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  1. Pre covid I liked to wander-shop and find a nice restaurant for (usually) a seafood lunch. I see no reason to change this strategy for the plague.
  2. Yep. It's even worse as a solo - you automatically pay for TWO "free" packages. 🙄
  3. Unfortunately, they know I'm already on board with Cheers, so I got the "not at all a deal" RU9. 😅 Congratulations!
  4. I think that's the charge for a breakfast combo - "American Combo B." You still shouldn't have been charged at all, but at least they weren't trying to get you to pay twelve bucks for coffee!
  5. Cheers includes frozen mocktails, Bubbles does not.
  6. I think I could enjoy avocado and tequila. But if onions / peppers / cilantro try to join the drink party, I'm out! 🤮 😂
  7. This trip is already looking amazing, and I am super jealous! Having said that, what is in this?? It looks like pistachio pudding! 😂
  8. Wouldn't it be the other way? 1000 with 50 OBC is a net cost of 950. The new fare would need to be lower than (net) 950 vs 1050.
  9. I wound up booking the Pride, which has Serenity on Lido deck aft. The location looks good, but maybe iffy because the waterslides end immediately above? At least there's a bar to dull the sounds of (happily) screaming children, lol.
  10. I've seen these too, and it's just so bizarre to me. I know the ship designers are smarter than I am, but this just seems like REALLY poor planning. I hope you gave her the NY version of "bless your heart." 😄
  11. Is Wix down? I'm getting a page not found error. 😞 Edit: I can get to the review if I just go to your blog. Maybe it's the specific link? Or just a misc computer gremlin, who knows, lol!
  12. I mostly sail Fantasy class, but I'm looking to branch out. I was just checking the Freedom deck plan, and saw that Serenity is right next to Camp Ocean. Um... what?? I wouldn't think that's a very serene location. 😂 😂 Can someone who's sailed on a ship with this setup, please chime in with your experience?
  13. Welcome home! Can't wait for your review! 😁
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