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  1. Renaissance is supposed to be within walking distance which is what I am looking forward to. Actually, it just started snowing heavy about 1pm. We are not expecting to get alot. Maybe 3 inches. My friend lives in Haverhill and she is getting quite a lot
  2. I am going to try Renaissance or Avila Beach
  3. Yes there is. It was supposed to open in October, then December and now March Please note there is no beach access
  4. I am leaning towards Renaissance. I think its walking distance
  5. Todd we are visiting Curacao and Labadee
  6. Thanks so much for such a detailed response. I appreciate it. Haven't been to Aruba in 25 years. My "baby" was one and now we are taking his baby who will be one.
  7. jonsmom

    Gouda Cheese

    Did you purchase in a supermarket? Do they shrink wrap it
  8. Todd I thought the Amsterdam Manor was the stop after Eagle. No? Is it easy to push a stroller onto the beach? Is there a walkway? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply. I forgot about the splashpad
  10. We are sailing in April with a 14 old We are visiting Aruba, Curacao and Labadee How easy is it to maneuver strollers on beach?
  11. jonsmom

    Eagle and kids

    My granddaughter will be a little over one. How difficult is it to push a stroller onto the beach?
  12. My understanding is that you get off at the stop after Eagle Beach. There is a hotel there called Amsterdam Manor. You can rent chairs/umbrellas there. They also have a restaurant. When you return I would appreciate it, if you can confirm!
  13. Had a friend there this week Said that taxi was $15 $15 for a chair
  14. The excursion is sold out on our cruise planner
  15. I would like to book DePalm Island and they offer transportation The drop down menu does not include the cruiseport. Anyone know if they offer pick up from the port?
  16. Wow that's awesome We already had a cruise booked when they decided so we will wait and see. I don't want to put pressure on them but...
  17. Thank you - I will call them tomorrow. I think they still have that package. I also reached out to a couple coordinators in Aruba. We are in port for 12 hours so they could technically do the legal wedding at the courthouse and a symbolic one at the beach. It stresses me just thinking of it
  18. Thanks for your quick reply. I was reading some older posts and did read about your canceled cruises. We had a few cancel as well, but not like yours. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Which package did you go with? Were you married on a sea day or on embarkation day? Was it a legal marriage? Thanks for your help
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