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  1. Just so glad that we are double vaxxed with Moderna. I would have accepted a mix if that was what the health authorities in my area was offering but I was hoping to stick to one and not switch. Thankfully we were lucky. Especially now finding out some places are having issues with Canadians with a mix of vaccinations. At least I can feel comfortable knowing I have a better chance of flying into France in August and then doing our NCL cruise out of Iceland next summer.
  2. Instead of making fun of people perhaps its better just to celebrate the return of cruises to Alaska.
  3. I was supposed to be on the Nieuw Statendam last year as part of a big European vacation and then the pandemic hit. So when sailings resume the new ship on the block will not be the new ship anymore. Happy sailings for those who are booked on the Rotterdam though.
  4. I am beginning more and more to think like the OP. I booked a 2022 cruise last year after a cancellation of a 2020 cruise and asking for a refund. I thought: What the heck, its way, way off so surely we must be going back to normal by then. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect that 2021 would just be a continuing rollout of cancellations. One year later, with lockdowns and vaccines, everything feels the same as it did a year ago. So now I am wondering about 2022 and the cruise I booked. If I don't see cruising return by the end of this summer (or at least looking like it will be happening sho
  5. I booked a whole different cruise on a different line in late 2020 for 2022 well after my planned 2020 trip was cancelled. I would not suggest a future cruise credit in these difficult days. Always go for the refund. Anyway, if my 2022 cruise is cancelled I'm done until the lines that are still around get back to a routine and we put the revolving door of cancellations behind us. Its one thing to remain positive but another to completely ignore reality. I already have $5K of flight credits with European air carriers that I have to rebook by the end of this year of lose them. They come first un
  6. Never got the chance to sail on her. 2020 cruise was cancelled and I see it is not sailing on any similar offerings in 2022. Such a disappointment when you lose both the itinerary and ship at the same time. Oh well. Can at least enjoy her on these cam shots.
  7. I believe this is it. Yes, it does allow for the order to be rescinded but I agree with those who said the sailing season for Alaska and New England are short. Also, no one wants to publicly admit it, but Canada is way behind in the vaccination progress and so there are no guarantees on their promised deliveries. More excuses and finger pointing than anything. It would be more of a surprise if Canada allows cruise ships in this year. I count 2021 as a write off. As a Canadian, I am disappointed.
  8. I've had this message for a few days now. I'll wait to see if its just a glitch or a more ominous sign of things to come (cruise is Europe in July 2022). However, if cancelled I'll take the refund and end cruising for quite some time (until they can show they can re-establish a schedule that actually is working). Last cruise was in 2018 and a 4 year wait is long enough. A cruise with a different line and different itinerary was cancelled in 2020. If cancelled I'll use my money for a land vacation. Hoping its a go for 2022 as this was going to be my first time on NCL.
  9. Sadly no. We spent two years planning our Norwegian fjord cruise and European vacation for the summer of 2020 (almost three weeks of travelling). Well, I don't have to mention what happened. Cancelled the hotels. Got the refund for the cruise and credits for the airfare. Still, not trusting 2021 enough to book as I just see an endless round of cancellations and voyages being moved around once cruising restarts. I put a small deposit on a totally different cruise for 2022 (different voyage and different cruise line) with hopes things will be more stable then. As for Norway? Maybe one day. Maybe
  10. I have travelled quite a few times on HAL and only once on Celebrity but I must say I actually like the new design of the Edge. Unfortunately, these boards have a number of people who defend their favourite lines by bashing another. Take it with a grain of salt. I like what I like. I travel on what I like and in which class I like. I am travelling to please myself not others.
  11. While most likely necessary given the current state of the virus and the border closures around the world it is disheartening. I am beginning to feel like we are being made offers to buy into future cruises in much the same way we make cats chase those red laser lights. Will always go after them but never catch them. Can't completely blame the cruise lines as they are damned if the do and damned if they don't. They are sailing through uncharted "waters" - excuse the pun - with no helpful guidance and they need to start up sometime or else face the risk of completely being bankrupt. But still t
  12. Hi, as it currently stands now I say yes to planning another cruise. When and where matters. I think 2021 right now is a toss up so I have booked us on a 2022 cruise. Its going to be tough as we used to cruise at least once a year. With us not doing one in 2019 and our 2020 cruise being cancelled it means 4 years between cruises. So yes, I am more than itching to go. I am already overdue. I figured Iceland is a good start for a Canadian.....reduces the entry into countries where the current rates of Covid are too high. Would I go with a mask and adhere to a cruise ship
  13. I sailed Celebrity once and continue to this day to get the most emails from them. HAL less frequently despite having sailed with them more. Lots from Silversea and Cunard due to my sailings with them over the years. Does any incentives really work? For me its about the destination first. Cruise line and price follows but I either like the voyage enough or I don't so I find most of the promotional emails I receive useless. As for the upcoming year(s) - didn't try to replace what I lost in 2020. Taking a chance 2022 is more hopeful but went off in a totally different direction putting a deposit
  14. Well it seems everyone did not want to speak about the elephant in the room for the longest time. This pandemic (or at least the reaction against it) is worse than we wanted to believe. Even I had high hopes that cruising would have resumed by now and find myself disappointed. If this pause was extended into 2021 months ago perhaps I would have been shocked but today find myself numb. I recently made a decision - against my better judgement - to put down a payment on another cruise line in 2022 thinking if cruises are being cancelled that long then the industry is in real trouble. Today's anno
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