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  1. Officially, there's no policy change. Unofficially, it totally depends on the whim of the bartender, and good luck arguing your case if you get one who doesn't want to do it.
  2. SAME. I hate it. I know other people love it, but I don't get it. At all.
  3. Just an Empress deck ocean view, but rates are down across the board on this sailing.
  4. I know, I know. But I also know there are plenty of people who will leave a terrible review, just because they're miserable people, so I try to balance them out by only responding when I have something good to say. I figure just by the fact that the guy had to go ask a supervisor, that right there told his boss he needs help.
  5. I'm so sorry you keep getting bad news dumped on you. 😞 We're all thinking about you, Kim!
  6. John Heald said at the time (when they introduced the bacon police), bacon was far and away the most wasted item on the buffet. I have no idea if that's true, but it was the rationale. I'm doing the Chef's Table on the Ecstasy in November, and now I'm hungry!
  7. I declined to take the survey, because I only do them when I can leave high scores!
  8. That's right. So if (as in my case) there's a past guest special, you can get that rate, but your booking remains early saver for possible future adjustments.
  9. No, it was after final payment, but with early saver you get adjustments up to (I think but don't quote me on this part) the day before sailing.
  10. I wasn't mean about it (I used to work retail - I am very nice to everyone in the service industry), but definitely wasn't going to just accept the wrong answer. As it turned out, the supervisor used a different rate code, which was even lower than what I was seeing online. Win all around!
  11. I love it when I know the call center rep's job better than they do. 🙄 I booked on early saver, and then at some point, price adjusted to a past guest rate. There's a new, lower promo going on, so I called for an adjustment. "Well, you originally booked early saver, but now you're on a past guest code. So I can't adjust it." I'm now on hold while he asks a supervisor; I should just hang up and call again.
  12. Got sucked into your Live from the Horizon review, and backtracked to this one because I'm sailing on the Breakaway in May. I love your style! Life's an adventure.
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