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  1. I understand that there is now scaffolding around the funnels, which are having the Fred Olsen logo painted.
  2. Deviating I know but I see construction is well underway on Southampton's fifth terminal now and it is due to open next year. It is a joint venture by the port, MSC & NCL.
  3. Just had a look at the Daily Echo article, which says it is being built in conjunction with MSC & NCL, so it will undoubtedly take large ships. Looks like long-term competition for P&O (and Royal Caribbean) then...
  4. I must admit that I am amazed so many folks have booked on her without knowing what most of the public rooms and outside spaces are like. Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned git, wanting to know what I am getting...🤔
  5. I'd love you to be right but sadly I feel Carnival are only interested in larger, modern ships now. Unless Iona turns out to be an abject failure, I can't see any mid-size ships coming P&O's way ☹️
  6. I think the three Queens visited together the year before to celebrate the Cunard 175th Anniversary. I think we were the only ship in that day in 2016.
  7. It would be great if CVI were to charter her. She does have a lot of loyal fans and I'd love to sail on her again.
  8. I spent a very pleasant day in Liverpool off of Queen Elizabeth back in 2016. Our visit coincided with the centenary of the opening of the Cunard Building in June 1916 and so we were given a book produced to mark the occasion and there was a quayside concert and fireworks in the evening.
  9. I guess they are more interested in the one day cruise calls than turnarounds. The city centre will still be walkable from the new terminal for those without any mobility issues.
  10. That is certainly one reason I prefer the smaller ships - whether I am sailing solo or with a cruise buddy. I do however have a number of friends who cruise solo and absolutely love doing so on Britannia.
  11. Welcome to the forum! I've been lucky enough to have been cruising for a number of years and have done several with P&O since my partner died. It is indeed an easy and relaxed way to travel solo. Assuming things haven't changed since my last one, there will be a solos coffee meet every morning. On sea days it is usually hosted by a couple of the entertainment officers. On the ships I have sailed on it has always been in one of the bars but I haven't been on Britannia so don't know where they hold it. It is however put in the daily programme of events put in your cabin each night.
  12. Cunard and Princess both offer round-Britain cruises, so Carnival probably dissuade P&O from doing it...
  13. It really is a multi-layered issue. All businesses have to adapt and change to remain successful - some get it right others not so right. The change in P&O is particularly layered as for many years they were providing a 'traditional' cruise experience to many very loyal passengers. They are of course now owned by a USA-based company and as we all know, the UK tends to follow trends set in the USA as opposed to elsewhere in Europe. Having said that, some european countries are now also slowly starting to follow American trends. This is where I generalise massively and potentially up
  14. Funny how we're all different. There's me hoping they never install a Glass House as I like Intermezzo Bar as it is...😊
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