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  1. I also had many they I gave away except one that I take on every cruise, as my husband does not mind carrying and it hold everything we need. also a zippered compartment for small things, room key, wallet, water etc. only 38 more days
  2. driving from central florida usual stay at embassy suites just checking other options
  3. Hotel for one night before cruise
  4. Seems like I opened a can of worms 1st there is no up charge all b3 canons same price regardless the size of balcony al. All same size rooms. They are not an urban legend and if you have nothing else to do but watch us lounging under the stars in comfort with a glass of wine enjoy, it won’t , bother us. For the most part you will only see my feet I do not spend a lot of time in the sun and if i look up I can see you. LTH have been reading your post as I started on Oceania in 2005 and have learned a lot at least you are not negative like a lot of people. So I will go back to no replies and enjoy my cruises my way.everybody stay well and smile
  5. We always book concierge a1 or penthouse but this time on Riviera we booked a veranda because of the size. there are verandas on Marina and Riviera with huge balconies with lounge chairs, a table and two chairs. We spend a lot of time on veranda so wanted to try this. the perks you get with concierge are great but on Riveira or Marina we won't miss much. There is always room service. But a glass of wine under the stars in a lounge chair awesome and no crowds
  6. I am not a big eater and in restaurants I always order appetizer size meals, at la reserve they only give a small amount and seconds if there is extra, if I don't eat all I pass to husband. Some food I will not eat and my husband eats everything and anything . Never felt I paid to much and nothing ever wasted it was awesome. Always fully booked and worth every penny you are on Oceania enjoy it you will not regret it
  7. raye70


    [ always bring a small battery operated fan when I travel to warm areas as I have COPD and hard to breath in oppressive heat. Never had an issue with tsa or cruise line. not sure about electric one
  8. I was asking about Oceania clubs new perks that were suppose to be announced on April 19th, have no idea what you two are talking about
  9. Was suppose to be announced on the 19th of April anybody know what the new designations are?
  10. If you have time in southampton go to the spitfire museum it is small but awesome
  11. I always have a copy of my passport on me. if the ship keeps it fine if not it is in the safe. Traveling internationally it stays in safe at hotel only copy comes with me. Never had problem even when I lived in China.
  12. raye70

    new pricing

    Thanks, I looked it up and see no changes for my cruise in December
  13. As anyone seen the new pricing which was supposed to happen on April 1st
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