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  1. Agree. to imply that foreigners from the Ruby Princess are solely responsible for spreading Covid in AU is being igorant. Google how many flights from Austrialia took off before borders were closed. We simply live in a global world where people move across continents within hours and take and bring many things. My opinion on liability is good luck.. how during a WHO announced pandemic are cruise lines are solely liable.? . how could you 100% prove that virus originated and spread there. Most cruise passengers fly to their ports. so odds are they caught it there. or on the subway the day before on the way to work.
  2. Hello! We are arriving nest on the Oasis and am undecided on which beach. Lilletes or Palmanova. which one is the easiest via public bus? google shows good options.
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I read a lot due to the recent oasis canceling is that having a travel agent that is EU-based gives you a lot more protections if the cruise line were to cancel And other consumer benefits.
  4. Is it better to order Pompeii ticket online ahead of time? I found the site https://www.ticketone.it/biglietti.html?affiliate=ITT&jumpIn=yCalendarView&doc=artistPages/tickets&action=tickets&fun=artist&key=988882$11530718&nextJumpIn=yCalendarView&language=en or are lines ok buying tickets when we get there?
  5. Hi, We will be embarking in two weeks the Oasis from Civitavecchia. Beforehand we are spending a few days in Rome, a good friend was recently there and asked we bring back some wierd bottle of liquor in the shape of an Italy boot.. funny actually. I need to first check if this is liquor or some wierd wine.. if wine we can bring with as one of our bottles.. We are not bringing wine for us onboard as we have the drink package. So WWYD? Here are our options Put liquor/wine bottle in checked luggage and hope it goes through? easiest method, time, effort wise if not flagged. If we get caught what happens to this bottle? will they completey take it away or give it back end of trip? How much time / PIA is it getting confiscated alholhol? If product is classified as wine, we simply bring on board in carryon, end of story If liquor, is there a process be embarking to legally hand this off for pick-up later? and is this process a PIA? I really do not want to invest any time this.. One final question. let's say we find a wine we looove in Italy and buy a case to take back home... is there a process also for this? Challenge is we are doing our Italien travel and shopping pre-cruise. Thanks
  6. Maybe you can help with this one. I have posted on many forums but can't get an answer. for those who embarked in Rome, what time was the Muster drill? bonus points if anyone can answer what time they started check-in.. my pass says 2:30 start.. I heard earlier
  7. Hi, Hate to bother while you are sailing but did you embark in Rome? or would happen to known they allowed the rome folks to board and important what time Muster was? I have seen the posted cruise planners and no mention of Muster times.. Thanks!
  8. Wanted to post on the thread before it dissappears in the back. Was nerve wracking a month ago but our June cruise is happening. Sooo happy. Still feel bad for thise missing the TA and other sailings. As a new cruiser I sure learned a lot here.
  9. I have often used public restrooms in hotels etc.. when sharing a room with 3 other girlfriends.. I dont want to be the one who stinks up the bathroom. and I hate knowing people are outside of the door. Now on a cruise never, as I travel with family.. though I might tell DH to take his ***** elsewhere and make use of the public toilets on our next cruise. I know on Disney per many threads, DHs are often kicked out or leave freely and use the showers in Senses Spa/gym. these are larger and more comfortable and I would assume the men take care of their other business beforehand too.
  10. I wanted to buy online coloesseum tickets. But as we have children, I learned that all reduced ticket prices you still can buy online, but have to pick the tickets up at the ticket office. This is a way defeats the skip the line purpose right? Granted we are guarentteed entrance.. How long is the process then to pick prepaid tickets up? We are there in June.. Another idea is I bite the bullet and just buy 2 adult fares for my kids, then the system allow print onine. WWYD? I mean a 15 minute wait is ok, but not an hour. thanks
  11. I don’t know it’s because I’ve reached my mid 40s and I just have more balls now than in the past, but if I were to walk into a theater and people are reserving entire rows for their family I would simply just sit down in the middle of that reserved row. Specially if I have a reserve ticket for that row. I assume these row are at least 10 chairs? I’m sorry but if you want your large family or group to sit together, get your butt to the theater early like everyone else. I’m all for saving a seat or two or letting someone go to the bathroom or grab something but not an entire row. I believe the OP Mentioned people were blocking either side of the row? easily solved go in the next row and I would’ve jumped over a seat and planted my ass in the middle. Had I been asked to move by these reservera I would’ve looked them in the eyes and said The rule is no reserving and your being an ass for taking a whole row. sure get a member of staff to ask me to leave. If that would’ve happened and escalated and someone (staff)!actually would’ve told me to move boy would I have blown up because the role specifically says no reserving. They would have had to physcially remove me
  12. Now I don’t feel so cheap by not booking specialty dining on our next cruise. We are also a family of four so specialty dining is simply out of our budget. And for me personally doesn’t make sense if we are on a cruise to spend that much money on dining when there are other options included. I told my kids either we’re on a cruise or we go out to dinner every night fir a week but not both. We are relatively new to cruising and it is just simply insane And what one can spend on port excursions and specialty drinking and dining packages. Makes the cruise fare look like a cover charge. But thank God cruise line are not at the point yet where one has to do book extra. we choose not to and I’m pretty sure we will still have a great time. If we are asked we simply say no. Unless the deal is too good to be true.
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