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  1. I have had a bit of a sniffle and have sneezed occasionally over the last few days. We fill in the symptom checker app and I was asked to get a covid test, which they do for research purposes even if you do not have the classic symptoms, though you do not have to do so. I went for one though as did DH (they also say household members can be tested as well - again no compulsion). Mine came back negative and DH had a "could not read results", so has been re tested today. He is highly unlikely to be positive though as no symptoms of anything. I would not really call it a cold as
  2. I have previously mentioned the COVID situation in Canada, which I am well aware of through relatives. As I said the East coast provinces had extremely low numbers due to strict quarantine during the pandemic for all entrants, including from other Canadian provinces. Newfoundland have now got some community transmission over the last 2-3 weeks I think, whilst previously all cases were traceable to a known orgin. Although numbers are still very low compared to us, the community transmission could obviously become a big problem, particularly as they now have the Kent Variant (which seems to h
  3. We are with you on both counts. Must admit though, in some ways I am less bothered now it seems clear about which cruises are likely to be counted. Does not help clarify our cruise booking of course, but I am no longer constantly looking to see if it is still there. Our agent sent a balance reminder to pay in March, so rang to tell them P&O have changed the goal posts re that, and been given new balance pay date of 13th May, so hopefully all will be clearer by then. Strange how agents have not got that news yet - the claim was the reminder was automated - does depend a tad on what they
  4. tring


    Bah. We are booked for 26th June, yet unlikely to happen (at least as advertised) so we would have preferred it was cancelled with others in the next tranche. So that would cancel all her cruises before 21st June, which if I remember correctly is Boris's final date in the road map.
  5. That sounds great, Shimla does appeal. We did feel "adventurous", but Kochi is basically a city/tourist area and the locals were generally well presented and quite clean, as was the surroundings and the ferries - we just did not go in a group. The restaurant we went to was a tourist one. I also have trouble with spicy food, but find it easy to ask for food to be made with a very light spice in tourist restaurants and I never eat any sort of spice in the evenings as I would not be able to lie down to sleep. We went off to the Taj Hotel in Mumbai for a light bar lunch of hot food, which was
  6. As an addition to my previous post this is where we got tickets for the Kathakali:- https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/AttractionProductReview-g297633-d19098698-Skip_the_Line_Experience_Kathakali_in_Kochi_Ticket-Kochi_Cochin_Ernakulam_District.html It is from Trip advisor, (which I know is a sister site of CC), but have posted this on a different post, just in case of any problem. If you go to Kerala at any stage you must see this if you can and the tickets were so cheap done independently, though a few tour groups turned up.
  7. Was going to say see you there, but highly unlikely of course. A few years back we were talking to someone on the Indian Tourist Board stand at the big travel show that is held in Manchester early January (they do one on London as well) and picked up various leaflets/brochures for a couple of the luxury trains. Sounded good at first, then I was not so sure but cannot remember why. Possibly they travel overnight, in which case I would have decided I would be unlikely to sleep as I am easily disturbed. I have heard that the road journeys are long and the roads not good either - one agent tol
  8. People who did the Taj Mahal trip also missed some good time in the Indian ports last year in our opinion as well. We had great fun going off on our own in all the Indian Ports. Quite true about booking now, we would not consider anything that was not a package, though we have come across people on Fred's fly cruises who had booked the cruise with an agent who had also arranged the flights and an overnight hotel and sold them on as a package, so the package protections were still there and I think it gave them the hotel night post cruise, a better flight and it was still cheaper than Fred.
  9. Not so sure if you have done a fly cruise with Fred, but he does not include flights, unless you go for the flight included prices, which have been considerably more expensive than the cruise only prices in our experience and way over the normal flight/transfer prices. We have booked our own flights with Emirates or Etihad for Fred fly cruises we have done, though we did extended holiday stays anyway so his flights would not have worked. We went for his included flight price for a Tenerife fly cruise a few years ago, though were extremely unhappy with the flight as well as being
  10. Or booking a package as companies I have seen say they will cancel if need to quarantine and other protections regards getting home etc.
  11. Yes thanks, I did realise that was probably the case, but not so bothered to side step to it at present as heading off soon. I see it is still £150 for UK brands and Princess is mentioned as both a UK and US brand, but someone on the roll call for the Oct cruise said it was a $ on board spend, so will we get the $ amount, or will they use whatever exchange fee they fancy to the £150? Also can we use it for excursions once we are on board, like with P&O as we have booked the drinks package? I know we could not pre-book excursions and pay with OBS for a P&O cruise.
  12. I think it will depend a lot on what countries visited want. Although Boris was saying in a clip on 24 hours news this morning that he was optimistic with the June date for holidays, it does not from what I understand mean there will not be criteria to comply with, like testing, "vaccine passports" etc., and cruising is very different again to fly holidays which have operated quite a bit in the pandemic. Sad though.
  13. I have not seen the new announcement and the amounts given, but if I am correct we have had the same, (or much the same), amount for the same length of cruise over the years. If my memory is correct then it is slowly being reduced c.f. inflation and more to the point on board prices. I could be wrong in that, but if so I am sure someone will correct me 🙂 For our cruises the application for the share benefit had to be after a certain date, but before another one (which was a bit before the saliing date). From memory, final balance payment likely was payable just befor
  14. Tui has apparently said that bookings were up 500% overnight and that there are a lot of bookings for July. Sensible to book for then if you need to as prices will rise and availability will likely be limited this year, even if allowed, since not all flights will be possible IMO. No risk with a package purchase, but I would not be booking separate flights/hotel this year. Once our Tui holiday was cancelled a week or so ago, the vast amount of the refund was made whilst still on the phone and an odd £30 was showing as pending and was processed within a couple of days (Must have be
  15. I have just come to this site and assume there was no P&O announcement this morning, unless I have missed something on another thread. Oh well another week then I assume from past performance. It would help if they would only give an indication of when they will speak.
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