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  1. Found this on my TA website. What does that mean? And why not? This is for an 8 night cruise from Taipei to Taipei only going to 4 Japan ports. Note: Anytime Dining is not available when ship is in Japan.
  2. During the presentation in the main theatre about disembarkation day in Hong Kong, we were told that there would be no taxis. They showed a photo of hundreds of people in line and said that only 3 taxis showed up. We were going to take the free shuttle bus to the Diamond Hill MTR station but were told that these were for passengers who were staying on the ship. NOT for people disembarking like us with luggage. Because of this we ended up buying the ship's transfer ($15/person) to the Kowloon Express MTR station. And of course we were last minute and got the 7:30am-7:40am time slot. We were staying in Hong Kong for a few days so were in no hurry to leave the ship. Of course when we arrived and were being walked to the bus there were TONS of taxis lined up and no one in the line. 😞 Was HAL scaring everyone into booking their transfers???? Hmmmm
  3. We were both given a $25 beverage card when our cruise was booked and then another $100 card each when we were given perks because the price dropped 50%. We used up the first cards pretty fast but never could spend the whole amount on the $100 cards. We don't drink so our favourite server in the Explorers coffee bar said we could purchase items for sale. So on the last sea day we ended up buying 3 water mugs, 2 coffee mugs and 2 America's Kitchen aprons. Nice gifts but I'd rather have had the $130 cash. 🙂
  4. Our cruise left from Shanghai so during embarkation, HAL took one of the photocopies and told us to take the second copy to the immigration desk where they took your passport and then took the 2nd copy, stamped it and placed a sticker on the bottom telling you to always take this copy ashore when you left the ship.
  5. Yes to answer your first question. They are given back to you with any other documentation or information the night before on your bed.
  6. I don't think you need a visa for Japan but since the ship will be holding your passport; they give us a copy stamped by immigration that we were asked to carry with us whenever we went ashore.
  7. Where did you sail from? I am just stating what happened with us in Shanghai. And 2 copies were required; 1 for China and 1 for Japan.
  8. I never heard anything about this from either HAL or my TA. I heard about it here on cruisecritic from a person on the same cruise before us.
  9. I didn't say that it was a problem or I was unhappy. I had 4 copies of my passports. I just wanted to let people know to bring 2 copies as MOST DID NOT. They were older and flustered that they didn't have them.
  10. Just an FYI that we were required to hand in 2 copies of our passports during embarkation in Shanghai. Some people only had one copy whereas surprisingly some didn't have any copies. At least they had a photocopies on site for making these copies for free. One is stamped by China immigration and used to go ashore in China. The 2nd one was used for our ports in Japan. It was also stamped by their immigration. We couldn't get off the ship without these stamped photocopies. And they were handed back to HAL on the last day in Shanghai and at the end of our last port in Japan.
  11. We sailed the Westerdam out of Shanghai using the 144 hr TWOV. Here are a couple of thoughts: 1. I knew to go to the counters at the far left. Some people lined up for a LONG TIME at the Foreigners line only to be told to line up again in the proper place. 2. Registering ahead of time didn't work. The kiosk acknowledged our application but there was no paper so we ended up filling in the blue immigration card. 3. Westerdam boarding was on March 3 but not sailing until 6pm on March 4th. Our agent only gave us a 24hr sticker. When we complained they said it was no issue as once we were on the ship we "couldn't get off". Umm, no that is wrong. We had to escalate to a supervisor who got into a loud argument with the agent in charge in one of the booths. This supervisor finally got the OK from his "leader" (in a back office) to change our stickers. He did this for us and another couple waiting and for everyone else who followed us. Curious what happened with the folks before us that only had 24 hrs too. Did they even look at the sticker when they boarded? We were given a photocopy of our passports stamped by China immigration to use when going ashore. Would I do it this way again to save the big dollars and hassle of getting a China Visa. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!
  12. I booked Guaranteed Inside during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Price went down by 50% in January so I had my TA call HAL and (only after making a 2nd call to get a yes) we were upgraded to a Verandah cabin and actually given the cabin #. We were mid-ship on the Verandah Deck overlooking the lifeboats but it was free. Plus HAL threw in two $100 Beverage cards and a dinner in the Pinnacle. I was so happy with HAL before even sailing with them the first time.
  13. We were upgraded from a guaranteed inside to a verandah on the Westerdam for our recent Asia cruise (March 3-17 Shanghai to Hong Kong). It was our first balcony and I was really looking forward to it. The first week was too cold to sit outside but it was nice to see the ports. The 2nd week was much warmer and I sat out there quite a few times for sail-away and on sea days to relax and read where it was quiet. The EXC in the Crow's Nest always had very loud talkers. Would love to do a balcony again in the future but not for $1K more.
  14. We were on the Westerdam March 3rd and our cabin was ready by 11:30am when we dropped off our carry-ons before heading for lunch.
  15. Love reading your daily reports. Can't wait until we board the Westerdam on Sunday. Just hope that "negative" person is no longer on board doing a 28-day cruise.
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