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  1. This was the wording on my cancellation email, “Carnival will honor this offer for any guests who were previously booked on these voyages and cancelled their booking on or after March 6, 2020.” Carnival cancelled our cruise on June 22nd (sail date was in 8/22/2020). They honored cancellations from March 6th onward, so yes you can get the OBC if you cancelled before Carnival does. The only caveat is that you’ve canceled on or after the date in your email.
  2. Yes, you can still get the OBC. We had about 9 cabins that cancelled 2-3 weeks before Carnival officially cancelled, they honored the OBC for each cabin.
  3. I’m waiting on any news for Alaskan Cruises as well. We are on the 4/20 sailing departing from Vancouver returning to Seattle. I honestly don’t see how they can’t cancel these sailings.
  4. Thank you. We are sailing on Carnival. As of yesterday they've revised their cancellation policy, and they are also offering an OBC. My dad said still wants to cruise, so we are going.
  5. Taking the $200 OBC. . We are sailing to Alaska from Vancouver returning to Seattle.
  6. We are scheduled (April) to fly into Seattle. Our cruise departs from Vancouver and returns to Seattle. We have plans to spend the night in Seattle before taking the train to Vancouver. Not sure now what we'll do as my dad, who's in his eighties, is sailing with us. I'm waiting to see if the cruise line offers penalty free cancellations before we make a final decision.
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