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  1. I'm a fan of Charleston because I'm a bit of a history nut. It also has many great restaurants and beautiful architecture. Hilton Head has some of the cleanest beaches in the Carolinas without the congestion of Myrtle Beach. Very relaxing.
  2. I've gotten a few of those. But I also got a visit from my state rep in Pa and more recently a phone call from Gov Hogan of Maryland. Depends on whether you touch a nerve I guess.
  3. Could be wrong, Rick, but from DC's emoji that might have been in jest. I agree with you, though. I've written my reps 6 or 8 times over the years. Always got some sort of response and twice actually got results.
  4. We've been looking at land options as well. In April I have a golf trip with the guys to Myrtle Beach then when I get back my wife, 2 daughters and a couple of their friends go to MB on a wine (or is it whine) trip. If August doesn't happen we'll use that time to hit Charleston, Hilton Head or Savannah.
  5. In this circumstance she is one heck of a powerful advisor. Those elected officials will mostly do what they are advised to do. We shall see. We have an August ABC cruise then a November Western Caribbean. Not holding my breath for August, more hopeful about November. 🙂
  6. Does Dr Walensky know she's one of the "powers that be" yet?
  7. US Travel Association calls for CDC to lift restrictions on cruise industry, allow sailing to resume (yahoo.com) Regardless, I still don't think cruising is going anywhere fast in what has become a political issue as much as a health issue.
  8. Always thought 'mitigation' was a good term for this sort of thing. But I used it this past Sunday and got several deer in headlights looks so maybe not.
  9. SC has done the same and it's a much shorter drive. Someday, maybe.
  10. After watching Dir Walensky and Pres Biden's recent statements I've given up any hope of cruising out of the US through 2022. Time to start planning some landside vacations. First is a golf trip to Myrtle Beach next month.
  11. Could be the CDC would view this as a problem with the corporate culture of Celebrity that could color their opinion of the line's protocols.
  12. Quick question for the many Fla residents here. Assuming when things do get going again that vaccinations and negative tests will be required how practical is it to expect that we could get tested in Fla en route to the embarkation port? It has become our habit for a Saturday departure to drive part way on Thursday, stay Friday in someplace like St Augustine then head to the port Saturday. So could we expect to be able to get a rapid test at a Publix or a CVS?
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