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  1. LittleYiaYia

    El Convento

    Visited El Convento last February. We did not stay there, but we wanted to see the hotel so we went in and had a drink at the bar outside in the garden. Very nice setting. We did glance at the lunch menu, it was pricy. There is really nothing to see when you enter other than the lobby and the garden restaurant. By all means, if you are passing by just stop in and take a look around. I would not go out of my way to have lunch. Much more interesting places and interesting menus abound in OSJ. JMHO
  2. LittleYiaYia

    Help me decide!

    I agree with Port Royal. We have done this excursion twice and enjoyed it so much we are repeating it again this February. We have had the same crew on the catamaran each time and they are great. Nevis is beautiful and uncrowded. It's pricy but worth it, FWIW.
  3. LittleYiaYia

    Just Off Fascination’s Christmas Cruise - Ask Away

    h20will, you will not miss sail away. On the first night it is open seating in both dining rooms. They closed the dining rooms promptly at 8:30 (this was for a 10PM sailing) because of the muster drill. Everything shuts down during muster. When you get on board be sure to check the Fun Times to see what time the dining room closes that night. We are sailing in February, and I know sail away is now at 9:00 PM.
  4. LittleYiaYia

    Cell phone service question

    We have AT&T as our provider and were able to use our phones as usual in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. The service was good too. We did not buy a package and used free Wi-Fi for e-mails anytime we got off in port. We needed to stay in touch with home also, but did not need to directly speak to anyone everyday. Your situation may be different, but the e-mails worked for us. Enjoy your cruise!!
  5. LittleYiaYia

    Late Flight from OSJ - What To Do With Luggage

    The Barrrachina restaurant in OSJ will hold your luggage for free. Read down towards the bottom of this forum page until you get to the thread titled "Barrachina" and it should answer most of any questions you would have.
  6. LittleYiaYia

    Insurance question

    Hi Baker, I just spoke with my PVP and asked him about this because when I book my cruises he always says that the insurance has to be paid at time of final payment. He says that little blurb about purchasing insurance is always there so you can add it before final payment or at the time of final payment. You will not be covered for "cancel for any reason" unless you purchased insurance before final payment or at time of final payment. That is clearly stated in the insurance information. I do not know how to post a screen shot or I would, you have to be a lawyer to read all through this mumbo jumbo.
  7. LittleYiaYia

    Insurance question

    Carnival Cancel for any reason insurance has to be purchased by the time of final payment. If you purchase outside of Carnival (think Travel Guard etc.) you must purchase at time of cruise booking. We purchase Carnival insurance every time to use with our private insurance to increase medical evacuation benefits. We always wait until final payment to purchase. We have used cancel for any reason twice. Read your insurance benefits that you received when you purchased your insurance. It reads "Carnival Cruise Line will provide you a cruise credit equal to 75% of the non-refundable value of your cruise vacation prepaid to Carnival Cruise Lines, for your use toward a future cruise. This is available if only purchased prior to final payment.
  8. LittleYiaYia

    Ginger pills for seasickness??

    Discovered Motion Eaze about four cruises ago. We put it on the morning of the cruise and after every shower. Apply behind the ear and on the wrists. Our Walgreens does not carry this product. I had to get it at Walmart. Completely natural and inexpensive too !
  9. LittleYiaYia

    Cruise leaves at 9pm?

    If you are sailing on the Fascination from San Juan the earliest check-in time is 1:00-1:30 unless you have priority. This last February we got to the port a little after noon. With priority we were checked in and having a drink on lido by 12:15. The line for regular boarding was quite long outside (they were not allowing anyone to enter the terminal). Without priority I would try and board sometime after 1:PM.
  10. LittleYiaYia

    San Juan named Best North American Home Port - CCs Editors' Picks Awards

    San Juan is our favorite port. We visited for 6 days in February of this year and will be back next February 2019. We never run out of things to see or do, whether it be in Old San Juan, New San Juan or out in the countryside. We look forward to seeing how much the island has recovered from Hurricane Maria since our last visit. Congratulations Puerto Rico for being named Best North American Homeport.
  11. LittleYiaYia


    We normally tip whatever we would give to a bell boy or porter per bag. Don’t skip the famous Pina Colada’s. They are delicious. Enjoy!
  12. LittleYiaYia

    Departure time change

    Hi Speedy, What is your sail date? Did your itinerary change? If not, that sure is a lot of time floating around since St. Thomas is fairly close to San Juan. I agree with you about arriving the day before embarkation. I can not imagine arriving after 6 PM when you have a sail away scheduled for 9 PM? Cutting it too close for me. Enjoy the Fascination, she is a great ship and this is our favorite itinerary.
  13. LittleYiaYia

    Departure time change

    Sail time for the Fascination out of San Juan was always 10:PM until June of this year. We sailed this last February and sail time was 10:PM. We are taking the same cruise next February 2019 and this past June we received a letter from Carnival stating that sail time from 6/10/2018 thru 4/26/2020 would be 9:00. No mention of OBC. You must be on board at 8:00. Could they have changed the time again? I guess anything is possible.
  14. LittleYiaYia

    Upsell Fairy Sent Me an Email

    Received an upsell offer yesterday. We are in an inside, Empress deck, 2 doors off atrium. The offer was an ocean view, 3 floors down on 4 Riviera , all the way aft for $94.00. Right now the ocean view cabins are $172 more than the inside, so the price was good but we do not want to be on deck 4, so I turned it down. I asked what she would offer a deck 7 OV for and she told me $172, so no bargain there. Last year we did get a free upgrade 2 days before sailing to an OV on deck 7, unlikely it will happen again....but one can always hope.
  15. LittleYiaYia

    Airport private transportation

    There are large taxi vans available at the airport, but if you have to have private transportation, try Island Marketing. They can provide the transportation you are looking for.