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  1. Do you recall what months? Wondering if some are known to be windier then others. We are there in less then 2 weeks! (hopefully)
  2. In your opinion and/or experience, which port(s) seem to have the highest chance of being missed, in regards to a Caribbean itinerary. For us it has been Grand Cayman.
  3. Thanks!! Wasn't sure how long waits were for elevators. I've heard mixed reviews on the new ones. We were on deck 9 last time and just loved being that close to the action. 🙂
  4. We have an ocean view in the family horizon next month. How is it getting to the rest of the ship from that deck? We spend a lot of time at the buffet/food/waterslide areas.
  5. I have a 15 year old with autism that I was hoping we could put into circle c with his siblings. Now I'm quite worried. I had no idea it would be SUCH a big deal to others. Circle C would be a much better fit for him. I also agree that 18 in high school verses 18 and in college can have a big difference and that should be accounted for.
  6. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know that board existed. Thanks!
  7. Disembarkation- Miami Port at 8:00am. Self Assist. Will a 1:06 flight work out of FLL, most likely? Embarkation- I am flying in to Tampa to spend time with my parents before cruise. I plan to rent a car and drive it down to Miami, returning the car there. Any tips of which car company and how I can get my family and myself to Miami Port from there? THANK YOU.
  8. The only show we would do is a comedy show or maybe a hasbro one. We don't gamble. The vast majority of our time will be spent reading on deck, hanging with our kids and eating. I got a family harbor ocean view. I think my husband will like having easy access to snacks, ice cream, etc...We know we like the back of the boat location. Also doing your time dining so that we don't have to adhere to a schedule. Another reason I switched is we can see a movie, tour brewery (he'd love that), and just sounded like more to do. We have 3 sea days which is a lot for a guy that feels like a trapped animal on a cruise, doesn't gamble or do shows. He WILL buck it up and have fun, don't get me wrong, but I decided these things will make it a little easier for him to do that. Wish I would have went with my gut instinct from the start on this, but the change is done and good or bad choice, there's no going back now. You guys are amazing help and I loved all the opinions and insight!
  9. We will be in port from 1-8. Would love to see the forts/downtown and the rainforest. Is this doable?
  10. Thanks all. I've decided to switch to the Horizon. Seems like a better fit overall, for everyone.
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