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  1. The passenger was retested and was still positive
  2. He’s in Iceland ready to board the next cruise
  3. I canceled my September cruise after reading about this. I realized that one positive test can derail an entire cruise. I decided it’s too expensive and too stressful to take the risk right now. I’ll wait.
  4. Well Bob, I have to say I enjoyed your post. I was only on a segment of the cruise. I played trivia with Betsy and although I didn’t have the opportunity to meet you, I certainly followed your and Betsy’s story. It’s nice to hear that you are both well and happy enough to be making future plans. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays
  5. Sorry you were disappointed. I would agree the food quality has declined, which is a mistake at management level, but I’ve enjoyed Oceania and I think that even when the ships are refurbished there’s a “taste” issue in choices of decor and especially artwork that is not great. Neon pink bars and bright orange curtains blocking the views in the Terrace cafe feel dated back to the sixties. But overall I like the laid back ambiance , the destinations, ease of travel. I find the staff, with occasional exceptions to be excellent. The evening entertainment, yes, is awful but I generally skip it in
  6. I disembarked in Monte Carlo last summer and we were told that taxis were scarce and it was better to arrange transportation in advance. We were staying in France for a while so we rented a car. The rental office was walking distance from the ship
  7. Congratulations Bob and Betsy. Wishing you lots of happiness and easy sailing.
  8. Sounds like a good time for Bob to get home, check in with his own medical team and do some rest and rehab.
  9. Oh my. Bob and Betsy deserve all the happiness in the world. Hopefully their Happy Ever After.
  10. This is such sad news about Bob. I wish him good healing and a speedy recovery. He was having such a great adventure. I’m so sorry it was interrupted this way. I was on the Tokyo to Singapore segment and was on a trivia team with Betsy. This must be so difficult for her as well. Please send her my love. You world travelers have really become a family. Your love and support for Bob and for one another is touching. You and Betsy are so kind and your presence will help Bob through this difficult time. Please, if you can, keep us posted. There are so many of us sending all three of
  11. It wasn’t the water system. Oceania switched to water in cartons instead of plastic bottles but the water tasted horrible. Undrinkable. I understand they switched back to plastic while exploring a better solution. (I think. I left the ship May 2 and the cartons were still in use)
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