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  1. Last night our Nov. 2021 Explorer, the DDP went down to $43. BOUGHT! It was $74 a few weeks ago and then went down to $54. I was not expecting $43, I'll take that great price.
  2. I'm interested in knowing when they will announce 2022 Caribbean sailings from San Juan?
  3. Ours was a L&S from this October. Around last March when Covid starting rearing it's ugly head I told my wife we would be ok, there was no way way it would impact our cruise. By June we started to worry and went ahead and did the L&S thinking it will definitely be over by November of 2021. I've got my fingers crossed for this one.
  4. I would of liked your comment but I can't. I do find it irritating along with the new format, hard to read.
  5. We have always come out on top as far as our money on the DDP, and we are not alcoholics. We look and buy at the best price. Usually averages out to 4-5 drinks per day and that covers all waters, sodas, coffee and cocktails. The main thing we like is to prepay for our drinks ahead of time and not worry about a bill at the end of our cruise.
  6. I agree and even worry that our November 2021 is very iffy.
  7. @MrSnarkyPants Good to hear. We finally got our total OBC to $125. We might have to put it towards the DDP since we originally bought it $41 and now it's $74. Oh well fun times.
  8. This will be temporary and not forever. I have no problem doing ship sponsored excursions. I will miss seeing the pier runners however.
  9. @John&LaLaThat would be one expensive hangover😂
  10. I was hoping to get a glass of Louis XIII on Harmony last October but none could be found. The best I could do was a Hennessy XO.
  11. Ours finally showed up yesterday (Thursday) on the cruise planner. I still can't access drink packages or internet packages.
  12. I think they should honor that too. We had a $25 OBC given to us for our son to use to join us for a specialty dinner for 2 that our TA is throwing in. Royal took away the $25 and now my TA is trying to get the credit back. Weird that the travel agency would give us a dinner perk for only 2 of 3 people staying in our suite.
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