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  1. I've searched the boards, but most of what I find is several years old, but from what I can tell, there are various ways to get to /from the Port to the Montjuic Castle (Fort). Can anyone confirm/deny these options? Looking at maps, the fort is not that far from the port. 1. Take the cable car from the port directly to the bottom of the mountain, (16 RT), and then either walk to the fort (20 mins) or take another cable car (15 RT) or the #150 bus. Total cost about 33. 2. Take the cruise bus to La Rambla (4 RT), Metro to Parall.el stop, train up part of the mountain (included in Metro ticket), and same options as #1 - walk, cable car, bus (included in Metro ticket) Total cost about 8-12. 3. Take 150 bus from La Rambla all the way to the very top (cheap but time consuming - about 30 mins) Total cost about 6-8. 4. Taxi all the way to the top - from what I can tell, should be about 20 each way. Total cost about 40. Does this seem accurate? We plan on going to the castle in the morning and then Familia Sagrada at 2pm. Should be doable, right? If we get an early start? Other consideration is the cable cars don't start running until 10am.
  2. I waited too long to get tickets to the Hypogeum. After reading many posts here and websites about other things to do in Malta, I have an even bigger list now! I don't think I can do all these in the one short timeframe (10-5) as we are visiting on a cruise. For those that have been there before, what are your suggestions of what to leave out...and can I do them all either via bus or the 4 hour taxi from the port (80 Euros)? We can skip the Blue Grotto and we will have seen many churches in Rome, so the Cathedral may also be skipped. Mdina (for sure this is making the list) Hagar Qim / Neolithic Temples / Mnajdra Lascaris War-rooms (looks very interesting) Victoria Lines (also looks interesting, but not sure it's close to anything or worth seeing) Dingli Cliffs Thanks for helping me make my list a little more doable.
  3. I've heard and found limited information online, about Carnival having an "overflow" lot that is used on Saturdays. The overflow lot is a city lot at "6th and Pine" and it's only $12 per day compared to almost double that at the normal Carnival parking garage. I also have heard there is a shuttle to take you to/from the pier. Can anyone that has seen/done this RECENTLY confirm/deny this? I have called Carnival and they "have no knowledge"; nobody answers the phone at the parking garage (I have tried for days and days). The city did confirm Carnival uses the lot for overflow at times, but couldn't confirm the shuttle. Thank you!
  4. They said private tours are not available on cruise ship days. 😞
  5. According to their website, they only offer a package deal of $40 which includes getting to/from Stone Island.
  6. That's what I was wondering about as well....and if you have to get there before 11 to get the free shuttle. There are several garages not far that offer monthly parking for around $25 and some allow overnight parking. I'm looking into those to see if you can buy just a 1 month pass. Then the plan would be to drop off rest of the family at the pier, go park, take the free Long Beach bus back (it's only a few miles).
  7. Wow that sounds horrible! I'm not so much worried about getting there to park at the pier, as much as I was hoping to pay 1/2 the cost by going to their off site lot. 🙂
  8. Oh..one more thing....how many formal nights were there and what nights? We are trying to maximize luggage space and trying to decide if we need to bring suits/dresses for formal night or just eat the buffet that night/s.
  9. Another thanks for your review!! Will be doing this cruise end of March on the 31st. First time in Europe, first time on MSC. Will be our 15th cruise overall, so not too worried about the cruise part. Arriving Saturday evening, staying near the airport in a "B&B" and then going to the port Sunday morning. Staying 2 days after in Rome (Sunday/Monday) and leaving Tuesday morning back to California. Bringing teenage daughter. Even though I've read and read and read info on Trains etc, still planning on taking the train to the port, and a little apprehensive about that, with all our luggage. Also a little overwhelmed on what to do/see in the ports. For Rome, we will do mostly walking around the 2 days after the port as we will be staying in the old part of town. I haven't done much research on the other ports - I guess I need to get busy! Any tips of getting to the port? What did you do in the other ports? I am still trying to find out if there is an inclusive pass on the ship that includes the entertainment options - bowling, theater, race car, etc. Did you see that was an offering? We, like you, are not in the YC, so your review means so much more to me than all the other YC reviews that are totally one sided, and will be in a Balcony. No drink package, will be going to the cirque show. I see on my reservation that it does include "water" in the dining room, so I'm guessing it will be like what you experienced. Not too worried about the food, I know I'm not going to go hungry! Thanks again for your input and for sharing!!
  10. I see a few package tours that include "transportation" to Stone Island and then the horseback ride and a drink. Is it cheaper to just book the horse ride right there on the beach on your own? Thanks!
  11. Hi Linsuesue, Where did you end up parking in September? We are going end of this month (Jan) and am tempted to just go straight to this offsite area and hope that it's still open and has a shuttle to the ship.
  12. Hi Coasty, Did you already take your cruise - if so, where did you park? Like you, we are driving in from Vegas same day and no need for a hotel. I have looked at some of the parking lots in downtown Long Beach - you can get a monthly pass for $25 but only some of them allow overnight parking. Then you can take the "free" bus from downtown to the port. Just trying to find some alternatives to spending close to $150 just to park a car.
  13. The flight back to USA is actually 2 days after the cruise ends. No way I would book a flight before 11 same day. Been there done that and way too stressful! :-)
  14. That's good to know. I wanted to pre-purchase it, but the only one listed for pre-purchase is a specific dollar amount, but not the unlimited use pass.
  15. I've read so many of the very helpful posts on here regarding getting to/from the airport and port and for someone taking their first trip to Europe, this forum is invaluable! What did we all do before the existence of forums like this???? Anyhow, I want to run my thinking past all you experts to see if I'm on the right track. We arrive late afternoon to Rome (flying from California) on Saturday, March 30. Ship leaves Sunday March 31 at 7pm. We are staying at a "B&B" / "Guest House" near the airport as we don't want to try and go to Rome and to the ship on the same day. That way, we can sleep in and take our time getting to the port. Right now, we are planning on taking the train. So taxi to B&B which is 3 miles from airport, then in the late morning taxi to train station or back to airport to catch the train to port. Fast forward 7 days to Sunday April 7 when we get off the ship. Flight back home isn't until 9am Tuesday April 9. Right now, have booked a small hotel near Pantheon area. Plan is to take the train (maybe that will change based on our first experience with the train getting to the port ha!) into Rome and then taxi to hotel. I think so far, so good. Then I got to thinking...hmmm.......since our flight home is at 9am, we are going to have to be at the airport really early - like 2-3 hours before flight, right? I also have read if the first leg of the flight isn't leaving Europe, you don't have to be there THAT early, which is the case. We go from Rome to Germany and THEN to LA...so that would be the leg where we go through customs etc?? Anyhow, my thinking is maybe I would want to spend Monday night closer to the airport and not have to worry about the train/taxi to the airport early Tuesday morning? But if that's the case, then that means we would have to check out of our hotel Monday morning, do something with our luggage while spending the day in Rome, not having somewhere to go back to if we wanted to take a nap, etc.... So I am trying to decide which is best......stay in Rome Monday night..get up early to the airport.....or spend Monday night near the airport..... Any thoughts?? Thank you!!!!
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