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  1. I see many love the smaller Jewel class and I'm with them. Jewel Getaway Dawn
  2. OP, This is why we always use our hometown T/A. She takes care of any headaches with the same pricing as booking myself.
  3. We do have an Empress question. It appears that when she came back into service with the fleet she offered only My Time dining. Does she now offer set time dining also? Thank you! We are considering an 8 day in January.
  4. Her Majesty is a fine ship and after twenty cruises the ship is still one of my favorites.
  5. I agree with Tapi, Royal should consider basing these ships at least for a time to see if they can make a go of it in Charleston, Mobile, Tampa. Our closest port is Charleston and don't cruise from there because the only option is Carnival. Did it once, not again. We would jump at the chance to cruise Royal out of Charleston. Why should the close to home ports be only the purview of Carnival?
  6. We are RCCL Emerald, is there any kind of status match? We are looking into booking one of their Caribbean ships for January 2020.
  7. My wife and I just completed a 9 night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Jewel OTS of which a review is coming, but I see that many people ask about current MDR menus. We were able to photograph 6 of the nine which we will post here. Please feel free to ask any questions. One more thing, thew service and food in the Tides MDR was very good and consistent.
  8. We leave on the Jewel Friday and our price was $50. This represented a Crown & Anchor discount of 20%. They did run some specials along the way that were buy one get one for 50% off, but that was off the regular price on that ship of $63. Since we have 4 sea days on a 9 day cruise, the package made sense for us, just remember they add the 18% gratuity onto it when you purchase it.
  9. The reason the Jan 9 Jewel OTS itinerary was changed per Royal was port congestion in Aruba on the scheduled day. So Royal removed Labadee and moved Aruba up a day. Not security issues .Nassau is definitely not and even swap with Labadee.
  10. Here is what we’ve been able to find out. Royal says it is due to port congestion in Aruba on the previously scheduled day. Oranjestad would have had 3 ships in port on the 22nd, Jewel OTS (2702 PAX), MSC Magnifica (2518PAX) and AIDADiva (2050 PAX). The new arrival has only 2 ships in port, the Jewel OTS and the Monarch (old Monarch OTS). I understand this is less congestion but wouldn’t these facts have been known when the itinerary was finalized months ago? Oh well, we will have a great time in any case! 20 cruises and counting, isn’t the first time it’s happened and probably not the last...
  11. We are on the January 18th cruise and KHM1 is correct; we get all the ports except Labadee. Nassau is quite a disappointment...been there done that kind of thing. We have never been to Labadee and were really looking forward to it.
  12. These ports are all beautiful in their own way, especially Bonaire for it's snorkeling and St. Lucia for being just beautiful. You'll have a wonderful time. :)
  13. I am very allergic to cats, like trip to the hospital allergic. So, I am thrilled about this. Went to a pet friendly hotel once and the room was filled with dander from the cat of the previous occupant. Needless to say, my vacation was ruined and I ended up in the ER for treatment when my airway began to close. I remember reading on here about someone wanting to bring an emotional support cat... seriously?? Thank you RCCL for doing this!
  14. We had an offer for the second UBP for 50% off on our ( day Jewel cruise in January and earlier we had a 30% off offer. We've been booked about 60 days.
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