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  1. Just sort of bumping this topic up since, from what I've been hearing, the Sky passengers should be getting some specific info on the invitation cruise within the next few weeks. As has been mentioned before here, it seems increasingly likely that it almost has to be some sort of Venice to Barcelona itinerary, immediately before the maiden voyage to London.
  2. Really nice pictures!! That second one is really amazing with the blue sky on the right side. What a cool color contrast.
  3. Yeah, I know the feeling....not our fault...we didn't grow up with this new-fangled technology LOL
  4. Definitely..... Just heard again from folks who have recently done Celebrity (we have one in October) as to how much of a "joke" the muster drill is. I swear I'm gonna go off on someone if I see them not paying attention. I know you "get it"...but those who have not been through an emergency situation truly don't. It's a "let's get this over with" routine. I must admit to probably feeling like that at times pre-Sky.
  5. The Sea, Sky, Sun, Orion, and Jupiter were all built at Ancona and had a variety of 'maiden voyages' as I mentioned earlier in this thread. Star and Sea did Istanbul to Venice, Sky and Orion did Rome to Barcelona. Jupiter did Athens to Rome but collided with a pier in Greece.
  6. Been looking at this further. Noticed that the shortest Venice to Barcelona (or reverse) is 13 days so will be interesting to see how they do this for us. One has to sail around Italy, but then can continue in a basically northwesterly path right to Barcelona rather than taking the Strait of Messina and adding ports such as Naples, Rome, etc. Would LOVE It if they'd do all of this, having never been in the Mediterranean, but hardly think it likely a complimentary cruise such as is being offered would be that extensive. Either way, would at least be cool if Corfu would be one of the ports before changing to a southwest heading in the Ionian Sea. Really anxious to see how this plays out.
  7. I have a feeling this is probably the more likely...otherwise how to control the Sky / general public booking out of Barcelona?
  8. I'm sure...but probably only 7 days. I've always preferred not to fly to Europe for any trip less than 2 weeks.
  9. Hmmm....that does indeed sound interesting. Often these maiden voyages, from other cruisers I've talked to, are only 7 days - but sounds like the itinerary you mention would likely be longer. What they told you sounds like the way it might go. It makes sense, .being that you'll have the 'reserved' part of the trip for Sky guests (be interesting to see how many) and then the true "maiden voyage" continuing on from Barcelona - the part that is already open to the public. Only problem, of course, is wouldn't there be conflicting room reservations (as in not enough rooms) on the Barcelona-to-London cruise if most of the Sky guests stay on? Idle speculation...will wait for Viking to announce it.
  10. Parsley.....I, too, have to wonder....just what are you getting at? "As to what may have been on the tv in the UK regarding worst cruises - it's aired for sensationalism and entertainment. In reality, if the weather kicks up there's nothing anyone can do to prevent bad weather. If however there's a mechanical failure - that's potentially the fault of the engineering department of a cruise line" These are easy thoughts to put here, and I will admit that some of the youtube videos were a bit less than accurate as to how things went on the Sky (I cite this example cause I was there); however, anyone who was "entertained" by watching coverage of the March 23 Sky event simply doesn't have a clue as to what it was like nor how 900+ passengers plus crew felt in the midst of a potentially disastrous situation. So passengers need to "learn from the poor experiences and do what they can to mitigate having to go through" a similar bad experience again? All I can say is...I'm glad that most of the Sky passengers likely had no idea that we were within 100 meters of going into the rocks. I totally agree that much of TV is sensationalized for the viewing audience and that it may be difficult, if not impossible, to know when a story is exaggerated or overblown, but the Sky incident was well documented worldwide. I'm just a bit confused by some of what you're saying, and as to the captain always doing things 'for the best possible reason', I'd like to think that's true but not absolutely certain that was the case on 3/23. Many unanswered questions (at least for the general public). I think some of your comments somewhat trivialize actual events and how they affect people involved in perilous voyages. I still have flashbacks from that day and likely always will.
  11. Seriously...and Ernest Borgnine....lost his poor Linda..... 😞 Funniest part in the newer version is Jeff Bridges saying, during the one daring rescue scene, "I used to be a fireman"....LOL But that pales in comparison to Nicholson's "HERE'ssss JOHNNY!!!"
  12. Agree...the pictures WERE really great quality....makes me want to do another river cruise!! Sure wish we would have had some of that nice sunny weather during our trip on the Treasures.
  13. Original Poseidon or newer one with Jeff Bridges? Love the design of the ship in the newer version.
  14. Thanks for taking us along on your journey....safe travels home 🙂
  15. Hi Haworth...fancy meeting you here! lol...... Have to say that I'm really going to have to bite my tongue if I see people being disrespectful or not paying attention during a safety drill at future cruises. I might just have to say something. I know I'll never be able to look at another one of those the same way....you too undoubtedly. Disappointing...took the time to register and then discovered this is only viewable in the UK....oh well....undoubtedly I've already seen most of the footage that pertains to the Sky anyway.
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