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  1. Hello there, I just saw you post this morning and thought I would let you know that me and my husband did a mediterranean cruise on the Reflection for our honeymoon!! We were 28 and 29 at the time (we are now 34 and 35 - how time flies!) and loved it! We sailed Rome to Rome in July, we didn't go as far south as Israel but as far south as Turkey and the greek Isles. I am elite on celebrity so like the line and have never done regent so can't compare unfortunately. My understanding is that regent is a luxury line so as its your honeymoon it may be worth opting for that up
  2. Thanks very much for the information. Yes I do like a straw, so that’s a really good tip!
  3. Thanks for your help, One last question on this. Do you know if in order for the soda package to work you have to have a soda cup that you carry around with you or can you get a new cup each time? And I guess with the medallion and the app you can just get the drink delivered to wherever you are? thanks very much
  4. Thanks I’ve had a look at the balconies on regal they are tiny!
  5. Thanks for your help, How does the medallion work then, is it a replacement for your key card? thanks
  6. All, thanks for your help on here. It looks like this cruise will be on regal, we are waiting until they release the cruise for sale with this ship before we decide on anything but we may wait altogether to see what happens first with Covid etc. I just have have one question about the regal, has anyone done this ship and what do they think? I’m a little disappointed that this cruise has switched to the regal because looking at the deck plans it looks like it is less suited to a cold weather cruise in terms of pools etc, I also notice people’s comments about the size of the balconi
  7. Can I also please ask what is classified as a cocktail/virgin cocktail? On celebrity you can pretty much ask for any cocktail virgin, is this what princess mean or do they have a selection of what they classify as cocktails under this package? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the information I think for us the soda and more package sounds quite good because we love a good mocktail. Lets hope they are still offering it for that sort of price next year, I have a feeling up-selling onboard may increase after this pandemic.
  9. thats great thanks, I will look into that promo. Nice to know Alfredos is on there I liked the sound of that.
  10. Thanks very much for the detail, yes I get the impression princess has more available food options throughout the day but not so many complimentary drinks. Are there any drinks packages where you can get non alcoholic cocktails, we enjoy those and would happily drink them all day long? We usually like a late dinner seating with the show after dinner. I notice though that princesses late is 7:15 whilst celebrity is usually much later than that. thanks so much for your help
  11. That is annoying that there is no Alfredo’s on Regal and the balcony size sounds very small to me.
  12. Thank you very much, very nice picture. That is similar to what my husband wears on formal nights.
  13. Thanks very much for your help. We usually like to go for a late show so maybe we will be alright in terms of not having to get there too early.
  14. Thanks very much for your very detailed answers. I take it if you get a BD grade cabin on the caribe deck that is a way to pay less for a balcony but still get the larger balcony size? It looks like the cruise I am interested is now go8ng to be swapped for the Regal. Have you ever done that ship at all? thanks Nicole
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