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  1. What he said ... 😁 Currently they are using Seaside deck plans, when you choose a certain cabin the numbers are either not there or show up as a different cabin category.
  2. They may go into Freeport to re fuel.
  3. 4 weeks to the day when we should have sailed on Preziosa and not a word from Cr 1st ! Beginning to wonder if they are still in business as they are not answering phone lines nor emails.
  4. All Canada ports are closed and will remain that way, our September Alaska cruise out of Vancouver was cancelled about a month ago.
  5. Same on UK site I believe, getting crews back could be an issue.
  6. MSC is just less money, having sailed on both, Oasis wins hands down. We found the Meraviglia design clumsy and much prefer Seaside which we have sailed on twice. Oasis has more space compared to Meraviglia for a similar amount off passengers onboard. Oasis will likely have less passengers from other countries unlike MSC which is multi cultural including food. However there are Meraviglia lovers out there.
  7. Ocean Cay was open in December.
  8. Office based staff could have been used on the refund side but who knows why it is taking so long and not just in the USA
  9. You do know that the US office furloughed 128 staff ? Likely therein lies the cause of refunds taking so long.
  10. This issue is being worked on and hopefully there will be a resolution that All cruise lines will fall in line with so that they are all carrying out the exact same proceedures.
  11. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22956-msc-cruises-usa-furloughs-128-staff.html?fbclid=IwAR2rkZLozRAP4x9zHpJ4b-8v6Kh2uwc0IzWc7f9HrcTOGlCjyGLqaArLxog
  12. There around 100 kids in the UK who have been hospitalised with an illness linked to the virus some in Intensive care, the youngest death was a 3 week old baby and yesterday a 15 year old. These are just a few youngsters who had the virus and had no underlying illness.
  13. The UK has included care home virus deaths and those in individual homes, other Countries have not been doing that.
  14. In the UK once you log in and look at a booking the 5% is automatically deducted from the prices shown. If you search without logging in there is a box where you can add your VC number and date of birth which then takes off the discount when you close the box.
  15. Three US airlines have told their cabin crew not to enforce airline policy of wearing masks once passengers have boarded the aircraft! Why have the policy if you are not going to enforce it.
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