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  1. Vista, due to itineraries, crew, dining options, deck plans, bars and the ships stability. We felt no waves at all on two Vista cruises. Off season was better than high season, of course, but we had a great time both times sailing her. We’re looking forward to Panorama coming to LB. She’ll make sailing the MR much more enjoyable.
  2. Here’s the link to my pic and Cabo marina and getting to Medano.
  3. Those are specialty justices. IIRC you can still get grapefruit, orange, and other juices at SDB in the MDR. Just ask your server.
  4. Follow Debs advice for the win! Spot on and correct.
  5. Just google maps Cabo: Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur, Mexico https://goo.gl/maps/wi9VS5e5dzr Cabo’s is easily navigated and compact. Pay attention when on board for when they will release tender group numbers. Grab an early number (physical tag) and you get an earlier tender position. IIRC, the tender tags will be on deck 5 just past the casino heading aft on this ship, starboard side. If if you’re waiting before they release the group tags at the specific location (confirm with guest services, FUN Team or the excursion desk) you’ll score a low group number as in tags 1-3.
  6. For future reference, always buy travel insurance within a week of making first deposit. If you think there’s even a chance of cancelling, buy the “cancel for any reason” optional coverage. Congrats on on your good news and hopefully everything works out great for you guys.
  7. For 2 people we paid USD$10 each way total for both the GZ in Mazatlán and to/from Secrets Resort in PV. In PV we exited the cruise terminal and took a non-white, regular cab. We did have to negotiate the price though in both ports. Taxi drivers were asking USD$20 one way for wife and I and we just stuck with telling them USD$10. After they asked three times for more, both drivers agreed on $10. We tipped the drivers in addition. This was March 2019.
  8. we disembarked on 16Mar and we're still too full to eat. water, salad and more water is our fare for now 😀
  9. Not true. FTTF comes out as stated above 6 mos before departure date. Cabo is a tender port and if you’re planning an early excursion, I’d recco FTTF so you can get off first or near first tender. Mar 21 is near the end of whale watching season. If you’d like, book a whale watch tour. We just did one 11Mar an it was incredible.
  10. We own 4 sets of these and they are fantastic. We have the full face masks too and found they made my wife an I nauseous whe snorkeling on excursions. We we just prefer traditional masks now along with these modern snorkels. The snorkels themselves make a huge difference in that you’re not drinking the ocean. HEAD X-One Bungee Adjustable Mask Fin Snorkel Set, Small/Medium, Yellow https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076NZYPJK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_8OBLCbA1QERCK
  11. Woodwind snorkeling tour in Bonaire is a must do if you like being in the water. Best snorkeling we’ve ever done. woodwindbonaire.com
  12. I 2nd Seavis Saona Special. My fam and I had a great time on this tour. We we went to Jacks Shack on GT. Great Jerk Chicken, strong drinks and we snorkeled right off the beach there. Aruba we went to Eagle Beach and just chilled. And on Curaçao we took a cab to Playa Porto Marie for beach, snorkeling and they have a great bar and restaurant on the beach. The snorkeling was great and we swam out to the shelf. Flora and fauna were nice and some great fish too. Water was crystal clear and warm. Downtown Curaçao is a very pretty down with some nice shops and local foods to experience. By far Curaçao is our favorite of these 4 ports.
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