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  1. Increased to include the DSC, effective from June 25th. Those who booked before this date still have the DSC charged daily and can still remove the charges should they feel the need for whatever reason.
  2. Just for those who are not up to date, for UK cruisers making a booking with MSC the daily service charge is included in the cruise fare regardless of where the ship is sailing.
  3. apart from the Bali 4 hands one I recall.
  4. John ... I knew about Shannon but didn't mention it because few if any flights go there from the UK and with Dublin being the main gateway. The Safety drill on our two Seaside sailings was at 4pm.
  5. If you miss the Safety drill you will have to do it the following morning, 5pm may be the all aboard time despite the 7pm sail time. We are headed back out again for another Xmas sailing and as far as I know for UK residents Dublin Ireland is the only place that does pre clearance for the USA, we are flying that way this time around. If you do get off the ship make sure you take your passport as well as cabin card.
  6. sidari


    The UK data commission need to investigate and the people need to complain.
  7. Once again MSC have failed with their Data protection, today there is a post on a UK Facebook page where the O.P has not only been sent their own e ticket but those of another cruiser including thei passport and address details. Knowing that this has been reported previously on CC you now have to wonder if your personal details are safe with MSC!
  8. I would hazard a guess that they could but would depend on stability, the UK CEO said that the ship chosen would be a bigger version of itself! Thoughts were that it could be a Fantasia class ship but most on the UK fb page think it would be a Musica class ship.
  9. If Magnifica is the ship they stretch then they may add YC cabins, sadly Preziosa is not based in Southampton all summer.
  10. Bea ... Missed your post, sorry about that.
  11. Magnifica is supposed to be based in UK 2021 summer season, the head of the UK office said some time ago that one of the Musica class is going to be stretched but not which one.
  12. Hi Brett ... Have just checked the mailshot and my mistake it is 2020, I also saw two days ago that Seaside is heading to the Med which is odd seeing as the ship was supposed to have been made for the USA. My guess is that in 2021 Seashore will head to Miami.
  13. Full price for any drink not included in a drink package.
  14. Borgo Molino Cuvee Dolce sweet is a nice drink.
  15. MSC and those in their useless ideas department who think up the stupid changes should have listened to the common sense approach I posted last year on a few of the drink package threads, Premium plus for YC, Premium for Aurea and Easy for Fantastica with vouchers or Easy for Bella. Not hard to work out or understand and customers know what they are getting, but no MSC withdraw previous confusing number of packages in order to still confuse people with even less packages. time for a clear out MSC of the Lunatics in charge of the drink package Asylum.
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