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  1. I won't be cruising until it's safe and until no masks are needed onboard. It's not a vacation if I need to wear a mask.
  2. I agree. I have problems breathing when wearing a mask for more than a brief time. Not my idea of a vacation! We were on a cruise in March (Celebrity)....the last week of their cruising, when we weren't allowed to disembark in San Juan as planned......two days later we we allowed to disembark in Ft Lauderdale. I'll stay home too, or do more of a local vacation.
  3. I usually have 1 large bag and 2 carryon bags. They take care of getting the large bag to the cabin and never had to carry my 2 carryons up the steps myself. There's someone there to take your carryon bags up the steps, if you'd like. I always have 2 bottles on wine in my carryon as allowed, to drink in my room. No need to bring any water or soda as they're included and stocked in your room. Boarding a Windstar ship is the easiest embarkation process I've had.
  4. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Purification-system-will-clear-air-on-Virgin-Scarlet-Lady Virgin Voyages' first ship, the Scarlet Lady, will be retrofitted with an air purification system that kills 99.9% of all viruses, the new cruise brand said. The new Virgin air purification system explained in this article was impressive to me - so much so that it made me think about checking into Virgin cruises. Are other cruise lines doing similar air purification changes?
  5. Hi Host Jazzbeau, thanks for your input. I'm thinking of booking a Star Breeze cruise and trying to decide which cabin floor plan to choose - the S1 or the new SS1 floor plan. My Pros for a S1 cabin: - We've always had a cabin (Windstar & other lines) where the sitting area is near the balcony (or window). I like sitting on the sofa or chair right by the window watching the great views outside. I don't think I'll spend much time sitting on the bed to see the good views outside. - In the middle of the night, it's a short walk to the bathroom. - My hubby is sensitiv
  6. What I'd like to new from those who have or are booking on the renovated motor yachts.....are you booking the "old" cabin format.....or the "new" cabin format where the bed is next to the window/balcony? And why did you make that decision? Thanks!
  7. We're also thinking about the Galapagos. In light of Covid, does anyone know if or when cruising will open back up there?
  8. Yes, it should be 3/7 San Juan to 3/16 Ft Lauderdale.
  9. Besides typically on higher decks, are the Aqua cabins also primarily more forward?
  10. Yes, I was on the March 7 Summit sailing. We were in cabin 9162. Didn't realize there are aft-facing Aqua Summit cabins on deck 11 - good to know.
  11. We just returned from our 1st Celebrity cruise on the Summit. We've cruised a lot but mainly on Holland America, Windstar most recently and Princess years ago. I love an Aft-facing cabin, so we booked one in Concierge Class.....and you can't book an aft-facing cabin and Aqua Class together. I must say I was disappointed with the food on Celebrity in the buffet and the main dining room. We didn't eat in any of the specialty restaurants and I don't think one should have to do so to get good food. I was surprised because I heard the quality of food and offering was one of Celebr
  12. Here is the letter from the Summit Captain, along with documentation from the Quebec Province website and the CDC that indicates there was Coronavirus exposure on the March 7 Summit sailing. I'm disappointed we have heard nothing from Celebrity. CDC Notice Summit Coronovirus.pdf Summit Sailing Compensation.pdf
  13. I’m on this ship, now sailing on to Ft Lauderdale for a 3/16 arrival. This first I’ve heard of a passenger disembarking on 3/7, the day I boarded...,.is now when I logged on to cruise critic, and if true, it is disconcerting.
  14. Thanks for this thread! We'll be celebrating a major anniversary on the Summit early March. Since this will be our first time on a Celebrity ship, we're not familiar with any of the restaurants, and this info has been helpful. Our anniversary will be the 2nd night onboard. Is a way to reserve something now? Or should I do it right after embarkation?
  15. Even more cost effective....and using a credit card, take Uber. We did so late Nov 2019.
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