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  1. Thank you for offering to answer some questions. May I just say that I have cruised a lot and Celebrity is by far my favourite line particularly for the food and service. It is actually very difficult to fill out the comment surveys at the end of the cruise because there is very little that I can think of which you could do better I terms of service, hospitality and food. Keep up the hard work and high standards please! I know other lines have cut things they think passengers won’t notice to save money here and there but please keep up the standards we are used to. We are willing to pay more for it! I have a question about dining arrangements on board. We really enjoy sitting amongst fellow passengers on our table and getting to know them at a set seating time. We usually prefer late seating. However, In recent years we have found that due to the other dining options on board we have often found ourselves alone on a large table and that is the case with other couples around the dining room I notice. I’ve noticed this to be a problem on Celebrity more than other cruise lines to be honest, maybe there are more speciality restaurants on board than other lines. I think there should be an option when you book to indicate how frequently you will choose to use the main dining room (and this can also be seen if people book a speciality dining package before they board). There may be people that never want to use it or only half the time or people that don’t like their allocated dining time so choose to eat elsewhere on most nights. This may help the maitre’d allocate people to tables based on the likelihood of their attendance, and all the regular attendees of the MDR can sit together. On our last cruise on the Silhouette our waiter told us they had been ringing around rooms of people that have never shown up for dinner and those people said they weren’t aware they had a table in the main dining room. Perhaps when people book a cruise they should receive information either in their ticket booklet or on a separate email with basic information i.e, what to pack, dining arrangements, tipping, tendering procedures etc. so they know what to expect of a cruise holiday before they embark. Thank you
  2. Agreed I think it’s a losing battle. To be honest though I’ve only seen people wear t shirts with logos on once in the main dining room and that was a cruise out of Italy in school holidays with a lot of Italian families on board, most of the time I think people are generally smart in the MDR. I wouldn’t like it though if I’d come down to dinner in a nice dress and I was sat next to someone in jeans and t shirt as I might feel a little uncomfortable.
  3. Thanks for your reply. What do you think about enforcement of no jeans, flip flops, shorts, t-shirts on every night? Personally I think this should be the case. I don’t expect people to be super dressy but I think it’s nice for people to put on something slightly smarter to go to dinner than what they were wearing to lounge round the ship in during the day.
  4. Thank you for your comment above. We used the alcoves on reflection and very much enjoyed the fact that the area was free of people in front of us. I didn’t realise they have now changed this.
  5. Firstly thank you for offering to answer some of our questions. I have quite a controversial topic to raise and that is around evening chic nights. I know the cruise industry is trying to keep up to date and appeal to a wider market nowadays, but the removal of formal nights is a shame from my point of view. I know many other people will have a different views on this matter, but we really like dressing up and we liked it when cruising was more formal than it is now. Is there an any plan to bring back formal nights on Celebrity? We do miss formal nights on celebrity and find the dress code is very mixed on the other smart casual nights with some passengers in smart clothes and others in more daytime attire in the main dining room. We find when other passengers don’t dress for dinner, this ruins the ambience of the evening. I don’t know what other people’s thoughts are on this? Thank you
  6. I would like to know the answer to this question as well, we like to be on late seating and the elite happy hour is quite early for us therefore to have a pre-dinner drink? thank you
  7. I agree with the comments above, concierge to us is the same as the verandah stateroom, the only benefit that is worth having is the foot stool (and the fact the cabins are in better locations on the ship usually). We did the Silhouette last year and very much enjoyed the foot stool. For the little expense to Celebrity why not just put them in every stateroom. We we also enjoy breakfast on the balcony. We are looking at a Millennium class ship next year and I was disappointed to see a low height table on the balcony which could make breakfast difficult and not as enjoyable. When we show people pictures of us reclining on our balcony with breakfast and watching a sail in that is what most attracts them to want to try a cruise!
  8. I agree with this, typically celebrity don’t have the best Northern Europe itineraries, compared to other cruise lines. We love celebrity and think it’s the best cruise line but their lack of good Norway and Arctic circle and also Iceland itineraries have meant that we have had to look at Cunard itineraries this year. Whilst their branding doesn’t suggest it, Cunard’s food and service is not as good in any way as celebrity and we would rather not have to switch cruise lines just so we can visit the places we want to visit. The Norway cruises on Celebrity are only short week long cruises. We also want to see the fjords which means we want to go to Geiranger, Flam, Eidfjord, Skolden or Olden and not so much the coastal towns like Bergen and Stavanger. On the two or three trips celebrity do to Norway you are lucky if you have one of these fjord ports on the itinerary. We were fortunate to do the Silhouette last year which went to Geiranger and Flam and because it was such a good itinerary the cabins were sold at expensive prices, the same cruise this year only does Flam so the cabins were sold at a fraction of the price. Surely it’s in Celebrity’s interest to offer good itineraries. For Iceland the celebrity Silhouette was half the price of an Iceland cruise on Cunard queen Elizabeth, but as QE had 4 days in Iceland compared to 1.5 days in Reykjavik and half a day in Akureyri on Celebrity, this was the preferred choice for us even though we would be paying double for worse service. Cunard and princess also go up to the arctic circle this year as well, if Celebrity did it I would book it without question. Please let us know if Celebrity intends to improve itineraries to Norway and Iceland and also offer an Arctic circle cruise?
  9. It’s interesting that other people have had the same experience as we have. We went on celebrity Reflection for our honeymoon and were given nothing, not even some towel animals and a happy honeymoon note. Then we went on the Eclipse for our first anniversary and we got a gift, wine and a nice note. We didn’t care about them acknowledging a wedding anniversary which happens every year but we really did mind about them not making our honeymoon feel special which is something you only do once. Its weird that that different ships have different ways of doing things.
  10. Thank you that is really helpful!
  11. Thanks again for your help. Another cabin has come up today on the cruise on starboard side which I tend to prefer (but not sure why). It is 6149. Would you happen to know on this one which way the bed would be? Also do you think starboard or port is better or do you not have a preference?
  12. Thanks very much for your information. I was worried about the laundry room but pleased you tell me that it’s quiet.
  13. thanks very much for your help, that is a good point about the toilet positioning. the other cabin we are considering is 5063 which now I look does have a smaller balcony I think. I think the ones in the forward and aft on that deck are standard size balconies but this one looks smaller to me.
  14. Thank you that is so helpful. I am guessing there won’t be a lot of traffic through that door opposite as it’s the air con station? We are also looking at some cabins on deck 5 and I don’t know if you know the answer to this but from pictures it looks like the deck 6 balconies overhang the deck 5 balconies in the mid section where the lifeboats are, is this correct?
  15. We are experienced cruisers but new to Cunard and so have a few questions: 1. We are looking to go on the queen Elizabeth and wondered if there were any other locations you can get complimentary drinks (water, juice, tea and coffee) other than the Lido Restaurant? 2. Also has anyone stayed in 6054, we noticed there is a door opposite does anyone know what it is for? also which way round the bed is?
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