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  1. tring

    Glass House and Carmen's on Aurora

    Thanks for the reply dai
  2. tring

    Drinks Package

    Another point is that the bars are quite happy to give you glasses of water - we often take a pint glass each back to the cabin at night, so find our bottled water is not used much.
  3. I have also found that a good way to get info. from shore tours. After all, if you are thinking of booking one of their tours, then you may well want to know just when the ship is in port, so you would know if you would have time to go ashore independently as well as doing the tour 🙂
  4. tring

    Glass House and Carmen's on Aurora

    Thanks for the reply Brayman. We quite like the quieter bar/food venues, but also will be in the disco when the mood takes us 🙂 I have just searched the P&O site to see when teenagers are considered to be adults and therefore welcome on the child free ships, but cannot find anything. Many holiday companies consider 16 to be adult, which would mean virtually all GCE or A level finishers would still be able to be taken on the ship, although no teen facilities for the under 18's as now. As per your experience I would not expect that to be a problem though.
  5. tring

    Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen at Christmas

    We were there a few years ago, do not remember a chocolate factory then, but we did buy a hot chocolate from a stall. There were some impressive ice sculptures, nicely lit with coloured lights, so I assume it is always pretty cold there at that time of year. It was not as big as we expected and is basically a theme park, with some rides and shopping stalls etc like you get in our city centre Christmas markets now. Would be a good place for children, or the young at heart.
  6. tring

    weather in march

    We have done a couple of returns at that time of year and weather very pleasant, though not for sitting out on deck for the last couple of days, obviously. Thing with coming that direction is that our weather systems tend to come from that direction, so one can follow you across. We had a very unusual, sunny, flat seas crossing for one of our journies but I know someone who had bad seas throughout. Apparently the captain did not use the stabilisers for the first day or so as he hoped to outrun the weather system, but realised he was not going to and slowed down (hence could use the stabilisers). It seems the whole crossing was "shower at your own risk" sort of weather. I would still much prefer to do the journey back at that time of year, rather than travel across in hurricane season (the autumn) and you also miss an overnight flight. We would happily do it again, but maybe quite picky about which cabin location we choose and be well stocked with tablets, just in case.
  7. We are looking at cabins for Aurora which are to be installed in the area now used for the children's facilities. I realise that most of those cabins are over Carmen's, is it the late night disco venue, and if so, how late? Otherwise what time does entertainment in Carmen's generally finish? A few of those cabins are a bit further forward, near the Glass House, which appears to be a food/bar area. What time does that restaurant/bar close and is music played there, or is it a quiet venue (It looks like there is a central staircase down to the casino, so a bit concerned it could be a late night bar)? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. tring

    What to do in Penang and Kota Kinabalu

    We stopped at Kota Kinabalu about 8-10 years ago. We went on a ship's trip to the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, which was very good indeed. It was a full day with a lovely lunch in what I think was the National Park as well as a walk which was not strenuous. The journey there/back was about two hours, but it was really good scenery all the way with a stop en route. People who just stayed in the town were not too impressed, but our tour was one of the the best days on that cruise for us. With the long journey and remoteness of the area, I would think the ship's tour would be the way to go if you did decide to do that. It has become a more commonly visited port since we went there so the other options, as mentioned previously, may well be worthwhile - I suggest you look at reviews of all possibilities to check that though.
  9. tring

    Cruise port in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The National Gem Board appear to do valuations and is advise if thinking of buying any jewelry in Sri Lanka. That advice is often quoted in the Sri Lankan boards of CC's sister site trip advisor. This is a thread regards Rubies, but advice always the same and Erikandsandaya are regular posters and destination experts for Sri Lanka and have given us good advice many times regards a previous holiday we had there as well as our more recent enquiries.:_ https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293961-i8983-k10856279-Cotton_Shirt_shopping_Ruby_jeweller_stores-Sri_Lanka.html Doubt it is any different in any other country, unless you have searched out a well reputed outlet. I have bought some lower priced jewelry abroad, but would not be likely to buy anything of that price range, without being very careful regards and outlet. Forum posters are often connected to various sales outlets, taxi drivers etc., so I would probably look a bit further than a forum for advice, though as I said I am pretty sure Erik is a reliable source of information. Maybe a good idea to have your jewelry checked by a local expert to make sure the other stones are firmly in place.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I thought I saw reference to a tiered offer according to the length of cruise booked, but I may be wrong.
  11. We will be on Aurora for a ship visit later this month. I have seen posts in the past referring to offers made if you book a cruise after the visit. Can anyone tell me what offer has been made recently and if it is only if you sail on the ship visited? I think the previous offer was for OBC and was higher if you book the day of the visit, so we would like to have an idea of what we may wish to book before the visit, so we can book the same day, if that is the case.
  12. Thanks for the reply flossie. We have Carnival shares, so appreciate your point there. Also I suspect there would be little need for on board spend with Regent, but we may look into it.
  13. Are those shares available on the UK markets, or are they just on the North American markets?
  14. tring

    Drinks Package

    As Coravel says - no prob bring water or soft drinks on board. We find that useful if in a location where water and soft drinks are cheap, though not so useful in Scandinavia given their prices. We always take some om embarkation if sailing from the UK and find the bar staff are happy to provide glasses of ice for our diet cola, or you can ask for ice on room service..
  15. tring


    The shower caps are the very thin concertina type, so not really made to last. As said by Li shan, the soap comes in very small bars - think the tiniest you would get in a Travelodge or similar. I have had a cabin stewardess prepared to keep supplying them, but maybe not ideal if on a 2 week holiday. I do not use the big dispensers, but my husband does. On fly holidays we have bought toiletries in Boots in the airport (you can pre order on the net and pick up airside which we find useful). Not sure if a heavy load there that will cause problems boarding as I have seen reports of hand luggage being weighed as you board the plane in recent years, though that has not happened to us often. You will likely have coats with pockets though We find pre ordering insect repellent particularly useful as you can then take in hand luggage. If it is liquid I do not like taking the risk of it leaking in the suitcases. Enjoy your holiday.