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  1. Just to be safe we'll probably get ours booked as soon as it surfaces. Especially since it will be part of a B2B.
  2. To clarify on Amsterdam, DW has read reviews of B2Bs where folks were required to disembark and go through customs. That's what I was really wondering about and I wasn't very clear. We've been to Amsterdam and probably would do something that day.
  3. Very informative thread without any of the snarkiness that seems to pop up lately. 🙂 We've never been on a TA but have been scoping them out for a retirement voyage. You folks have been very helpful and we will revisit this thread as our plans firm up. One quick question. It seems as though TAs sell out very quickly - is that true or is it just my imagination running away with me?
  4. In fact, we found a Spring TA on Celebrity, Ft L to Amsterdam, then continuing with a British Isles from there that would fit the bill plus X is our preferred line. One point of discussion this morning is can we keep the same cabin and do we have to leave the ship in Amsterdam just to return later in the day. To my way of thinking the answers would be "Of course" to the cabin and "That's asinine" to leaving the ship. But in this new era, who knows.
  5. I'll be retiring in 2023. As a kind of Grand Finale we are looking to do an East to West TA with a British Isle cruise on the front end. We found a 23 day with Princess that is actually packaged that way. That would certainly simplify things. We haven't seen packages like that for other lines. Is Princess alone with marketing like this or do others as well?
  6. I'd like to see them do something reasonable with final payment dates. We've got a Feb, 2021, with a final payment date of Nov 15. Getting tired of shifting trips with Royal, Celebrity and Princess. If something positive doesn't happen soon it might be time to start cutting bait.
  7. Not sure how the 1. popped up. But I'll go for 2, 3, 4 etc.
  8. I just don't give a crap anymore. Governments have screwed us royally. They just want control and I don't want to give it to them regardless of party. Let us have freedom.
  9. To the worldwide effort point, Pfizer is in the process of acquiring a vaccine production facility in Germany to increase capacity. I wouldn't be shocked to see some of the other pharmas do the same.
  10. I saw it on Fox earlier today including an interview with the lead researcher. He took time to explain in layman's terms how it works differently from a vaccine and how its uses would differ.
  11. So does Disney have early warning on the CDC extending the no-sail order or do they just not think they could be ready until 12/6 regardless?
  12. I saw this earlier this afternoon on both Fox and MSNBC. I just caught snippets but what interested me was that it would allow for a causal differentiation between COVID-19 and seasonal flu deaths.
  13. ... the elderly and people with underlying health conditions getting vaccinated first... Based on the cruises we've been on that could cover close to 74% of passengers - including us. I doubt we'll be good to go for our Feb 2021cruise but the Aug 2021 to the ABCs is more of a good shot. Trying to keep the glass half full.
  14. Company CEO Albert Bourla has said it is “likely” the US will get a coronavirus vaccine treatment to the public before the end of the year. “I cannot say what the FDA will do,” Bourla said. “But I think it’s a likely scenario, and we are preparing for it.” That scenario includes distributing “hundreds of thousands of doses.” I doubt distribution would be widespread enough to impact cruising much before June, 2021. But I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed. Then there's the whole question of effectiveness........
  15. We did the same with a family Princess cruise we rebooked. 7 family members in 3 cabins with FCC tagged to them all plus we were upgrading to mini-suites and shuffling occupants. No way was I going to try to do that without professional help. 🙂
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