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  1. We are not on board, but the normal has always been an extra -5% along with your normal discounts for loyalty and any other offers on at the time (which you will find on Fred's website). We have always been able to combine the on board discount with any other deals that are going at the time, but of course they are applied sequentially with the subsequent discounts being off the remaining balance and not the full price. I think (but may be wrong) that the summer 2021 cruises are due to be released in the early autumn and worthwhile offers often seem to come on at that time (e.g. 3 for 2), so depends when you are sailing and what may, or may not be offered. There is always some offer or other going, but I do wish Fred would just price reasonably to begin with.
  2. Good to hear all turned out well in the end. We have just returned from a Baltic cruise on another cruise line. We were aware that the UK consulate was closed after the tit for tat diplomatic events which followed the Salisbury poisonings last year, hence removing the possibility of getting a replacement passport in SPB. So we bought a couple of money belts which were big enough to hold our passports, a spare credit card and some extra cash for emergencies. We wore the belts under our trousers, just below our waists with the intention of only going into them in a toilet cubicle if any of the contents were needed. The money/payment card we were likely to need was more easy to access (though pretty secure), so we did not need to show anyone our secret hiding place. I thought that is something worth sharing as it may be of interest to others as an idea to secure your passports/most of your money in risky places. We knew it would be necessary to go to Moscow if we lost our passports, but did not realise that travel would have to be by taxi and the amount of time needed in Moscow.
  3. We would also be interested in cruises with good lecturers on board, preferably related to the ports/area of the world visited. We loved the Swan Hellenic brand and have felt somewhat homeless since it's demise. We are yet to take our first Azamara cruise, but feel, given your good ports of call and small ships, Azamara could well be of great interest to us in the future. Our first cruise was on Pursuit (then sailing as Minerva II) and we are very much looking forward to our return to the ship in October.
  4. Thanks for the reply and glad you got a good deal. I still cannot find the published details of the cruises though and searched the P&O site less than an hour ago and nothing came up for Oceana this winter.
  5. Were did you get details of the new cruises on Oceana this winter. I have tried searching the P&O website and nothing comes up at all. We came off Arcadia yesterday as well and no attempt to sell the new cruises. Regards weather in the Atlantic, yes it can vary, so always a bit hit and miss, but usually more stormy in the autumn because of tail ends of hurricanes from the Carribean in the late summer/autumn hurricane season. We would be more keen to do a TA after Christmas.
  6. We came off P&O 's Arcadia this morning and we had spoken to the future cruise sales rep about the Dubai cruises. She said they have cancelled the whole season for Oceana sailing out of Dubai as it made more sense to do so, but no changes to the Arcadia World cruise as things may have settled by then, so no need for change at the present time. She also said the other Carnival lines (e.g. Aida and the US based lines) have not been cancelled but P&O is considered at risk because of the union flag on the bow and the fact that they fly the red ensign.
  7. Thank you very much for that detailed reply. I will look into it further, driving no longer sounds that interesting considering the distance, but may still be able to partake given your suggested options.
  8. Just thinking about our disembarkation from Arcadia after our cruise which is soon to start. A late departure will suit us best as we have a long drive ahead so good to start the day more relaxed. One thing that we have found a nuisance in the past when leaving cruise ships though is that they tend to close various toilets as the number of people on the ship diminish. Can I ask if P&O normally do that now? Also, if they do can anyone suggest where we are most likely to find toilets that are still open on Arcadia if we leave the ship later?
  9. I would go for June, a bit of snow on the mountain tops make them more picturesque and can be good clear days - though I am not a local, so defer to the previous poster for more details. Seas can start to get rougher coming into September as well and the long hours of daylight are great as you can sit in an observation lounge at night looking out. June is also a good time to visit other parts of Europe if you are making a combined trip. Lots of tourists and higher prices in August, as well as more children as the European school hols tend to be late July/August and can start to get rainy later in the summer in the northern UK for example. Depends were your cruise starts from as well.
  10. Do not forget the umbrella, which is a must have in this region, but hopefully you will not need it much - perhaps not at all.
  11. I was looking at these cruises in a brochure - lots of unusual ports so very much our sort of thing. I was very disappointed though read that what CMV says are the two nearest airports are a very lengthy coach journey away from the port, so not something we would normally be interested in doing. Can those of you who know the departure port give an alternative (can we fly to a local airport near the cruise port from the US ones suggested for instance)? CMV do mention the possibility of driving but for that we would need to hire a car in the US and then park up for 11 nights in Mexico whilst paying for car hire and I do not know if we could take a US hire car into Mexico and more to the point, back again. We are thinking we may have a fly/drive holiday in that part of the US sometime as we have relatives in Utah and would love to see the Grand Canyon, but practically, coupling with this cruise sounds quite iffy, especially given the bad reputation Mexico seems to have regards safety. Also will the ports visited by this cruise be safe to walk around independently? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  12. Thank you for the reply. Have emailed them about it. Sounds strange needing to have something stamped on board, I assume that means we will not get the credits for our past cruises. Other cruise companies seem to have loyalty membership accounting done automatically and upped after each cruise. After our next cruise we will have had 20 or 21 nights on board, so not sure where we will be if they do let us have the points from our previous cruises. Adds up in the end though, if we go with them again, so worth claiming if that is what we need to do.
  13. I have just read about the Columbus club. We first sailed with them in 2013 and susequently had a 3 or 4 night mini cruise, about two or three years later. We also have an 11 night cruise booked for next summer. We do not have any details of the Colombus Club or membership cards. Should we have had them, or have they only been given out for people who have sailed more recently, even though they include points for earlier cruises?
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