the cruise
  2. Why would you think there would be cabins available at that late date ? Most Princess ships sail close to or at capacity
  3. It is usually offered only on balcony or higher cabin classes and often includes an increase in fare (but not always)
  4. The specialty restaurant menus never change to there is a very limited amount of choices whereas the CC menu changes daily and the "special" dishes are usually so good I sometimes don't even look at the MDR menu
  5. They are both very good - the CG is pretty much a steakhouse and Sabatini's is mostly Italian
  6. I believe you are correct - in my case we did an upsell to a full suite and already had selected late seating but was told everyone in CC did get there preference -
  7. In a separate area just for CC passengers = there is only one dining room on the PP
  8. That is exactly what we have for a 15 day Hawaii cruise in October - it ended up being better than the sip and sail deal we originally had since the price came down and we got $200 OBC each
  9. We had an owners aft suite for a TransAtlantic - it was a rocky crossing and all of those closet doors kept opening and closing all night long and glasses ended up on the ground most nights. The suite is gigantic however almost like having an apartment at sea - if you are on a less rocky cruise it would be great
  10. Don't bring life jackets to muster any Princess ship now - if that changes they will tell you
  11. No it is usually 3 perks for free but they are not always great ones (like 1 catagory upgrade (balcony to balcony).
  12. If you book a CC mini early you will save a bundle on most cruises - we booked a CC mini for October of this year around a year ago and a "regular" mini is now $200 more for the 15 day cruise than what we are paying for the CC mini
  13. On the Pacific it is all traditional dining times since there is only 1 dining room - however there is a CC dining area when you first enter the room - cordoned off from the MDR and yes you get the extra entrees and great service. I was nice to have a few drinks at the bar and then just wander into CC Dining
  14. We always go off early to have a nice lunch in FL and maybe do a little shopping
  15. My issue with Shooters being a smoking bar is that it also serves as the sports bar and there are TV's tuned to sports most of the time - love my sports but don't like them with cigarette and cigar smoke. For some reason the Star does not have a Churchill's outside the casino so I guess they substitute Shooters for that
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