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  1. YEP you have two sun beds two chairs and a table on your stern Balcony, also a Fridge in your cabin and these are the Deluxe cabins situated in the stern of the ship, I think the one Manchester is Blue is talking about are the ones that were added on many years ago and are the Basic balcony cabins on deck six, port and starboard.
  2. Yep with four or five cruise lines doing the same cruises or there abouts, it will be interesting who comes up with the right price, but with Marella having the drinks package included just might tip the scales, but then you might want to give Cunard or Princess a try.
  3. Sounds good dronnygirl but the likes of P&O Princess Marella Fred Cunard would all like a piece of the cake, you could base a ship in Liverpool and one in Southampton.
  4. I think the company would like to get the U.S. and a dip into Canada up and running again, other wise it will be the same same old .
  5. I think your right Cliff, R.C.I. have put a vision class ship Grandeur into Barbados for DEC21 to April 22 doing exactly what the Discovery will be doing at competitive pricing, doing cruise or cruise and stay. and flights from U.K.
  6. Hi Cliff like P.C have always had a stern balc, but reading a few old reviews the over hang D.1 AND 2 D does finish at 8042.
  7. Hi we had a cabin on Explorer 1 similar to the one dronnygirl has mentioned, it was a family suit with the bed u.p against next door cabin and as i said if you had a weak bladder or you had to get out of bed in a flash you would come up against your partner who would make it most difficult, so use the toilet before you nestle down. 1 think your cabin is similar to Discovery,s aft with your bed port to starboard half way down your cabin, you will hear scraping of tables and chairs early morning by the crew having a tidy up, i do believe you are under the Terrace on deck ten which is the
  8. Looks like R.C.I. has put a ship into Barbados for winter 21/22 doing the same cruises as Marella on the vision class Grandeur, as it has been offered by U.K. travel agents. also i have seen Discovery sailing Sundays also with Marella so more competition.
  9. Hi Clodagh just a little help TUI flights from the UK to Barbados are Sunday,s and leave around 10am to join the MARELLA ship at Bridgtown it would be ideal coming across Saturday staying overnight either Manchester or Gatwick the flight is about 9 hours and arrive,s about 2 30 pm Barbados time and Taxi is about 45 mins, i hope this helps enjoy your cruise on the Grandeur, as i said she will be a lovely size for the Caribbean.
  10. Had phone call to day we are 40 doses short and never a had a delivery so sorry we will ring you back you are next on the list . ok thats fine,
  11. Hello roger mine is tomorrow the 22nd jan the Oxford one
  12. Hi sorry to butt in but have done many cruises, and stay and cruises from Barbados over the years with Marella cruises part of the TUI group, it has been very successful for many years doing four flights a week on Sundays using the Dreamliner or the 767 , the ships the older Vision class Splendour and legend now DISCOVERY 1 and 2 I know you cannot pick your ship of choice but those vision class are just the right size believe me. flying into Barbados is so easy no going through customs straight of the aircraft ,embark on to coach strait to the cruise ship, your cases 20kg or 22 are bon
  13. Yep agree with your comments Nancy - N more so with the all inclusive just make it a added bonus for early booker,s and keep the prices at a attractive level and upgrades on cabins also.
  14. Good morning Marella Cruiser,s I would like to wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas, and let,s get back to some normality in the future,
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