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  1. Uh-huh... I guess there are some kids with terrible manners, but that is a reflection of parenting and I'm sure they also contribute to the extra work staff have to do. I lost count how many times I've seen adults throw up on ships. Many in the buffet lounge..... They just walk away. Never seen a kid throw up. Lack of onboard spending: my wallet begs to differ. They don't gamble, so I guess that is the only difference. Entertainment: there is lots of entertaining for everyone, kids don't add much. I know I have it easy, my kids are well beha
  2. I like how guests 1&2 are priced ridiculously high to make the KSF option close to moot. Especially when you see the price for kids and adults is the same for guests 3 and 4. Should just be an adult price and a kids price since they will vastly be different in how much food they eat, activities they can do...
  3. 1. Did this cruise in 2013. Was fun, nice ship, Aruba and Curacao were very nice! 2. I wouldn't count on it. The Port Canaveral chairman stated no passenger cruises out of there until at least Jan 2021.
  4. Our first two cruises we were young and liked knowing a cruise ex booking would not leave us stranded. So like other, learned later on how inlated prices were. What made this apparent was the advancement of interest and accessibility. So now we book ourselves and arrange for transport and keep track of time: I always take my way to the ship 2 hours before departure because you never know. Seen far too many fools running and some left behind. Rip off might be overpriced merch but the kids wanted momentoes, so whatever! I save a lot on booze to bring back to Canada (duty fre
  5. The article is light on details. Reporter should have found out if they have dual citizenship, that's the only way they should be able to cross to their cottage (or so we're told for border crossing for non-essential reasons). Rules are clear and easy: isolate for 2 weeks so you don't unknowingly spread the virus. It doesn't mean stop to get food, haircut, check out the tourist trap. Get a neighbor to buy food and stay put. Don't do it, risk an outbreak and fines.
  6. I feel confident they should be sailing Oct 2021, very confident for 2022. Oct 2020: not a chance for US departures.
  7. You can't guarantee you can screen someone out before they get on and I'm sure there will be waivers in the set sail pass saying the line is not responsible if you get the virus. Also with short cruises and the incubation period, who's to say they did not get it the day before cruising somewhere? One could easily get on then, and spread the virus unknowingly, and debark without any symptoms. Unless there is an outbreak on board forcing the ship to stay at sea, not their problem.
  8. I think this is by design for now, until the virus cases teeter off or a vaccine is found. Why?: Chances are much higher in a long cruise for the ship to turn into a giant Petrie dish quarantined offshore. With short cruises, there should be no trouble leaving and getting back to port before someone exhibits symptoms (they are still contagious but with no symptoms they are not the cruise lines problem ). This is how I would do it. Cruises would still fill up because people are itching to get back out.
  9. @Organized Chaos. I didn't know cruise lines opened their books to the web detailing everything. I'll look around later. Fact of the matter still is ships will likely not sail full and so far 1\2 year of bookings (don't know the proportion of FCCs to refunds) that need to rebook in the next year and a half to 2 years and still no idea when things may start up. Maybe there is a surge of cash paying people. I know I am not going to book even though I love the vacation. Way too much uncertaintyn in when sailing will happen (keeps getting pushed), which ports may open (same, pushed)
  10. Tips: sure. Makes sense, everyone has their ways. This part is smoke and mirrors. Yes, demand is up. But this is likely from all the people who have FCCs and need to use them. Cruise companies are not seeing any money from these folks, the ones who are stuck with higher fares are the new bookings. Combine these folks rebooking and less than full ships, it is going to be a tough year financially for all of them. It will be interesting to see what the balance point is for folks booking without FCC.
  11. Same for us. I was thinking earlier if my dentist is charging 15 for "covid" (I won't get into the fact the government is providing PPE to them for free..... ), how much of a surcharge are ships going to have if they are sailing 1\2 full and you're there for many days?
  12. @Honolulu Blue. Maybe it is ship specific. This daily charge was on the Sunshine. I don't recall the Breeze or have records from my cruise then. It really doesn't matter how it is done, it's the same either way! It is interesting though
  13. It was this way last year for us, daily gratuities for each person in the cabin went on my account.
  14. Well, this seems like a bright idea: going to Disney before cruising. If someone happens to pick up the virus there and will surely boards a ship as the virus has an incubation period. Problem is there is enough time for someone to become contagious (,with or without symptoms) and this is how a ship becomes a floating incubator, everyone quarantined in their rooms, many more days than planned....
  15. Well, just like any other place in the world, the virus does not discriminate against, it spreads very efficiently, and spreads in populated centers with, well, ignorant people. Most deaths are from older population, the old folks homes did a spectacularly crappy job of caring. Once the virus came in (either visitor or worker), it spread fast and hit hard. Percentage of deaths to confirmed cases: 4300/50000 = 8.6% NY 29400/364000 =8.1% That stat isn't all that different. And before anyone gets annoyed with my "ignorant" comment:. In New Brunswi
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