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  1. cltnccruisers

    Nassau: self guided walking tour and souvenirs to look for

    I had knee surgery last year and DW had a cortizone shot a couple weeks before. We found walking to be a bit rough in spots. Too late we noticed the horse 'n buggies for hire. I have no idea how much they are but the folks we saw in them seemed to be enjoying the ride. Also, a couple of times we saw them parked with a "Hired" sign while their fares were shopping or visiting some site.
  2. cltnccruisers

    Concierge Class boarding day lunch

    We we asked about specialty dining at the entrance but then left in peace.
  3. cltnccruisers

    Infinity 4-night AMA!

    We were on this same Infinity itinerary over Halloween. Very enjoyable ship with the exception of the casino which was way too cramped. MDR was very good. We were bumped a concierge cabin at no additional cost. Nice little touches, especially the embarkation day lunch in the MDR. DW hates buffets so this was a nice way to start. Loved Key West - "eclectic" is a good word for KW.
  4. cltnccruisers

    Conceige Stateroom

    We were concierge on Infinity last month and got a very nice canvas tote.
  5. cltnccruisers

    Nassau: self guided walking tour and souvenirs to look for

    Couple in our 60s. We were in Nassau last month. 4 ships in port. Extremely crowded and noisy. We used a walking tour we'd found online, only reversed since we had some specific shopping we wanted to do first. Never felt threatened in any way but the walk itself was pretty tough at times. Getting to the Queen's Staircase, for example, was quite a climb. As you might expect, everything from the piers inland is uphill. Also, watch when stepping off curbs - some of them are quite steep. This was our first time in Nassau. Our habit is to just wander the ports the first time. Should we ever return we'll not do that again.
  6. cltnccruisers

    Celebrity Reflection - Which Pier in San Juan?

    If you're looking for someplace memorable to eat we'd recommend Marmalade at 317 Calle Fortaleza. Unique atmosphere, excellent food, great service. Not cheap but worth every penny IMHO. Google 359 reviews - all 5 stars.
  7. cltnccruisers

    Celebrity Infinity-any recent cruisers?

    When we go to a new port for the first time we tend to do a good bit of research then usually walk around. This has worked well almost everywhere - Hawaii, Mexico, Carib, Europe - just not in Nassau. A couple at our table did Blue Lagoon and had a great time so if we return maybe we'll give that a try. Seems like the excursion folks did better than the wanderers there. Beer drinker here, too, with the occasional shot of Makers Mark. Like to try the local brews whenever possible. Nice chatting with you. Happy cruising
  8. cltnccruisers

    Celebrity Infinity-any recent cruisers?

    We were in 7190 - C1 - got bumped up from a veranda. Our first time in concierge. Pablo was our steward and did a great job. We knew beforehand that you had to ask for the bubbly - something new and not a good thing, we think. Our stateroom was spotless and in a good location. This was only our 7th cruise but we thought the MDR food was great - better than Silhouette in March. I was kind of PO'd about our waiter's upsell, though. I wouldn't have tipped him because of it, but my wife...... BTW, we liked Key West a lot but not so much Nassau. What did you do there, if I may ask? And I guess I just did.
  9. cltnccruisers

    Celebrity Infinity-any recent cruisers?

    We just came off on 11/1 and our ship experience was 180 degrees from yours - wonder what the difference was.
  10. cltnccruisers

    Celebrity Infinity-any recent cruisers?

    This was only our 7th cruise but we thought the MDR on Infinity last week may have been the best MDR food of any of them.
  11. We've been on FOS before and are planning this same itinerary with daughter and grandaughters for April, 2020. But optionally we are looking to later in the summer. The problem there could be the heat. Some meds I take don't react well with it. Sohow hot were the islands in July? Sad to hear Philipsburg may not be recovering well. We were in San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten in March, 2018, and were encouraged then by the industriousness of the locals. We made sure to take extra cash to spend with local vendors. We had lunch at Lizzy's on the first day they were open after the hurricanes. You could still hear hammers in the back. Friendly, great food - wife had a seafood salad and I had ribs. When it came time to leave the waitress realized she didn't have any prices. So she called back to the owner and he responded with a really low total. So we doubled it plus a good tip - our preferred method of recovery support. Great review, btw. It'll be a good help in our planning.
  12. cltnccruisers

    Not a Nassau Fan

    We actually do a lot of research before we go to a new port. CC, Tripadvisor, local sites like chambers of commerce or visitors' sites. In this case we used a walking tour we'd found online - we don't just wander blindly. We've done much the same thing in many stops across the Caribbean and Europe with many more to come. For what we prefer, Nassau is easily at the bottom of the list. To each his own.
  13. cltnccruisers

    Not a Nassau Fan

    Good comment, Tapi, and perhaps we'll do such sometime down the road. But for now the sour taste is too recent and there are too many options we haven't yet sampled, as I'm sure you understand.
  14. cltnccruisers

    Not a Nassau Fan

    We'd never been to Nassau. When we go to a new smallish port for the first time we like to walk around and get a feel for the place. On this cruise we had first stopped in Key West and loved it - eclectic is a good word. We took the same kind of stroll in Nassau and had the opposite feeling. To start with, the infrastructure is awful. Sidewalks and streets are broken up and, frankly, dangerous. I can understand that they might want to keep the olde time ambiance for the tourist industry but don't do it at the expense of safety. Also, DW is a shopper and a good one. I thought it was just me, but she also felt that shopkeepers were rude and surly. There were four ships in port. You would think these folks would be happy for the business. Since they were not, and given the general congestion and noise, we'll probably stay on the ship if we ever (unlikely) stop in Nassau again.
  15. cltnccruisers

    On Board Credit Usage Suggestions?

    That's good to know about Princess. We're looking to do an extended family cruise an little nuances like that are helpful.