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  1. He was from Indonesia so not the same. Very short guy. If you’re on the Breeze in YTD then definitely request his team!
  2. Yes they still had cans of Dr. P that I saw at the bars.
  3. That’s crazy about the ubers! We are actually the opposite. We tried Carnival transportation for the first time and we did have some issues. The bus was 35 minutes late on embarkation day to pick us up at airport then we hit traffic (not the bus’s fault but I’m just saying). We had a shuttle time of 10 am and got to the cruise port at 12:40 pm. We missed our check in so we were kind of upset. The way back was a little better but they tell you it’s 1 hour 15 minutes when you book it and it takes well over 2 hours. Between inconvenience from the airport and no Cheers on day 1, we probably won’t ever sail from Galveston again. We live on the east coast so have plenty of ports we love and can drive to. We just wanted to be back to cruising so bad that we booked whatever was available!! I’m sorry about your transportation struggles. It makes sense that the usual transportation is slow to start back up as well.
  4. There was not a craps table. Sorry! It was roulette, black jack, 3 card fun (don’t know if I got that name right), maybe fun 21 and slots.
  5. Have the BEST time!! Keep us posted on how it goes!
  6. It was so good to be back cruising. The staff was so happy to see us! Everyone was friendly and we met so many fellow passengers. People were excited to be back! Everyone was talking to each other and overall very friendly. Shoutout to Ratima at the Lido pool AKA “Rat Man”!! Hardest working bartender. Definitely find him if you’re on the Breeze soon. Cookie the cruise director was great! He didn’t like my husband and I wearing clemson gear lol. He would say “hell nah roll tide” when he saw us coming. Just a great dude. New smoke free casino annex was awesome. All casino staff was great including pit bosses and dealers. They greeted you by name every night in the casino. They left a little welcome back box in rooms of people who booked casino deals. They were also very accommodating and comped many drinks for my husband since Drinks on Us/Cheers doesn’t work the first night from Galveston. Less people and less kids was incredible!! Being in education, I can only cruise during kid times which sucks. We actually were able to find chairs on lido whenever we wanted and go in the pool. Interestingly enough, lots of unvaccinated kids were blue cards/first timers. Was this on purpose by Carnival to get new clientele? Maybe. I thought that was interesting. As someone mentioned earlier, dining was slow the first night. People were being real aggressive about this. We were more than understanding since it was the first sailing. We found a wait staff we liked and told the front desk at the dining room how incredible they were. They asked for our room number and from then on we were assigned to this wait staff for YTD. Even though we had to check in through the app, they assigned us the same staff because we requested it. Same old- everything felt the same as 15 months ago. Menus, activities, etc. Literally all the same! Which is so comforting to me and I love it. It felt like we were truly home. Last but not least, no, this cruise wasn’t the smoothest by any means. However, if you look for negative you’ll find it. If you look for positive then you’ll find that too. For us, we book these cruises for close to nothing because of casino offers so we just appreciate it all! If you’re cruising soon then bring a positive attitude and tips for the amazing crew and staff. The past year has been hard for everyone. If you have any specific questions about the Breeze then I’ll do my best to respond. Thanks for reading 🙂
  7. Hey there! There is not a cashier down there. There is still only the cashier desk in the main casino.
  8. I’m on the breeze now. We love the “casino annex”! My husband is all about the table games. He’s played in the regular casino and the annex on this cruise. It’s so clean and smells good in the annex. Both locations have been super packed with people so I’d say it’s a success so far.
  9. I’m on the Breeze now. The first night in dining room was slow but after that it got better. People were complaining and being super rude to the wait staff. I was just so grateful to be on a cruise that I didn’t care!! On the second night we found the amazing wait staff team of Russell and Michael. I went to the desk after dinner and raved about them. They asked if I wanted to be seated with them the rest of the cruise and I said yes. Next night I checked in my app and they assigned me a table in the phenomenal wait staff team!! It was incredible. They knew us by name and our preferences. In my opinion it only took them a night or two to find their stride again. It’s been amazing to get back cruising!!! Woohoo!
  10. This was from the email I got: P.S. We are having a promotion in the Steakhouse on Embarkation and the first Cruise Elegant nights of the cruise! Guests booking a reservation on either night will receive a complimentary bottle of house wine or 50% off any bottle from our wine list!
  11. I just reserved my Steakhouse reservation for my cruise in June. We waited too long and first night was booked. However, the Steakhouse manager said the free bottle of wine applies to embarkation and the first formal night of the cruise. We booked it for the first formal night and will receive the same wine offer. I’m not sure if this is every ship but it applies to the Sunshine.
  12. Just off the Elation! We cruised during spring break week so everything was pretty crowded. I don't think that is typical but here are some quick tips off the top of my head. We had an amazing time! Although we have never had a bad cruise and love every ship we have been on. Again, I don't think it will be as crowded unless you go during spring break or sometimes in the summer it can be full capacity. The Lido buffet is super crowded during breakfast. There would be long lines next to both buffets. There is a sampling of the lido food outside in between Guy's Burgers and the Blue Iguana. There is an omelet station out there and then a mini buffet with eggs, bacon, hash browns, etc. No one was ever there. I would walk right up and get some breakfast from that spot. Also, Sea day brunch was empty when I went at 9:00 both sea days. Your time dining had a long line by 5:45 every night. We have never had this happen before. People started lining up at 5:00. We would get a drink at the atrium bar and go up one flight of stairs around 5:15. We would be like 10-15th in line. The line would wrap around the entire floor by 5:45. There would be 50+ people in line. I heard the line moved quick. However, they told us that there was a wait from 6:15-8 most nights. People would be lined up outside and into the piano bar with beepers. If you have YTD then I would go early. This enabled us to request the same waitstaff every night which we love to do! They don't monitor chair hogs. I am an early-riser and would turn the TV to channel 34 (Lido deck cam). I would monitor to see if there were any chairs left (lol). I would get out there and get some chairs before it filled up too quickly. We aren't really serenity deck people since we like to be near bars so we would go to the lido early. The lido isn't too big, so the bartenders and servers walking around learn your name and order real quick. They would come around a lot and get our orders and bring us drinks. Tipping an extra dollar even when you have Cheers probably helped us out too. There were lines at Blue Iguana and Guys starting at 11:30 am on seadays. They each open at noon. The Guys line goes super fast because my husband got two separate servings of burgers in the time it took me to get one burrito. They are super slow at the Blue Iguana. It took about 30 minutes in line. This isn't typical to my knowledge. The last seaday there was a line about 20 deep from 11:30 to 2:30 at the Blue Iguana. It was worth the wait and nice to get out of the sun for a bit but I can see how it would annoy others. Casino was empty on our cruise. We are both avid gamblers and cruise because of our casino offers. I guess it was mostly a family cruise so not many people at the casino. Comedy club always had seats. We would walk in 10 minutes early and be able to get great seats. I am not sure if this is typical. Comedy was great! If you have any other specific questions then let me know! We really enjoyed our time on the Elation. It was a very relaxing cruise!
  13. Hey Andie717, I’m on the Carnival Elation now. They have Truly sparked seltzer on the serenity deck menu :). Hope this helps!!
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