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  1. Derbie - I am on the 1/24 sailing of the Celebrity Beyond and are stopping in Tortola. We chose an excursion to Jost Van Dyke for the day using Shore Excursions Group
  2. Did you take a taxi? Do you recall how much it was? TIA
  3. We have an excursion booked with Pepper. Just 2 of us. Booked on Viator.
  4. I do. The email address is dbacuna@curacaorenaissance.com
  5. Does anyone know the current cost of a taxi from Barbados cruise terminal to Harbour Lights beach? TIA
  6. Good Morning Everyone We just returned from an 8 day Southern Caribbean cruise We booked a day pass from the Renaissance hotel. Honestly just beautiful. A short walk away. The infinity beach pool was amazing. You have an option of a chlorine pool as well. The beach pool was perfect for small children. No waves or under toe to whisk you away. Loved Loved Loved it.
  7. So was it $175 total? Round trip? There are 6 of us plus a child. Do they use a van or something? Thanks for your reply
  8. We just had our Labadee changed to Falmouth. Did you travel to Doctor's Cave? Cab cost?
  9. Hello Tom, Apparently the website is outdated and that isn't the price. LOL...I guess its a cab to the beach. No problem though. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Has anyone used this tour company before? I am interested in the Beach Break. $35 per person including transportation to Fryes Beach, chairs, welcome drink and lunch. Thanks
  11. Thank you for getting back to us. Looks like a great day! I think my email said to check back in at 30 days and I will be sure to do so.
  12. Tom do you this that Amsterdam Manor is a better choice for the beach vs. Eagle?
  13. Question.....the excursion length is listed as 3 .5 hours. Do you have to leave at a certain time?
  14. Has anyone taken a ferry on their own to Anguilla? We are in St Maarten for 10 hours. Tours run about 8 hours from the Viator site. Wondering if we could just do it ourselves
  15. There is a huge difference sailing out of NYC - we did it in 2005 and my husband will NEVER do it again.
  16. She is going to be one next month. She weights about 18 lbs. Maybe 23 inches long. You are so funny
  17. You are such a great source of info. Our family party of 5 has become a party of 7 so I think we will do the mini van route as well. I assume we should plan to bring our car seat.
  18. I will. Feel free to reach out with questions incase I forget I read Curacao is beautiful I have a friend who lives in Newbury
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