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  1. Yes, there are Fare Machines at all the stations. You can purchase a ticket using a credit card. Sorry, I don't know the cost, but the link posted by clo should help. One thing to be aware of is that if you are taking the Skytrain from YVR Airport to the cruise terminal at Canada Place (or anywhere for that matter), there is an airport surcharge. I think it's $6?
  2. I was on the Star in October, and at that time there was still a Library. It was combined with the computer lounge which was on Deck 5, behind the Piazza. Just head in, and the books are on shelves at the back of the room.
  3. Smart thinking! I need to get some of that OBC soon!
  4. I have booked my teen kids in their own cabin twice. I call Princess directly, and they have booked the kids in their own cabin without any trouble at all. They would have been 12 and 16 the first time, then 13 and 17 the second time. The booking staff then linked our reservations together so I could buy soda packages and make reservations for all of us. We got extra door keys at the Customer Service desk soon after we boarded. It was no trouble at all. Don't worry about booking one kid and one adult in each cabin. Just call Princess directly and they will take care of it for
  5. Why are they putting Medallion Net on her if she is going to P&O in October? They hadn't even switched out the TV's to the new wall mounted flat screens when we were on her in October. And there was no sign of an Medallion installations.
  6. Recently on the Star, the prizes were usually coasters, wine stoppers, and stainless steel water bottles. There was one instance of a guest yelling at the cruise staff because she thought her answer was correct. She would not shut up. So I yelled out that she needed to calm down, and that it was just trivia. She did shut up after that. I think people need to be called out for their bad behaviour. I also had one guy accuse me of cheating, saying that I googled an answer. Buddy, I don't get wi-fi, on the ship, and I certainly wouldn't bother using it to win a Princess C
  7. What type of cabin were you in? What deck? So exciting to have the rare Barrel Chair! Ha ha!
  8. I got the same notice last night for an upcoming California Coastal on the Star. I assume it's US based, as it affects all of our port stops in California. We will have less time in San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara and LA, but no change in our arrival time back in Vancouver. Sadly, it cuts 3 hours off San Fran, 2 hours of San Diego, and 2.5 hours off our LA stops. But I'm glad marine life is being protected, in a small way.
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