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  1. If you order a virgin martini do they hand you an olive soaked in vermouth? Just for grins
  2. You can eat just appetizers but you are still going to pay $29. This is not a pay by dish restaurant
  3. Likewise and the Spruce Tip Beer is very unusual - it is worth a taste
  4. Some ships still sail from Long Beach I believe
  5. Even after you board it can be worked out with the casino host. Myself and my wife usually have free play but one cruise she was on the list and I wasn't. They had to call Miami but by 10 pm embarkation night it was taken care of
  6. I graduated in 1968 - loved the 60's - at least the part I remember
  7. In my opinion when they rebranded the grill on Lido to the Salty Dog Grill the hot dogs improved. Or is my memory bad ?
  8. Spooky is right same cruises North on August 20 and South on the 27. This is one of our favorite B2B trips
  9. Sample menus are always available on the Princess website
  10. It doesn't exist on the Majestic - it has a French and a Chinese restaurant instead
  11. That is because that restaurant is not on the Majestic - it has the French and Chinese restaurants instead
  12. This is funny - we are booked on the same B2B - but we are breaking our new cat sitter in with a 15 day Hawaii cruise in January and a 7 day coastal in April. Yes I think Canada will be open then but will need proof of vaccination
  13. So you were able to just walk into the Crown Grill on embarkation night for your complimentary specialty dinner ?
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