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  1. Makes sense. I had an email exchange early in this process with a Princess Cruise Specialist. She was very good helping us straighten out the FCC for our group and distribute it across the new cruise. Thanks.
  2. My wife saw an article a couple of weeks ago about the break even point for newer ships vs older. Ships like Enchanted have a much lower break even than most - somewhere around 1/3 of their passenger limit. I wouldn't mind seeing the passenger count cut down a bit to give everyone a little space. Not that it would be a cure-all, but it would probably lower some folks' stress level.
  3. I don't know that too many regular cruisers expect the same experience as in the past. I know we don't. We're booked on Enchanted for 12/12/20 and hopefully the CDC mandated processes will have been in place long enough to have the kinks worked out.
  4. Last I chatted with Princess about Enchanted the line was that all Europe cruises would be cancelled (they have), she would make the voyage to Ft Lauderdale with no pax as a shakedown for the crew, then pick up with the Caribbean season. A lot factors into that, of course, but I hope it's right since we rebooked our cancelled April to 12/12 on her.
  5. If you do a search on this topic for gift it should return 32 postings. Hopefully you'll find something in them. Good luck.
  6. This is from the FAQ page on the Princess site. If I have used my Princess Cruises Gift Card to pay for my cruise and opted for a refund, how can I receive it? (North American Guests Only) If you have your original Princess Cruises Gift Card, a credit will be added back to that card, so always hold on to your gift cards even after you fully use them. If you do not have the original card, contact Princess Cruises Gift Card Customer Service at giftcardsupport@princesscruises.com or 1-855-426-0168, and a new Princess Cruises Gift Card will be sent to you.
  7. This is only our second cruise with Princess, booked to meet the schedules for daughters and granddaughters, and we'll return to our preferred line next year. But it's still sad to see so many long timers abandoning the relationship based on a once in a lifetime problem.
  8. I did find a couple of posts referencing "in transit". This discussion has been all over the planet and it's easy for my God-I-wish-I-was-retired memory to slip. It'll never happen but I'd love to see an after action report explaining who did what, when and why. And especially how can Princess improve support in places like the UK. I'm afraid I touched a raw nerve with aulanis yesterday. I'll have to hunt him down for a peace pint if we get over there again. 🍻
  9. There is reference to "in transit" on pg 90, posts 2228 and 2232. Darned if I can find the original post about the webinar but I think it was from ceilidh1 so I've asked in their last post. That said, I just googled and came up with this https://book.princess.com/BookingSystem/goToUrl.do?srcURL=au/training/webinars/index.jsp&company=PA
  10. Did you get your callback yet? BTW, was it you that was on the webinar earlier in the week when "in transit" was mentioned regarding interrupted cruises? I brought that up with suzyed and they asked about the webinar and how to access it.
  11. No surprise that data entry would be an issue with this. Hopefully this didn't reset your process to the beginning.
  12. Sadly, only us and one other family display them in our little neighborhood of 33 homes. I had occasion to drive through a couple of large plans last July 4 and there were none. Embarrassing.
  13. The term came up in a post earlier this week based on a Princess webinar. I called yesterday about the status of our refund just out of curiosity and asked the rep what "in transit" meant. As you'd expect, the response was general and not specific to the current situation. For overcharges, at this point I wouldn't wait on Princess to resolve them but instead go to the CC company. But it's not your first dance so you've probably done that already.
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