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  1. I’m in California, what is a Love Bug?
  2. I don’t think that for beer drinkers such as my husband will benefit from using Cheers. He likes his beer ice cold in a bucket, and throughout the day he’ll go through a few buckets and still walk a straight line 😛
  3. On a cruise on the Pride I wanted a table for 2. I spoke to the maitr’d and he said he will try to accommodate us. What we got was a table for 2 but basically in the middle of the dining room, next to the area where they unload dishes. Felt like we were on display. Never went back.
  4. I’m confused. How is it you can order a bucket of beer in the morning and it’s not counted on Cheers?
  5. While cruising south, nearing Baja you will see land. I’ve even seen huge waves crashing on the beach. It’s an awesome site. Coming home was different, didn’t seem to see much land.
  6. I would, in the main dining room and room service stop playing food with just an entree, why not place everything on one plate? Before you know it you have 4-5 plates that clearly would have been fine on just one plate. Same goes for room service. For each item you choose it’s on a plate. You order several entrees for yourself you get too many plates and utensils. Then when you put it outside for pickup you look like pigs LOL.
  7. We’re booked on the Panorama in an Aft Wrap deck 6 in May, 2020🤗
  8. Ugh, I hate all that glass windows in the Solarium. It’s got to be a hot house in there. I really wish they’d just open it up to let in the nice sea breeze.
  9. OP, is there anyway to change your font? It’s extremely hard to read.
  10. We have another couple who just signed on to join us on the Panorama. I’d love for just the 4 of us to dine together. How do I accomplish that request?
  11. When making your reservation for dining venues are you charged for it?
  12. I understand that 🙄 OP only asked for email address of maître d. Why does anyone need to know why, for what reason, etc. public forum or in casual conversation.
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