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  1. We'll have our 13 and 15 year old granddaughters on FOS in April, 2020. We don't know if they'll want to take part in any of the teen programs since it's a fairly port intensive cruise. But recently we've read some disturbing reviews regarding lack of supervision for those programs. Anyone have any recent experiences that could relieve our concerns or warn us off?
  2. As far as location goes I don't think you can do much better in OSJ. Everything is within walking distance or if you prefer the HOHO stops at the front door. I'll put a note in my calendar to drop you a note when we get back in April.
  3. Hi Nate. We did book through their site. A golf buddy has started a TA and I transferred this cruise to him as a test. I told him where we wanted to stay and he immediately tried to talk us into a B2B and a couple of places in Condado. He's a friend but he doesn't listen. Anyway, if you want to be creative talk to Miguel. He went above and beyond even though we booked a year out. Initially, the front desk said the suite was limited to 4. We have 5 but the configuration was a king and 2 twins as well as a couch. When I chatted with Miguel he agreed 5 is not a problem. So we maybe pay an extra $20 a night. Big deal. If you read review on Tripadvisor, Miguel really is the man.
  4. That's kind of what I was thinking. We'll probably book something the following Spring. We're on Reflection for an Iberian this September and were thinking to stop in at Next Cruise for a chat about it.
  5. We've got a September, 2020, cruise with a non-refundable deposit that we are probably going to have to cancel. My question is, are we 100% out of luck with the deposit or is it possible to transfer it to a new cruise?
  6. We were on Infinity for a short cruise this past Halloween. Yes it's smaller than many but we never felt cramped at all.
  7. Got Cruise Travel mag in the mail today. Big feature article on Edge. DW read it -says some good, some bad. Personally, I can't get past that asymmetrical growth on the side of the ship. It just looks so out of place.
  8. 2 of them, actually. We're still a year out but they bring it up every time we see them.
  9. Our HCB confirmation doesn't list a Resort Fee but there is an Additional Surcharge of $33 - that could be it. We're still happy booking a Superior Suite for about $400 less than 2 Queens.
  10. Just booked a Superior Suite in Hotel Casablanca for April 10, 2020. Taking our granddaughters on their first cruise. Price was better than 2 queens. After all the reviews and having seen the hotel when we last were in OSJ we felt we couldn't wait and risk losing what we wanted. In our humble opinion the location is perfect for seeing OSJ. And our front desk contact, Miguel, is a star. I know it's a year away but we'll report back regardless.
  11. We'll be staying at Hotel Casablanca pre-cruise with our granddaughters in April, 2020. They sure are proud of their new elevator. 😀
  12. DW and I were in OSJ last year. We liked it so much that we have scheduled our granddaughters' first cruise in April, 2020, starting with a few pre-cruise days in OSJ.
  13. We'll miss the little bottles - we have a collection of them in our vanity drawer. 😉
  14. If DL is so restrictive why do they not have someone minding the door? Or did the OP's MIL have a cloak of invisibility so she could sneak by the guards?
  15. Bingo! And on the other end it was very relaxing to have coffee, tea, juice and pastries in the Constellation Lounge while awaiting disembarkation. Little things that make nice bookends for the cruise.
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