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  1. I'm Bella, 4th September ( UK staycation) and my embarkation time is 11am!!!!
  2. I also have had my tickets for about a week, I embark 4th September, even though it states that my TA will get the tickets first and then email them to me. Not very helpful but demonstrates inconsistencies.
  3. whilst this doesn't help anybody....I can and have printed my tickets off, health form etc for 4th September! Bizarre IT system! Pressed email tickets and hey presto
  4. 2 points... 1st, don't like Hamilton much, ok he can drive a bit but he can and does whinge more than me. 2nd plenty of people wearing masks in the supermarket today, I'm pleased about that 😀
  5. Yep, that's right guvnor, I've had a kettle out of Southampton.( the other one to say "cheers fella!")
  6. Always a balcony for us.I love my little "private" space. Morning coffee on the balcony is special to me. Even in cold climes we still use it, just with a blanket! Had an outside once but wouldn't do it again, just felt too claustrophobic. Too me it would definitely be worth the money.
  7. Haven't posted for a short while........ Well so much for having the summer off! I've gone back to vaccinating at a local pharmacy, just 2 or 3 shifts per week and one long day 8am-6pm back in my "old" job before I retired- pre op assessment, the backlog of pts is vast and the bosses are hoping to create a "pool" of pts ready and waiting in case of any cancellations of already listed people. I've paid for my staycation cruise in Sept [MSC] train/ pre hotel booked and about to pay for the Princess one in October -still unsure whether it will go ahead or not but I really hope
  8. Pictures are not working for me either 😕. Good review though.
  9. I am becoming more and more convinced this cruise will go ahead...... until the curved ball !!!! but sincerely hope it will happen, even with any changes.
  10. And handbags.......? And definitely take spare meds, 14 days is what they were advising. So that's probably what I will do!
  11. I'm going to pinch this phrase and use on DH,it's a perfect explanation of why I take more than 2 pairs of shoes " like wot he does"! Enjoy the luxury of choosing your footwear and of course your cruise 🛳😉😎
  12. I wholeheartedly agree. It's a really awful situation for all those cancelled. A sub par performance from P&O. I feel really sad for everyone 😞
  13. Just as a very minor thread wander [IMHO] ....... does anybody bother to get *extra cruise cover* for their holidays? Just wondering for future cruises where things are/might be a bit "up in the air". Obviously, it depends on the coverage of the main policy but in general terms. Thanks in advance.
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