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  1. So, I received an email for the chance to bid on an upgrade on our cruise in December. We are booked in Bella Balcony. I am looking at bidding to a whirlpool Aurea suite. But, just to clarify, do you get just the room or the Aurea experience with the easy package and spa access? It says "Aurea experience" available on the bid page
  2. So NCL is doing everyone has to be vaccinated except for children? That would be awesome if they had that and everything could be "normal" for a week with no masks or covid talk in general. I live in Southern Ohio where only like 1/3 of people are vaccinated. Because of this, people are dropping like flies, hospitals overloaded, restaurants stopping buffets, businesses more and more requiring masks, and fear all over again. It would be great to be among vaccinated people for a week and be able to relax.
  3. Honestly, after having cruises cancelled in Summer 2020 and 2021 and now hoping to go in December 2021, I would wear just about anything to be able to have the privilege of enjoying a cruise again. A mask is a minor discomfort for 5 days of enjoyment. Just feeling blessed to have remained healthy and potentially having the opportunity to cruise again.
  4. We sailed last year on Seaside with two cabins - one Bella and one Fantastica. There was no difference other than the room service without a fee and a free very small photo. No more drink coupons unfortunately
  5. Those are all new ones for us but it's good information to know. I'm just afraid I'll end up with the usual Nassau stop out of Port Canaveral
  6. I hope they're the same. We were booked on a sweet itinerary that had Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya and Ocean Cay. I'd very like to have that one back
  7. My wife and I are both teachers. Our schools have not made any policies like this for those that travel. Although everyone here is talking about two separate parents who took their kids to NYC and Las Vegas this weekend because "travel is cheap with this virus thing going on" 🙄 We're in rural Ohio 4+ hours away from the cases in Cleveland but I'm sure it will be here soon enough.
  8. Oh wow lol. Sounds like I'm going to have to work for this OBC.
  9. Thanks. I am currently trying this option. So far I have gotten a $100 OBC as the best offer. I guess it's better than nothing though.
  10. Thanks. I'm actually trying to now transfer the 2021 booking to a TA that promised me an OBC. I am sure that will be a real treat to try and pull off between the website and customer service
  11. Can someone cancel a booking they made online? I can't find that option for the life of me
  12. I think I found a nice lady that is starting to work with MSC and did offer an OBC. However as soon as she called them she was on hold for 30 minutes 😬 Also, quick side question, can I cancel a booking that I made on the MSC website without calling? Again, this is a booking I made not the TA
  13. I am the same way with not expecting anything from the TA. I'm almost terrified to give up daily control over my plans. I would only go with a TA for OBC or other perks. Best I have found so far is $100 OBC and a bottle of wine that I won't drink. I always have wished that they would just send up a 2 liter of Diet Coke instead lol
  14. I do fine with MSC. But, I thought I would do some comparison shopping. We are family of 4 with 1 teen and 1 child and doing the May 31 Armonia for $1100 for an inside with $100 OBC. I can't complain too much but I thought why not give it shot if they offer additional OBC?
  15. Apparently it is lol. Wish I knew what the "best cruise agency" was
  16. Does anyone know if you get MSC Voyager Club and/or Teacher discounts with a TA? I can't get any of them to quote me with my usual discounts. The OBC added without the discounts overall are not a better value thus far.
  17. The no shorts in the MDR was definitely enforced on our two sailings with MSC. In fact, I watched a really nicely dressed older guy in ironed golf khaki shorts and a matching polo get turned away but another guy with cheap jeans and a biker t shirt go into the MDR just fine.
  18. How did this change the itinerary? I would assume the sea days got moved since Cozumel is farther west than Jamaica
  19. BermudaBound2014, I know that you're not allowed to post TA names on here, but could you steer me in the right direction? All of my local TAs don't do MSC
  20. Pete, I have a question about 12015 on Divina. Will the view be impacted by the overhang of the front of deck 13? I believe this is the location of 12016 which is a mirror image of 12015? Other available half glass/half metal Bellas are 8259, 8254, 10036, 10037, 10250, 10267, 11026, 11258, and 11293 if any of those are better options.
  21. I think you're correct based on the pics from the following: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/category-detail.php?c=637 I would check there and also search for the thread by the CC member Skier 52 on cabins
  22. You can do this without any problem. Last year on Seaside ours was empty anyway. We were in the Bella Interior cabin so maybe they just said why bother filling in lol?
  23. I saw online where there is a sauna and steam room. And a "relaxation room"? Anyone know more details?
  24. Robbing someone at gunpoint is not equitable to what the steward did. I've seen more of an attempt at coercion by the street vendors at ports than that.
  25. Thanks for the info. And...Go Reds! O-H
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