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  1. I wholeheartedly agree, but as such a cheap price and small deposit, it's rude not to chance it!
  2. Hopefully they will still have plenty of availability tomorrow, I am at work at the moment during my rest break. I do think the hierarchy may object if I announce that I may be a bit late back 'cos I'm booking a holiday. Practically a forum cruise!!!!
  3. Ditto, has had this problem for months, tried emailing but not resolved. Now past caring since can't cruise at the moment. Get it sorted when I NEED to.
  4. Penicillin allergy does not prohibit you from having the Pfizer vaccine. I have given the jab to many people with certain anaphylactic reactions but these have been discussed on an individual basis. I cannot say that everyone can have it but many more people are now than at the start of roll out, stringent rules have been relaxed/ developed.
  5. Pauline always looks well groomed and elegant. Even when I've made an effort, I still look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. I have hair does NOT know how to behave in public. I cannot ACTUALLY prove this a I don't have any photos. I absolutely hate having my photograph taken. What I look like in my head and what comes out of the lens are 2 completely different people!!! One is young thin and not bad looking, the other is now the opposite ,sadly.
  6. AND on a completely different note........ I have just had the most PERFECT roast beef Sunday lunch. Beautiful soft melt in the mouth medium roast beef, yorkies, roasties, parsnips, mange tout, broccoli, red cabbage, roast carrots and cauliflower cheese and delicious thick gravy. All supplied by our local pub as a takeaway service. Well you have to help local businesses!!!!!!!!!!!! All washed down with a glass [or 2 ] of Cava. This is something I NEVER cook for just the 2 of us but was a real treat. Had worked up an appetite before with a long but cold dog walk and peeling the wallpaper off
  7. Our hub is working 8 till 8 , 6 days a week with a deep clean on a Sunday.
  8. The "old" way was See one Do one Teach one!!!
  9. I have just completed my e learning from the usual place for the AZ vaccine today incase it's delivered this week!!!
  10. Yes, I remember practicing on oranges. I also was allowed to let a fire hose off, the very large unwieldy ones, on one of my fire training sessions many years ago. They don't let you do that nowadays but it was great fun at the time! but wouldn't want to do it for real. VERY heavy. I can't remember the data,but a fair percentage of fires in a hospital are started deliberately.
  11. No , I know of more,just not reported.
  12. Absolutely true,however,if you are in a single room at the end of the hub and someone collapses,you would still want someone with recent training updates.
  13. Many of our volunteers have been out of nursing for many years . Bear in mind we've had 2 anaphylaxis episodes since starting 3 weeks ago. You do need some one with a bit of up to date knowledge.
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