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  1. Whilst I am sorry for all those disappointed at their cancelled cruises, I personally hope not. I'm not at all sorry at the loss of business for all those countries/states with very poor, draconian attitudes toward equality and diversity.
  2. Very sad for all the pax booked on her and also the crew. Whilst she was the least favourite of the 3 ships I would sail on, she certainly has had a reputation of having one of the happiest crews.
  3. All of Oceana's cruises appear to have disappeared from the P&O website...
  4. Interesting to see that Carnival Cruise Line has just announced that their new ship Mardi Gras will not now sail until February next year. She is currently under construction at Meyer Turku. She was originally due in August.
  5. But iirc, as well as saying that agreements had been reached to dispose of 6 ships, it also said they were actively seeking agreements to dispose of a number (undisclosed) of others...
  6. Not heard anything further since Tim Meyer's interview which was widely reported. There are rumours but they cannot be substantiated at the moment.
  7. The other thing Carnival Corp will be taking into account is the local demand/state of the market. Currently, they will also be aware that the UK has been less successful in managing the Covid situation than the rest of Europe and how that might (and I'm not saying it necessarily will) affect things going forward. The ships themselves are not the sole consideration.
  8. There hasn't been any announcement Jean. No concrete evidence but some that is very strong anecdotally from different sources...
  9. Thanks so there is no evidence of PO Oceana being sold or discarded, correct? There is anecdotal evidence that her future with P&O is pretty short but there is no concrete evidence. With regard to replacement, it has long been thought that when/if Gala/Iona 2 comes on stream, Oceana would go. The pandemic crisis has of course cast doubt over the future of many ships - old, new and future.
  10. I don't know why but we do get attached to ships. The last time I was in Southampton (on a short Azura cruise), Oriana departed and I knew it was the last time I would see her. My eyes were somewhat moist as I watched her sail out...
  11. I guess we have to remember how complicated this is for P&O too. This is all pure conjecture on my part but let's say that Carnival Corp have put Oceana in phase two of the disposals, so at present there is no agreement but they are wanting rid of her. Once they have a buyer of some sort, before they can announce to the world that she is going, they need to have firm plans of what options are available to pax booked on her - they can't just say to pax " your cruise is cancelled and we don't know what we can offer you". The situation is probably made worse as they might still be trying to confirm altered itineraries for next year. I'm no fan of P&O HQ but I can see that it may not be very easy for them when possibly dancing to Carnival Corp's tune.
  12. Yes, you are probably right - but don't forget they said they already had agreements on the six and were also actively seeking agreements on a number of others...
  13. If indeed all of this comes to pass (none of us can be 100% sure), then I agree that I hope P&O will be flexible. If I were booked on a cruise aboard Oceana and it was changed to Ventura, I would want to be able to cancel with a full refund. I may be in a minority with that but I am sure I would not be the only one.
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