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  1. I get people are upset and all ASSUME that NCL will raise rates, but, wouldn't it be smart for them, especially when they resume operations, (and I know some think they never will) to run specials to entice people to sail with them again? Right now, the cruising industry has a huge black eye. There will be people who will look at cruises as incubators for disease. So why not do something to get people to cruise again? Now, I can see a cruise line seeing that they have a cruiser with FCC and jacking up the price (sort of how cable customers NEVER give deals to existing customers), but I'm hopeful they will do the right thing by their frequent cruisers or they might lose them forever.
  2. Was reading in another thread that NCL doesn't give you a cup when you have a drink package? Is this new? I swear we had a drink package on our last NCL cruise a few years ago. What do you all bring to drink your soda in? FWIW, was on RCCL for our last cruise and got a cup. They also have those drink machines to fill up with your cup.
  3. It might be a factor, and if there are two ships that go to the same place, it could factor into the decision.
  4. But with that, I don't understand why someone would pay extra to eat at a restaurant on board that you can eat at on land (well unless there isn't one where you live). Both ideas are foreign to me. When I go on a cruise, I want to do things I don't do on land. But I guess to each their own. I will say, having gone on a Carnival Cruise with a Guy's, those burgers ARE really good. But, they are included in the price of the cruise. This is all extra fee that I'm not paying extra for, be it the Diner or Buttet's place.
  5. Well quite often they are somewhat different, depending on itinerary, cruise director, ship, time of year etc. Sure, they all have their share of bingo, trivia, music events, art auctions and the like, but every ship is different, there are things you can't do in a cruise out of NY in the winter that you can do on a similar cruise out of Miami. So saying they are all essentially the same is not true. Hence, why the OP is asking.
  6. Thanks for the "reviews". I have no idea this was about Henry the VIII. I remember the stories about this topic from years ago, so I will probably do a bit of research on it over the couple of months before my cruise just to have some familiarity of it. We always see the shows no matter what cruise ship were are on or whatever cruise line we are taking. Mostly we enjoy them.
  7. We tend to stay with larger ships, but for me I'm attracted more to shiny and new than size. For NCL We sailed on the Peal when it was new and the Gem when it was fairly new and loved both (I remember when bowling onboard was a big perk). Sailed the Dawn after a refurb and it was nice. We are doing the Bliss in March and this will be our first time on one of the NCL Megaships. I like that there is such a variety of things go to. To me cruising is about the destination but also about the ship (which you will much more time on than your destination) If it's just about the destination why not just fly there and spend more time there? I've done the Carnival Horizon when it was new and there was a lot to do, and also the Anthem which is one class down from their largest ships but still pretty large. I won't do the ancient tugboats like what's in Baltimore. The one exception would be the Spirit of American in Hawaii, which IS really about the destination first (but still a cruise). That's on my to do list.
  8. We are cruising on the Bliss in March and for the first time, we've been given all the free perks (Beverages / Specialty Dining / Internet etc.) We've done the Beverage package on a past cruise, but how do the others work? I think the excursions are $50 off, but not sure how the dining or internet works. I'm assuming the internet just "happens", i.e. it will be availble when we try and use it on the cruise, but what do we do when we book dining? If we make reservations using the app will we get charged and then reimbursed? What else do I need to know about these perks?
  9. Thanks for this. I'll look into the soda package for her then.
  10. On this topic. We are bringing my 20 year old daughter with us on an upcoming cruise and one of our perks is the "free" drink package. it's my understanding that everyone in the cabin gets this, but my daughter is underage. Does she get some sort of modified package instead where she'll get soda and bottled water only? Or is she just ineligible? I want to know if I would then need to purchase a soda package for her
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