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  1. 5 out of a 100 is not going anywhere. Kiss off Alaska for this year and book as soon as you can for 2022. I did that as a backup as soon as the season came out
  2. I sincerely doubt that “crew” will ever be on the same deck as passengers. Entertainers perhaps but not actual crew. That would blow away the non fraternization rules
  3. It took awhile even here in Portland. The website is not the most efficient I have ever used
  4. Here in Oregon people 70 - 75 just became eligible for vaccine today. I was able to get a first shot set for March
  5. Nobody knows the answer to your question until the lines start cruising again
  6. If a large portion of the current cruisers refuse to cruise without proof of vaccination then I will bet that cruise lines will go that way. There is no reason that the under 65 group cannot get vaccinated by the end of summer
  7. Every day another cruise line announces that vaccine proof will be required to sail. Now that Saga, American Steamship Line and Crystal have announced I expect that other lines will fall in line
  8. Really like the Sapphire. The Grand not so much
  9. That will not work all passengers need to show their cruise card or medallion when entering club class until they get to know you
  10. I do not foresee masks to be required once we have all vaccinated passengers. As an ex smoker I would like to see no smoking in the casino but I doubt it will happen in the near future
  11. You know people are allowed to make a living. I work in telecommunications does that mean I cannot be on the FCC ?
  12. Personally we love the “extra” dishes in club class
  13. American Steamship Line is also requiring a Covid vaccination proof as of July 21 to get on the ship
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