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  1. If he’s concerned one might break, just go buy several and pack it in your carry on. Don’t purchase in a foreign port.
  2. Just tell them no, you don’t have a persistent cough other than clearing out your throat or you drank something (tequila) that will make you cough. No issues.
  3. This is a first. Haven’t ever seen this topic posted before 😳
  4. They should acknowledge every guest upon arrival like Disney does.
  5. Well we are not vaccinated nor will we get vaccinated and if cruises are allowing those in the unvaccinated community I say great! I don’t understand people who are vaccinated why they are so upset? Your safe right, your vaccinated. I don’t mind being tested during my cruise. But I’ve been out and about and everything is fine. Except for the mask 😷
  6. I’m pretty sure the people grumbling how they will cancel their expensive suites because it’s now not all vaccinated will still be going on their cruse.
  7. Ugh? These conversations are so sad. Prior to Covid we were getting excited for upcoming cruises, hoped we wouldn’t be called to the naughty room, complained if you got a whiff of a cigarette on your balcony, etc. LOL. Now Covid is ruining the fun of cruising 😟. I’m glad to have experienced such great times. Unfortunately for us, for now, cruising isn’t for us. I can picture upset passengers angry and taking their frustrations out on the workers behind the desk when all they are doing is what is told of them. I don’t think cruising as it was pre-Covid will ever be the same.
  8. This is Big Brother watching your every move. We absolutely will not cruise now as this is in place. I truly miss cruising pre-Covid. Had nothing to worry about other than did I pack enough LOL. It’s all changing, the world is changing and now we have to face the new normal and I don’t like it.
  9. Just be glad you are back on your ship for a long awaited cruise and don’t stress on anything and just have a fantastic cruise, without the worries.
  10. Wow! I really think he must have had his parents help when he was underage as well.
  11. Regarding the Pins, what was the youngest pin you’ve seen on your cruise?
  12. Regarding the Pins, what was the youngest pin you’ve seen on your cruise?
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