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  1. My son and his gf would like to get married in April while we are cruising. They are interested in a ceremony in Aruba during our port day. Is this difficult? Would it be an easier alternative to get married at sea? There will only be the two of them and my husband and myself. Thanks for any advice you may have to offer
  2. Do you know how far from the cruiseport it is? Assuming they have chairs and umbrellas. Thanks
  3. Traveling with my family including my one year old granddaughter. Any beach suggestions? Palm, Eagle or Baby?
  4. Not sure if you understand my post - I am with you - just going to a beach, renting a chair and a palapa and enjoying my day - there will be 5 of us and I am not paying $90 a pop for a day at the beach
  5. And like you said - the people staying on property get first dibs on the beach - rightly so. They paid alot of $$ to stay there. I wouldn't want a bunch of cruisers overwhelming the beach
  6. I tried email and Facebook asking about Reflexions, but no answer there. Just going to take a bus to Eagle. Not going til April
  7. Did you enjoy Bologna? All these modes of transportation are dizzying. Is that a word? Where did you cruise to?
  8. Welcome back. Originally I thought about flying into Bologna but decided I really wanted to see Venice. I would regret it. Maybe we will look at flying out of Bologna. It's probably less $$ If you don't mind me asking, where did you stay in Venice? So you used the Alliguana bus to get to Murano? Interesting strategy to get to Ravenna thru Bologna
  9. Thank you - my first instinct was to sty in the Piazzale Roma, the hotels are reasonable and there is a train station nearby. My TA advised that it would be too busy an area because of all the transportation nearby. I think that is a benefit of staying in that area. I have bookmarked the website you attached and your helpful advice. Thanks so much. Joanne
  10. I totally agree. Again thanks for taking the time to reply. Sounds like Ravenna is missing quite an opportunity for tourism.
  11. Wow! Just Wow! Thanks for taking all this time to provide me with all this information. I have already copied and pasted it to my Google Itinerary. I have no problem with staying outside of the island and traveling onto the island every day. Is Mestre where most of the cruise line shuttles depart from? I think that's what is giving me the most anxiety...if I stayed in the lagoon area, how would I get to the cruise line's shuttles? I thought perhaps staying near the train station would make it easier to get to Ravenna. You reference Ravenna FS - what is Ravenna FS? I have been to Italy many times, I have a trip coming up in October. Traveling by land not sea, including Florence, Positano and Rome. I have all of my trains figured out as well as VRBO stays. Venice has me stymied. Thanks again!
  12. Mick - reading your posts have given me anxiety LOL. We aren't sailing til October 2024 also on the Explorer and navigating to Ravenna is overwhelming. So...couple of questions....would I be able to fly into VCE, I know Bologna is easier, but never seeing Venice, I would really like to spend a couple days, take the train from the airport to a hotel, on my own, without transfer, then take the train to Ravenna and then bus #90? What area do you recommend? Piazza Roma near the train station? Thanks for posting
  13. Thanks for the detailed response. I think I will stay closer to ship's berth and do some exploring nearby. Thanks
  14. Has anyone done this tour with Royal Caribbean? I don't normally like ship excursions, but it seems like quite a distance from the port and I would feel more comfortable going with a cruise excursion.
  15. Thanks - my plan is to be close to train station for transfers as well.
  16. Thank you - I may take train from Bologna airport to Ravenna upon arrival and stay near the train station. I was hoping to not get off a flight and head straight to Ravenna but that may be my best bet. Any recommendations for hotels nearby? NH?
  17. I heard that it is beautiful and I may travel right to Ravenna from Bologna instead of spending time there. My concern is getting to port from a hotel in town.
  18. So in other words the best time to arrive in Ravenna is embarkation day. Not the day before
  19. This port sounds so confusing. We are doing a B2B next year leaving from Ravenna disembarking in Barcelona. We plan on flying into Bologna, spending a day or so then taking the train to Ravenna. Anyone know the distance between the train station and cruise terminal? TIA
  20. Please share your guy - we are travelling with a 14 month old and need the shade
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