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  1. As noted, each cruise line handles it differently. I know DCL, if they cancel your cruise, you can get a future cruise credit of 125%. If that future cruise is then canceled, you can opt to move the amount (the amount of 125% of original cruise price) to another cruise or get a full refund of 100% of the original cruise price.
  2. I would so love to meet you on a cruise one day.
  3. Well, the Wonder is on her way down the west coast of Mexico, apparently headed for the Panama Canal (maybe ultimately Port Canaveral), so the rumor is that the Mexico cruises post-Alaska are also gone.
  4. We were supposed to be in Wendover, NV on our way to meet up with RV group in Montreal for a 2 month Canadian Maritimes trip.
  5. The PVSA requires foreign flagged ships that transport passengers from one US port to a different US port (embarkation and debarkation ports) must stop at a distant foreign port. Round trip cruises must stop at any foreign port. And cruises that the embarkation or debarkation port is a foreign port are not affected by the PVSA.
  6. Westbound, 25 hour days work better than 23 hour ones relative to how dopey you feel at the end of the cruise.
  7. Do you mean that it's shown up on your account as a FCC? Or that you got a FCC refunded?
  8. You can't find them online. You have to call HAL. Unless they've changed it. Don't know who you talked to that said otherwise. Maybe someone who's moved over from Princess (Princess you can access that info online).
  9. First, it's the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA), not the Jones Act. As noted, a ship has to allow passengers to disembark, or the stop isn't legal. Now, whether anyone will, that's on them, but the ability to do so must be there. I'm thinking the military/first responder cruises are not viewed as a cruise, maybe the passengers are not paying for it? As a private party, it may be allowed.
  10. I wonder if any cruise lines have the money to pursue that in court currently?
  11. Not a "regulation" - a law. And it's not going to change anytime soon.
  12. If the Bahamas are allowing cruise ships in......
  13. Cruises to Nowhere are not legal from US ports. There were dropped about 2-3 years ago.'' For us, we like stopping in ports and learning something about the different countries. But we also like the cruising part.
  14. I do. I have a dry cough brought on by my blood pressure meds. It sneaks up on me unexpectedly, and I worry what people think of me if it happens during my (brief) outings these days.
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