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  1. You'll have to go on AIDA for that....
  2. Wow. That will certainly be very different to Borealis with Fred Olsen...😄
  3. Yes, does look a bit sorry at the moment but she did go across to the far side of the Caribbean before returning to Europe and won't have had any of the usual paint touch-ups that normally happen regularly. Like you, I hope we get updates from Ambassador once they start work on her.
  4. Absolutely it does John. I found it to be sufficiently different enough to make me decide I would only cruise on Aurora and Arcadia with P&O. As I said in a recent post on here, we all pays our money and takes our choice.
  5. Once again, it just goes to show how we all experience things differently. Neither of my two cruises on Azura were in school holidays but I felt the general atmosphere on board was totally different to that I have experienced on Arcadia, Aurora and Oriana. Food, service and entertainment generally fine and similar but for me, that's where the similarities ended.
  6. As I write this, the weather forecast for Southampton tomorrow up to 10.00am is full sunshine. If that is the case, Banana Wharf would be nice, with an option to sit outside!
  7. Not for one minute doubting what you've seen but I can't believe that they won't have some flights from the South. Maybe they are still in the process of procuring them.
  8. And if you should decide to breakfast at Carluccio's, do pop up to the café on the top floor of John Lewis afterwards. You should get a view of the top of Queen Victoria in berth 106 and you may also be able to see some of Iona, in berth 102. I always go there for coffee mid-morning before I go off to board a ship in Southampton.
  9. We all know that an on-line forum such as this is a minefield as it is very difficult to know the tone in which a post is written. You have made some very valid points in your post but, to be honest, describing yourself as "middle class" (when a majority these days feel such class distinctions are no longer appropriate or valid), calling people "Obese, tattooed, underdressed people" and saying that P&O is "too low, common" for you was hardly likely to endear you to others reading your post. I think many of us may well have some sort of empathy with some of what you write but lang
  10. Thanks very much for this. Definitely looks a significant step up from Discovery 2 - at least, as she was in 2018 when I was on her.
  11. Don't think they are playing it down John - just ignoring the fact 😄. If you are on the 5 night cruise, hopefully we can arrange a 'social media forum' get-together... I'm on another board where there are already a few of us.
  12. Great post. Just a couple of thoughts from me. What other people are wearing does sort of make a difference to me. When on a ship with Formal Nights, if just about everyone adheres to the Dress Code, for me it makes a very special atmosphere/ambience and one that I really appreciate and enjoy. That enjoyment is slightly spoiled when a significant number of folks choose not to go formal. Having said that, I research my cruises/holidays so that I know what to expect and don't look down on people because of what they are wearing. I know P&O are gradually moving in a more casual direction
  13. I don't think you should take this cruise as typical of P&O at all. Short cruises attract a much wider cross-section of cruisers, including a higher number of 'new to cruise' and some who are treating it as a boozy weekend away. I do however think it is also worth noting that P&O are very much in a process of change at the moment. They are trying hard to attract a younger set of pax, have the two 5200+pax new megaships and have abolished gratuities but seem to be keeping the prices very competitive. I've only been on one of their larger ships twice, so may have picked up the
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