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  1. there's a video online about the building of the Aida Anova which is a sister ship of Mardis Gras. pretty amazing to see how it was built since they all share the same hull and many features. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excellence-class_cruise_ship
  2. the one with cost seems to work well for us; cruising, hotels, car rentals and more. i've been on this refund, fcc, rebook quest for 3 months now and am down to only receiving back port taxes and fees of $209.xx stay on your path and see it through. we cancelled on 09Mar for a 13Mar sailing and then the world shut down on 17Mar. talk about being in the apex if this coivd crap. life will march on. keep your head up high and smile. you're still vertical while others are horizontal with no ability to change that.
  3. We plan excursions for every port, ranging from adventurous to shopping and dining. It just depends how many times we’ve been to a port and what we seek to get out of in enjoying a port. There’s so much to do in many places that sharing those experiences with family is why we cruise, to build memories and share fun or relaxing times. Our kids still talk about the many family vacations we’ve taken and things we’ve done together so my wife and I know we’ve achieved our goal of building family and sharing life experiences. That means a lot to us and our kids enjoy cruising (and my wife now too) as much as I did when my parents took me cruising when I was a child.
  4. we spoke with our travel insurance company and they are providing a credit in the amount that we paid for our travel insurance policy which can be applied to a future travel insurance policy date TBD.
  5. we cancelled Reflection 13Mar sailing on 9Mar and haven't seen any FCC or refund to CC for any purchases (internet and drinks upgrade packages). hopefully this will resolve soon as we're about to hit the 30 day mark since cancelling.
  6. Current pricing now shown was set in late 2018 for the 2020/2021 seasons. Pricing factored a growing economy and stronger demand. Neither exist now. Pricing will have to change. See this WSJ article: ”Executives have basically written off this year with cancellations running up to 50% for the busy Mediterranean summer and bookings for next year, down even more. “Italy is shut off and Greece just said [Sunday] that it won’t accept cruise ships,” said an executive from a major European liner. “The year will be really bad, but the worrying thing is that a vaccine is 18 months away.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/coronavirus-hits-more-cruise-ships-leaving-vessels-stuck-at-sea-11584373335
  7. As I digest all that's happening in the cruise industry, I think it's reasonable that going forward, health and guest safety checks will be common once the industry relaunches in 30-60 days. As in, guest temperature checks will become common, oximetry tests possibly added to this or on a secondary screening; travel history will be standard with a 2-4 week lookback period for all sailings; new sanitizing standards for onboard and embark/debark terminals; more pervasive on-board hand sanitizing stations/messaging; more frequent buffet utensils changing. All of this not in a germ-a-phobe way, but a move to more clean public spaces and public health safety. I also think airlines and any any public transit mode will experience these and other changes too. So we'll move forward with new standards for all to meet or surpass. And the cruise industry will have to re-attract guests that are less hard-corp than many here on CC. Maybe this whole event takes the industry back 2-3 years in total guests/sailings. With aggressive pricing and incentives, the industry's health will rebound in 24-36 months to what was the new high. Maybe even 36-48 months. Cruising is still the best value based vacation. It's pretty hard to beat the unpack once and visit many stops that cruising affords. And the consumer has shown an affinity for this style of vacationing.
  8. Methinks the entire cruise industry in on hold, for now. They’ll figure out what they need to do, adjust course as needed and plan for better days. The system shock is too soon to act. They need to digest it all and plan for the short, mid and long term of the line, corporation and their guests. Patience has its rewards. Be humble and wait this out some.
  9. So my travel decision was made for me today. Doctor advised my wife that we can travel but on return my wife would be subject to a 15 day mandatory self quarantine due to her beIng a classroom teacher and her school district has already closed for this week due to a child’s parent being a confirmed CV case. Not wanting to be quarantined for 15 days pretty much makes our decision to cancel.
  10. https://www.bloombergquint.com/politics/coronavirus-nears-fatal-tipping-point-when-lungs-are-inflamed information on the virus and how it progresses and with supporting statistics.
  11. We are cruising out of FLL to the Caribbean. A lot different than Rome, for sure. We’re also in our early 50s, again possibly less susceptible to severe viruses, but who can say for sure. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more clarity. I don’t subscribe to the sky’s falling mantra. It’s a flu. A wicked one if you’re compromised. Thanks for your reply and input.
  12. My point remains, the quote specifically speaks to older (undefined, still) Americans to not cruise. It is my hope this statement and any official position gets clarified very soon. With X’s enhanced screenings, and increased sanitizing, and the warnings to ill people that they’ll be denied boarding, I’d like to believe that cruising near term is less risky than the Princess incidents which manifested back in January and very early February, before protocols were put in place to better identify and manage risks.
  13. his quote in full context was, " Speaking Sunday morning on "Meet the Press," immunologist Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, outlined what Americans at home can do to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, which has infected 541 people in the U.S. and killed 21 as of Sunday evening. Dangers are "overwhelmingly weighted toward people with underlying conditions and the elderly," Fauci said. "If you're an elderly person with an underlying condition, if you get infected, the risk of getting into trouble is considerable. He added: "So it's our responsibility to protect the vulnerable. When I say 'protect,' I mean right now. Not 'wait until things get worse.' Say no crowds, no long trips and above all, don't get on a cruise ship." https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2020/03/08/coronavirus-sistine-chapel-vatican-museums-shut-down/4994193002/ specifically, he is speaking to elderly (undefined) and advising them to especially "don't get on a cruise ship;" he did not advise the general public to not get on a cruise ship. people need to stop taking quotes out of context to support a narrative. if the cruise industry is going to cancel cruises, they then need to do such. i am not advocating a position of do or don't cruise. make your decisions based upon your health and possibly being quarantined. the information needs to get clearer, sooner than later, and people need data to make empowered decisions. yup, i'm under the gun to go or nogo this week. i'm sure a decision, either way, will become more clear shortly.
  14. stick to the topic and not politics. settle your score in the voting booth if that makes you feel better. i am on this page seeking facts and actual developments. we are scheduled to depart 13Mar2020 and I don't know if X will cancel the cruise, or what. if they do, then my decision(s) are made for me. until then, keep in check your politics. thanks.
  15. Any feedback on Galley Bay Resort and Spa beach for a day-beach while in port? https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g2705982-d150079-Reviews-Galley_Bay_Resort_Spa-Five_Islands_Village_Saint_John_Parish_Antigua_Antigua_and_Barbu.html We're also looking for a beach to spend the day at while in port this March. Beachlimerz has around 20 chairs total which sounds like it'll get filled up quickly. We prefer a nice beach and one that's not blaring with loud music and drunk tourists.
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