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  1. Um.... not in my experience. Typically, you must be onboard by dinnertime or just after and the ship travels at night so as to be in the next port by morning. And I don't recall "tides" on a river cruise. There are locks, on occasion, but they don't raise/lower the gangway for that.
  2. While I can't speak to Viking ships (or the Astrild specifically), we've been near the rear of river cruise ships on a couple of cruises. Yes, the engines are typically in the rear, but I don't really recall noise. Maybe a bit more vibration than more forward, but not noise as such.
  3. That would have to be round trip coastal, as those don't require the DISTANT foreign port.
  4. I believe CDC is asking for proof in the form of contracts with the various ports that the ships will be (possibly) be porting in that they will accept both the ship for for porting and the transfer of COVID patients.
  5. It's working now. I didn't do anything, apparently HAL finished doing whatever they were doing.
  6. Now I can't even log in. It keeps saying "your session has expired" "Please enter a valid email address and password".
  7. My past cruises are gone, but my star status still shows.
  8. All very valid reasons for staying onboard. There are many cruisers (on all cruise lines) who don't "do" ports at all, their cruise is for the shipboard experience.
  9. Yes, true. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/st-vincent-volcano-eruption-1.5980633 Paragraph 5.
  10. Because a heart attack/stroke/whatever is not a highly contagious disease that can kill perfectly healthy people. That's the point, currently, any medical emergencies are debarked in the next available port, in most cases. The CDC just wants proof that a COVID infected person (or persons) will not stop the ship from porting and moving such people into hospital care.
  11. Yeah, I'd want to be treated onboard a cruise ship if I get COVID. They (the cruise lines) are always saying the medical facilities onboard the ship are just a urgent care type facility, not set up for medical emergencies. How are they going to handle 200+ people who may require, ventilators, 24 hour nursing, and other necessary procedures for those who need it?
  12. Well, mine may be either one of the obvious or not - "Shmoo" was my nickname when I was young. When I joined I was thinking of just saying "it's Shmoo here".
  13. I've found the same attitude on Holland America & Princess, as well as Carnival. Many people who've done Nassau once have said "once and done".
  14. The islands accepting evacuees are requiring vaccinations. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/st-vincent-volcano-eruption-1.5980633 Paragraph 5.
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