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  1. More accurately is, the rules change as we know more. The problem is, we are still learning. That's what happens with science. I do think some of the CDC rules are overly restrictive, but I do think they are trying to be overly cautious. Personally, as of today, with less than half the people in most states (and especially in the cruise centers of places like Florida and Texas), I'm not touching any cruise where the crew and passengers aren't vaccinated. I read a story about the polio vaccine the other day. The same fears that people have now about that vaccine are
  2. I'll be honest, I haven't read this whole thread, so if this point has been made, I apologize. You have to look at things from NCL's viewpoint. This is as much a business decision as anything. Imagine if NCL loosens it's restrictions. No masks, unvaccinated people on board, etc. Imagine if, with that, there's an outbreak on board. That essentially kills cruising for another year at least (and may be the fatal blow to the industry). Remember everyone's reaction at the beginning of the pandemic to the Princess cruise that had hundreds of cases on board. Does anyone here want to even g
  3. Thanks everyone for the good info as we were curious how this works. We are cruising out of NOLA in January and I can anticipate issues getting there due to weather and such. We also would like to spend a day in NOLA as my son has never been there, so we were wondering if we could take a flight a day earlier and how we would go about working with NCL to do this. Would this be a phone call with them to have it changed? I normally hate flying in the same day as the cruise because you just never know with air travel. Anyone who's done this scenario, how did you work it out with NCL?
  4. Because those who don't want to get vaccinated feel the need to come on here and make it a point that they won't EVER cruise NCL again. If you don't want to cruise NCL because you don't want to get vaccinated, that's entirely up to you. Do you have to come here and announce it proudly? No. So, this is why they get blow back like this. I don't forsake them, though I'm a little disappointed that the pandemic will last longer because of them (as the quicker we make it harder for the virus to find "homes" the quicker it will die off). Personally I have already had my shots, my wife will get
  5. To be fair, Canada is about 10% of the US population but those rates are much worse than 10%. So I would have to agree that Canada, for some reason is lagging behind. With that said, want to get things opened up? Encourage your friends and neighbors, as soon as they are eligible and the supply is there, to get vaccinated. I see too many people whining about these restrictions, yet have stated they will refuse to get vaccinated. Can't have it both ways. Not unless you want to spike Covid cases again. Of course if you are the type that don't believe this is even happening, I
  6. I'll feel much better about things when they start opening vaccines to the general public. Right now, here in NJ, it's only opened to 65+, essential workers and those with medical conditions that warrant priority. And it's been like this for more than a month. Once it's opened up and vaccines are readily available, I think in a month or two after that, things can open up quite a bit. Was talking to my dad who also cruises and he says he's booked on a cruise for later this year, but if he has to wear a mask on the cruise, he's not going. Since my booked cruise is not until l
  7. I've never sailed Celebrity but it's reputation is more upscale. I've sailed NCL, Carnival and RCCL and I like things and dislike things about each. I find NCL to be kind of in between those three. Carnival is more of a party and RCCL is more laid back and appeals to an older crowd, NCL is kind of in between. So I like it. To me a cruise is what you make of it, and at least in my experience, there's no such thing as a bad cruise.
  8. There's always someone who's annoyed by multiple threads on similar topics, well unless it's the one they post themselves, then it's OK. There a literally hundreds of threads in the last month. I don't frequent this forum daily when I don't have a cruise booked, so now that I'm booked, I'm back 🙂 And those odds do change daily with what's going on 🙂
  9. We just booked (well rebooked using our money from the last cruise that got cancelled which was a rebook of a cruise from last March) to Canada for end of August 2022 on the Breakaway. What does everyone think the odds are that this cruise finally sails. And if it sails, what precautions will be needed for passengers (masks, vaccinations, etc.) To be honest, I booked for late 2022 hoping that by then we could not only TAKE a cruise but that it will be at least kind of close to cruising as before (no masks, etc.) The silver lining is that when cruises finally DO resume, I think the chanc
  10. At least it was when we took her a few years ago on Carnival. I don't know if things changed since. It's also possible that they make a GF version of it (since we ordered for her in advance the day before).
  11. My daughter is Gluten Free and on Carnival this was her favorite dessert. She ate it every night. We did an NCL cruise and they had something similar which we assumed was also GF, but it wasn't, and she got sick. I wish they'd make their version GF!
  12. I just think there's a segment of people on here who are rooting for the cruise lines to fail for some reason. Maybe just to prove a point? I don't know. I don't think any of us know how this is going to turn out. I play to stay optimistic and if it doesn't work out, so be it. If it does, I will be cruising next spring.
  13. While we are not brand specific with cruising NCL is usually my first choice, mostly because I think you get the best bang for the buck and they usually either sail out of our local port in NYC or a drive away in Boston. But a lot of times it comes down to price, destination or a certain ship we want to go on. We had booked the Bliss which both left from NYC and was a ship we wanted to try (but replaced it with the Getaway next March). If NCL doesn't make it, we'll probably see what is available in either Bayonnne (RCI or Celebrity) or in NYC (Carnival). We had a fantastic time on our last
  14. Except Enron cheated, and cooked their books for years. That's not the case here. Completely different situation.
  15. Well, that's true, but do we have ALL the facts? Do we know what maneuvering NCL is doing behind the scenes? Do we know if there's a plan for the Federal government to come to their rescue? We only know what we know. It doesn't look good but a lot of companies emerge from bankruptcy and a lot don't. Again, these are the facts today. Tomorrow there are new facts. The fact was in early March, there are few to no cases of COVID in the states, and the facts today is there is over 1M.
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