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  1. sidari

    Drink Packages from October 7th 2018

    That is because the package quoted on your documents is one that was used on Med cruises.
  2. sidari

    Transatlantic Question

    If you have one booking number for all three cruises it will be classed as one cruise, if you have separate booking numbers for all three then it will be classed as three cruises.
  3. There was a shortage of black tea on our Divina sailing over New year with five days of the cruise left!
  4. Butchers Cut on our two occasions was very good, we were lucky having sailed at Xmas 2017 to have been in Tepanyaki before it was stopped as part of the Black card perks. Reds4life ... I read recently that kids had been allowed in with their parents at a Black card meal but cannot remember which ship.
  5. sidari

    Botanical gardens Deshaies Guadeloupe

    We never had any issues during the day and never felt that we would have any, Jasmine is a German national who is a very good French speaker and speaks fluent English. As far as I recall she currently works for herself and deals with other German nationals who visit the island with Aida and Mein Schiff cruises. On our trip we were joined by two women from the USA who never had any issues during the tour. The town itself does not have much to offer visitors. My suggestion is email Jasmine and put your thoughts to her and make a decision from there.
  6. The Black card meal was excluded from Tepanyaki.
  7. They stopped Tepanyaki on Seaside, have they reintroduced it ?
  8. sidari

    How long will Michael Jackson show be on Divina?

    It was a tribute to Queen but a poor one at that, good job the woman was a decent singer.
  9. sidari

    Premium drinks with Fantastica in the UK?

    No, but have seen posts because people were charged for hot food delivery as per the room service menu.
  10. sidari

    On the Seaside now. Impressions and answers

    We bought some in Miami at Xmas
  11. Musica and Orchestra are the same class of ship, Opera is smaller is size, we have not sailed on Musica so would choose that but would depend on the ports. Opera now has a kids spray water park since it was stretched.
  12. sidari

    Anytime Dining

    Bea ... The only way to know for sure is if we hear from someone who has booked Wellness or if someone who was upgraded to it makes a post. MSC have done guests no favours by saying they get the cabin upgrade but keep their previous experience and then change things!
  13. sidari

    Premium drinks with Fantastica in the UK?

    Always worth having a copy of the packages with you and if they still argue ask for the bar manager. On Divina recently we had no issues with the Deluxe and on the second leg the Classic.
  14. sidari

    Anytime Dining

    Voyagers club status does not get anyone anytime dining, only booking Aurea cabins gets it you. Fantastica gets you a choice of early or late dining
  15. sidari

    Anytime Dining

    who is not having what ?