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  1. This is interesting as I have just spoken to someone at P&O because my FCC is still not showing on my account and I was looking at booking a August 2022 cruise. The lady I spoke to said I can't book online but I can book over the phone and use my FCC as a deposit to the new cruise. The only issue would be if it wouldn't cover the deposit (it will). She put a note on my account so I can ring back once I have made the final decision so it will be interesting to see if this is not the case. Also, I was very impressed with how quickly I got through on the phone.
  2. See these are the things that make me think I need to just give in and ring them as the cruise I am waiting on FCC for is from April and was one of the first ones cancelled. I've had my cash refunds for the other two later cruises I have had cancelled but no sign of this FCC.
  3. Thanks for the information, I will keep an eye on it this week and then ring towards the end of this week if it is still not there as obviously want to use it against a cruise when the new brochure launches, as I'm sure most people will.
  4. It still says 'coming in the next few weeks', which it has said for months now. And again, like we refunds, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the order they are doing them in. My April cruise was one of the first where people were given the option to receive FCC if they didn't want to travel even before the official shutdown happened and yet cruises in June have had FCC credited!
  5. It's ridiculous really isn't it. Surely, it must be easier to credit FCC to accounts than to organise refunds and they seem to have those sorted now.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion I've tried this both with cruises cheaper and more expensive than the FCC I should have been receiving previously and again just now and it still isn't showing and is showing the full price. Looks like a phone call is going to be the only option.
  7. Just wondering if anyone can see the FCC when logged in with new cruises going on sale in the next couple of weeks? I am still waiting for mine to appear from my April canaries cruise? I cancelled the cruise before P&O did and got 25% back in cash (which I have received) and the remainder should have been received in FCC. I know I will probably need to contact P&O but can't really face waiting on the phones for goodness knows how long. Thank you
  8. Well it seems I have a resolution must quicker than I was expecting. In one way I am glad to have not lost my deposit but it does worry me how P&O and others are going to weather this storm with nearly a year (and that is at the moment) of no cruising. Incredibly, share prices don't seem to have been as affected as I would expect today but I suppose there is still time. But most important a sad and worrying time for all the staff affected further by these cancellations.
  9. An interesting possibility but we are only talking about £57 so probably not going to have much of an impact on a cabin upgrade for me but thank you for the suggestion.
  10. I'm booked on G104 but did only book at the beginning of this year so could have paid an increased price anyway. Still my opportunity to try Iona may have to wait a little longer.
  11. No I'm not sure they will either. However, I think the longer this goes on the more difficult it is going to be to say no if they want people to keep taking FCC. I've had 3 cruises cancelled so far (2 with P&O and 1 with Royal Caribbean). I only took FCC for the first P&O cruise in April because I have 3 cruises already booked for 2021 and have no idea what the 2022/23 season will look like. Interestingly, the February 2021 cruise on Iona is still the same price I paid, which must be one of the only cruises that hasn't been hit by a huge price rise. I suppose
  12. Interesting thank you and will certainly keep in mind as I have a few cruises booked for next year which I am not sure I will be taking. Although they are only small deposits, as booked on release, it saves throwing the money away, Now the next question is can you combine these moved deposits with FCC? Thanks again wowzz
  13. I don't believe this is possible for a cruise booked next year but thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Thank you both for your advice. I guess waiting a little longer is sensible: although based on previous cancellation lengths, I suspect they won't cancel all the way to February with the next announcement. But I will certainly cancel before the final payment date.
  15. Hi everyone, hoping someone can help. I, like I'm sure many people, have a cruise booked on Iona in February. As I have only paid the deposit, the remainder of the payment is due on the 18th November because this is so soon after the restart (not that I think they will restart then) I have decided not to go. Do I need to contact P&O, which is almost impossible, or just not pay the final balance? Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks
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