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  1. Interesting to find this out. Will be on the Nieuw Statendam next year on a Norwegian cruise and visiting the town near where this Viking Sky ship is undergoing the evacuation. Still hopeful as these things do happen and it's unfortunate but we can't stop living. We just have to be reminded to be humble every now and then and consider the bigger things in life and realize how good we sometimes do have it. Hope everyone on the Viking Sky is okay!
  2. Update to the Silver Wind story. We were honest in our completion of the survey onboard but thought that would be the end of that. We just received a small refund cheque in the mail today from our travel agent - whom we have not said a word about our experience. It seems Silversea gave us a small refund on that last sailing. What for, I am not sure but given the issues I mentioned previously I can only think Silversea was inundated with comments about the Wind - not always in the positive. Not sure why our Silver Wind experience went into disarray but glad to see Silversea is attempting to show it still cares for its fleet and the customer experience which places the line into the higher category it is in. Will we sail with them again? Perhaps for the right destination and right price. No big plans for 2019 at this time.
  3. Actually, I await the total do over of the Wind. I must admit the sailing on her we did this past Sept/Oct had a number of disappointments about it when compared to my previous two Silversea cruises (one traditional and one expedition). It felt like the ship just wasn't getting the respect from the company that we experienced previously.The sailing was far from a total disaster but I definitely noted room for improvement. When you hear a number of fellow passengers compare it to other luxury lines and say it didn't live up to those standards, and I certainly felt like it didn't live up to Silversea, I wasn't sure if it was just the ship or worse, the line itself. Perhaps a total revision of the Wind's purpose in the Silversea family and new blood will kick it out of complacency.
  4. Returning to HAL for the first time since 2011. Just booked the Nieuw Statendam for a 7 day Norwegian fjord sailing out of Amsterdam starting July 19, 2020.
  5. I flew with TAP Air Portugal in September one way Toronto-Lisbon-Copenhagen (due to use of Aeroplan points) to catch a transatlantic. My experience may be skewered because we managed to get the coveted business class tickets. I would say TAP is about the middle of the pack. They were definitely running on time the whole trip (not one minute late) and I found the staff to be somewhat friendly on both legs. I can't speak about the food in economy but the food I had was decent. There was no luggage problems. Perhaps the only complaint I had was a poor selection of choices on the IE on the transatlantic but since it was overnight I should be sleeping anyway. Would I do TAP again? Given the right times and the right price I would consider them. I see currently they are very competitive price wise and are offering Portugal as a stopover destination similar to the success Icelandair had with it's Iceland layover program.
  6. Glad it's been a great voyage. Keep it in good shape as we join the ship in less than 4 weeks in Reykjavik for the crossing to Montreal.
  7. The answer to this question is so subjective that there is no right or wrong answer. A variety of people travel for different reasons with different price points and different expectations. As one ages and their experiences and health changes so does the needs. What I was willing to put up with 20-30 years ago I am more inclined to say no these days and aim for something I wouldn't think would have been worth it back then.
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