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  1. LittleYiaYia

    St Thomas to St John

    We took the ferry from St. Thomas to St. John's in 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2005 and 2006. We were never asked for a passport, in fact you did not need any identification to board the ferry. We plan on taking this ferry again next February.
  2. LittleYiaYia


    We have never made a reservation, but we tend to eat before the evening rush. They do accept reservations so if you are planning a busy time, you might want to call and make some. When we were there in February they did not have a show. Our waiter told us the performer left Puerto Rico when the hurricane happened and had not returned. Maybe someone who has been in the last few months can give us an update.
  3. LittleYiaYia

    Galileo Galilei

    In 1996 my husband and I took our first cruise, on board the Celebrity Meridian. After 18 years of cruising, this 10 day Ultimate Caribbean adventure remains our favorite cruise. We cruised out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We still laugh when we think of our inside cabin. It was so small it couldn't have been over 80 square feet. The shower was circular, so small that you actually hit your elbows on the sides when trying to soap up. Our dinner companions invited us to view their "ocean view" cabin. I remember having to climb up on their bed to see out the very small porthole. I remember the wonderful shaded promenade with the comfortable deck chairs. What a great place to sit and enjoy the view and the ocean breezes. There were no big production shows, entertainers came on board at each port. We had a French singer, a puppet show, a magician and a small string quartet is all I can recall. The beautiful midnight buffets, every night, with ice sculptors and carved fruit floating in the swimming pool ! In 2000 we were aboard the Celebrity Galaxy and happened to strike up a conversation with the cruise director. In the course of this conversation when he found that we had sailed on the Meridian, he told us that he was aboard the Sun Vista when she sank. What a story he had to tell. I'm so glad to have found this interesting thread and to be able to share our wonderful memories of our favorite ship.
  4. LittleYiaYia


    If you will be debarking at the pier in OSJ it is a easy walk to Barrachina, depending on how much luggage you have. It is a slight uphill walk. If you are at Pan Am Pier, you will need a taxi. We have left our luggage at Barrachina numerous times. When we come back to get it we have lunch or a drink at the bar. A tip to the bus boy who retrieves your bags is always appreciated.
  5. LittleYiaYia

    Fascination mini fridge

    We take a flat foldable cooler with us. We line it with a trash bag (sometimes it sweats) and keep it in the bathroom. We then ask our room steward to keep it filled with ice as needed. It holds bottles of water and wine we want to keep cold. Also, there is ice available 24 hours a day at the lido buffet if you want to get it yourself. We find the ice buckets too small for our needs.
  6. LittleYiaYia

    Mexican restaurant in Old San juan

    Could it be Greengos? On Calle Forteleza
  7. LittleYiaYia

    Two Days in Old San Juan

    We enjoy Café Mallorca for breakfast. 300 Plaza San Francisco. Go early, it gets very busy. Another good place (especially for late breakfast or early lunch) is Casa Cortes Chocobar. 210 Calle San Francisco. For dinner Punta de Vista, on the roof of Hotel Milano. 307 La Forteleza. Good happy hour too. Raices has a local flair and outside seating. 315 Recinto Sur. Take a stroll and enjoy the sights on Paseo La Princesa and have dinner at Princesa Gastrobar. You can read reviews on all the above on Trip Advisor. Have fun. We love OSJ.
  8. LittleYiaYia

    Carnival Liberty - Muster Drill Nightmare

    We were just on the Fascination which is one of Carnival's smaller and older ships. The muster was inside in the theatre.
  9. LittleYiaYia

    Catholic Church for Ash Wednesday

    This past February we attended mass twice in Old San Juan. We went to The Cathedral San Juan Bautista on Calle Cristo. This location is good if you are interested in touring El Morro. We also attended mass at St. Francis of Assisi which is located on Calle San Francisco. This location is good if you plan on touring San Cristobal. Of course, both masses were in Spanish. The times for the masses were posted by the front door of each church.
  10. I found that the women on this cruise tended to dress up a little more than they did on other Caribbean cruises. There were a lot of fancy cocktail dresses and suits for the men. A large number of guests were having pictures taken on Elegant night. I do not remember any long formal gowns, or tuxes on the men. I did not see any shorts, T shirts or ball caps in the dining room. I tended to dress as I would for church on Sunday, I never felt under dressed. Dress up if you feel like it, especially if you plan on having pictures taken, I don't think you will feel out of place. Enjoy this cruise, Fascination is a great ship. The ports are the best you will ever visit.
  11. LittleYiaYia

    Did I make an upgrade mistake?

    Ha ha, good catch jetta. It pays to read carefully. I guess we will never know if the OP liked their aft balcony. :D
  12. LittleYiaYia

    Did I make an upgrade mistake?

    Although I agree with you most of the time fryee39, our vibration was constant. It was day and night and enough to make the glasses on the shelf in the bathroom chatter all the time. I do agree with the vibration relaxation factor. It seemed to lull me to sleep each night.
  13. LittleYiaYia

    Did I make an upgrade mistake?

    I can only answer from my own experiences. I have never had any cigarettes or any other trash on my previous balconies. This was the first aft balcony we ever booked and probably the last.
  14. LittleYiaYia

    Did I make an upgrade mistake?

    We were in an aft extended balcony, 7442, on the Glory in 2016. Yes, there was vibration, not just pulling into and out of port. There was a slight vibration most of the time. I actually thought the vibration helped me sleep. Other than this constant vibration, there was not a lot of movement. The room was quiet. Be aware that the afternoons can be very hot on the balcony as there is no shade and often no breeze. The only thing that has kept us from booking another aft cabin is that we found numerous cigarette butts on the balcony every day. We reported this but were told that security could do nothing about this unless they actually caught the person smoking. We never saw where the butts were coming from. One afternoon one was still hot and smoking when I brought the steward to the balcony to clean them up. This is a very serious and dangerous problem. I am not trying to discourage you or put a damper on your excitement. I just wanted to warn you about the cigarette butts. Please report them if you find them. Maybe someday they will be able to stop this behavior. I hope you have a great cruise, we loved the Glory. She is a great ship.
  15. LittleYiaYia

    Any recent reviews from these members?

    WRIGLEY I remember her reviews, they were great.