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  1. Thinking the crockery could be great for plate smashing in Greece, but maybe Carnival would not be best pleased with that 😉
  2. What you may not realise is that CMV always have some sort of offer on. The bogof is replaced a half price offer and on it goes..... The full prices are a joke, but I have never seen them applied.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I see your point, but will not stop me being disappointed.
  4. I have no personal experience of Viking or Saga, but I would definitely choose Fred over CMV if all was equal. CMV do seem more adventurous on some itineraries though, so we would consider them for certain itineraries. They also have more port calls on some itineraries, whilst Fred seems to be doing more sea days now - another point for CMV IMO, but on a take it as it is basis with the ports being more important than the on board experience. No real indication of Fred's future plans, though he has been very good regards customer service so definitely keeping his reputation up. I expect he could be rubbing his hands with glee at the ongoing loss of P&O mid sized ships and uncertainty about CMV - though things not looking so bad for CMV as they were. Fred may well be able to continue with his higher prices and less offers needed as long as he can offer something a fair bit cheaper than the "Luxury" brands.
  5. I understood that was the way they were going for a long time.
  6. Sad, but I hope the other meduim sized ones survive the next year or so. Anyone have any idea which will be next in line for removal? I do hope Aurora stays longer as we are not that keen on Arcadia.
  7. So sadly one of three medium sized ships down. Anyone any idea which will be the next? I hope Aurora stays until last as we are not at all keen on Arcadia.
  8. Looks like Oceana is docked at Ocean Terminal. Anyone know any more about where she is heading after that or what she may/may not be offloading?
  9. They re opened their head office recently for staff who cannot work from home (last Monday I think). I have also saw a comment at a similar time from some one who seems to know a lot about all things CMV. The comment referred to it looking positive, but that no more could be said at present. Also heard of someone getting a refund last week. So I am thinking things must be looking pretty good, but would love to have some confirmation of what is afoot if anyone sees anything. Carnival were reported to be creditors of CMV as well. Lots of crew have gone home from both their ships and other ships as well, so our Government being involved when the CMV crew representatives got their ships inspected, seems to have done a lot for co operation from their home countries.
  10. Thanks Wowzz, can I assume that is just wine? Does not sound hopeful for the other brands then.
  11. I saw something about 3-4 weeks ago saying Gov were not intending to make it compulsory, but as you say may be needed for certain things and embarkation of a cruise ship comes to mind. Decisions can always be changed of course.
  12. Just wondering if we can take a bottle of Spirits each on first embarkation any of the other cruise brands. Also not sure if I am up to date, has this still been possible on P&O (I know they stopped it on Ventura at one stage)? I do realise things like this may well change when cruises re start, but that is life in these days. We are probably more interested in Holland America, Princess and Cunard, but we have been known to go on a Costa ship for an unusual itinerary, so any knowledge of other lines would be useful. Also wondering if the other brands have been OK with people taking soft drinks/water on at ports during the cruise.
  13. Thanks for this, interesting. I am confused though as to what they would do if someone appears to have a temperature/symptoms on return to the ship at a port of call. Would they say the person cannot re embark the ship and their belongings gathered together and sent away with the person/couple, or would they let the person on the ship, but isolate in their cabin or in the new medical centre facilities. No mention at all about that in any documents I have seen, though either option has it's problems. Interesting NCL are offering FCC's if not allowed to embark, but I suspect we would be expected to use insurance if not allowed to return to the ship at a port and insurance policies will not cover that unless the cruise booked prior to the COVID problem arising. As stated here and also elsewhere, there will need to be port changes, which in our minds could be more of a problem than anything else as we choose cruises for itineraries. We also expect considerable restrictions on where we can go when ashore, which again is not our style as the main tourist venues are rarely where we head off to. In fact as the EU document refers to keeping passengers in cohorts when ashore, it is difficult to see how that can be done unless confining passengers to organised trips. With port changes and shorter cruises, I cannot see many of the originally planned cruises going ahead whilst the virus is still a problem.
  14. It would also depend on what the cruise ports allow the passengers to do or where they are allowed to go. We were on a non infected ship in Feb and ports were not acting as they usually do. I will not go into the full story, but we have all heard various stories.
  15. Ahhhh so it is all because of the amount of testing being done. Think I heard that from the US earlier this week.......
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