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  1. Veendam I've got that shot, too
  2. Thanks. I hadn't thought about the CBP part. First port is Nawiliwili (overnight). Then Kahului, then Honolulu (overnight).
  3. Well, it's not me, but another board I'm on someone suggested doing that. I believe they were thinking getting off in Maui, fly direct to Honolulu and staying that night and the next in a hotel in Honolulu. Then getting back on the ship to debark. I understand the PVSA fairly well, but I couldn't figure out whether that's do-able. It seems it would be as the passenger would be doing Vancouver to Honolulu, not actually debarking in Maui, just not returning to the ship until a later port...... I don't know 🤔
  4. @chengkp75 or anyone else who can clarify something for me. Cruise is Vancouver to Honolulu (overnight in Honolulu before debarkation). Can someone get off the ship in Maui (stop before Honolulu) and rejoin the ship in Honolulu?
  5. Well, it could pull a couple of days out of the itinerary, meaning that Alaska cruises would probably need to be over a week long if they used Ensenada as the foreign port.
  6. Except that a cruise from San Pedro to Seward (or the reverse) isn't legal, unless there's a foreign port stop. Not being able to stop in Canada messes that up.
  7. Typically, if you get sick on a cruise. So sick that the medical facility onboard cannot treat you, you will be medically removed from the ship to a shoreside facility. I'm not sure how it will work when someone tests positive for COVID while on a cruise, but hopefully, it won't be like it was in March, with ports refusing ships to dock that have COVID onboard. Since this situation hasn't been previously in effect while ships were cruising, we don't know if/how/what the procedures will be when cruising resumes.
  8. No, but US laws can charge a fine, and other penalties for breaking the law. Most cruise lines will not allow a captain to knowingly break the law.
  9. Since we didn't start cruising until our kids were adults, we've always done adult only cruises. We've been on all 4 Disney ships. Depending on what you're interested in, any of them are great to cruise on. The Magic class (Magic & Wonder) are smaller, while the Dream class (Dream & Fantasy) are larger. If it's important to you how many people are onboard. It's not "impossible" to get reservations at Palo or Remy, especially if you're not married to a specific day/time. I enjoyed the food on Castaway Cay, it's your typically BBQ/buffet type food, certainly not fine dining. I'd book a cruise on any Disney ship in a minute.
  10. Depending on where the OBC came from, it could be refundable. Any OBC due to onboard booking is non-refundable. OBC from a travel agent, I'm not sure about. OBC you purchased (by putting extra payments on your cruise) would be refundable.
  11. "Service calls" do not meet the requirement for a foreign port call any longer. I believe that changed about 4 years ago (not sure about that). To fulfill the requirement, passengers must be allowed to get off the ship at a port call.
  12. From a computer, you can also drag & drop an image directly into a post.
  13. AFAIK, there are no packages, but here's the laundry slip from onboard:
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