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  1. Spoke to my TA on the same subject and they said it will probably be quite a while until they will allow guests to do their own thing on the UK seacations , maybe September or October but things change on a daily basis . The last thing they want is cases being brought on the ship. As for Europe the TA thought probably next year at the earlyest ☹️
  2. Did you notice all the mozzies in the corner of that seating area? I too notice the odd charges on the bar bill but as you say the total was zero. A coffee in the buffet this morning was £8.40.
  3. Please can you post a photo of the list of what is on during the day thanks
  4. We were on Costa Classica about 10 years ago the week after it crashed into a freighter in Shanghai. we were delayed by 3 days while they welded a plate across the 12 cabins on deck 5 which were destroyed in the crash. The weather was not good , lots of rain and eventually a force 8 for 4 days and 3 nights. The repair was not good and water was pouring in and down deck 5 and also through the ceilings of the upper decks . Lots of buckets everywhere catching the drips. Ship was pitching and rolling and it was impossible to sleep without holding on. Crew were nowhere to be seen probably as ill as the rest of the guests . When we docked in Vietnam they crashed into the pier and there was another large dent in the side of the ship We really thought we were not going to get off the ship alive we did get a refund for the 3 missed days A number of other reasons , smoking inside , buffet closed after 3 pm , people fainting at the muster drill which was inside all stood up wearing life jackets for 45 minutes , all announcements in 5 languages . Guess we just had a bad experience but having been on many other lines we are not prepared to try them again
  5. Totally agree we have done 31 cruises with various lines and just 1 with Costa. It was the most frightening experience of my life and we nearly died .😡 wouldn't go with Costa if they paid me . going on MSC this week 8 June should be interesting 😊
  6. it is also my first MSC done lots of other lines . Hope it is OK as have heard various reports about MSC some good some bad . going with an open mind there is another thread for the 8 june from Liverpool, hope to meet some folks about 5 pm in the bar next to the main pool if you are interested.
  7. Yum yum i will be joining you in Liverpool on tuesday travelling solo. Very excited looking forward to hearing how things are going in the next couple of days. have arranged to meet up with others on tuesday at 5 pm at the main pool bar if you can make 😊 Linda
  8. A question for anyone who has done a seacation. I have booked June 8th for 7 nights do you get a mobile phone signal when in port ? I dont intend getting off the ship and want to call home occasionally Thanks
  9. I booked June 8 th 7 nights out of Liverpool yesterday wednesday with an agent and got all my documents this morning , thursday. Interesting to see if I get more tomorrow. does anyone know if they do anything aimed at solo travellers ?
  10. What about outside? at the outside bars , walking track , round the pool etc
  11. Sorry if this has been asked already , i have read the thread and couldnt find it what are the rules on mask wearing and are they enforced? thanks
  12. NCL are saying ships excursions only for July and August , they will review it in August . guess the rest will do the same
  13. Think it is too early to say if it will ‘go’ for you . UntilBoris announces which countries are green ,amber or red and what conditions are attached no-one can say . even green countries look like having to have negative tests within 72 hours of arriving in the UK. i had a friend last year who got a test exactly 72 hours before she wanted to fly last year and she got the results 4 hours before she flew.
  14. We had a similar experience on a costa cruise , we were put on a table for 8 with a group of 6 friends who got up between every course and went outside for a smoke .When they came back the stunk of smoke so we asked to be moved . We got a table with a couple who had had a major row and were not speaking to each other. They refused to move us again . The buffet was closed in the evenings so there was no where else to get food. 😨
  15. Have heard the only way to go with MSC is to go Yacht club.
  16. We have done over 30 cruises and Have had a bad experience with MSC and Costa would not go with either of them again.
  17. Looking at all these ships doing seacations makes me wonder how they are going to fill them all. my partner has decided he does not want to risk going on a ship , yet he is prepared to go on a golf trip in July with 3 other men staying in a caravan, sharing a kitchen , toilet and shower 😡 so I looked at the single rates they are all 200%. Maybe the rates will reduce as time goes on?
  18. Prices are on the eskimo house 😊 think they must include drinks wifi and grats as Celebrity is about the same price and they include them. All will be revealed tomorrow 🤞🤞
  19. Anthem of the Seas June 4 to August 29, 2021: Instead of offering European sailings, Anthem of the Seas will now offer Ocean Getaways and British Isles itineraries from Southampton exclusively for UK residents. our TA got it wrong 😨
  20. guess you would need to confirm that with the travel agent when you try to book i wonder if it also means you cant go if you dont have a passport?
  21. Yes just spoke to my travel agent and it means 2 jabs the last one being at least 7 days prior to sailing . also you must have a UK passport. cant wait to book 😊
  22. where did you see the coffee morning details?
  23. In reply to the OP, my issue booking a cruise starting in Italy is the need to fly there, not sure that flying this year is a good idea. Also in response to the post saying there will be no cruises at all this year because there will be no Americans , I totally disagree . Ships will be sailing with reduced capacity which will be made up of European guests. Costa MSC and TUI are all planning to startup in August , time will tell. We are booked on Anthem out of Southampton on October 4th and I have got my fingers and toes crossed that it goes.
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