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  1. I’ve heard Jack Shack has increased prices lately. Anyone got a copy of the new pricing? Thanks!
  2. This late in the game I’d be shocked if the same room was available.
  3. This is certainly good news. Now if they will also take a very small portion of that money for a tech upgrade to enable cheers on the island would be great as well.
  4. The Elation has had the exact same updates done and was more recent. They are essentially identical ships.
  5. Don't have a problem with weed but do have a huge issue with smoking it on a cruise ship. I don't want to smell it and I don't want the cruise ship burned down. Join the modern day and get a vape with THC juice. You won't be bothering or killing anyone and your chance of getting arrested is dramatically lower.
  6. No they won't. It is a secure area that is supplied by a vendor who brings everything in that meets US FDA standards. I would/dont have any issue going there, we are going in November. If you are going to town I would not drink anything, period. Take water with you.
  7. Depends on what you are looking for. They are very different ships. One is an older Fantasy class ship and the other is a much newer newly rebuilt ship with more passengers than originally designed but with the newer features. In this case you can't have you cake and eat it too. We've enjoyed the Elation very much. But since we've never had the features of the newer ships I'd go Sunrise. But it's a very personal decision.
  8. It's one port. I'm a big drinker but I can do a single port and not drink there. Carry off a few bottles of water and don't stress it.
  9. They are available but we pack our own. We don't risk something that is available we need being unavailable. We pack our own hangars and extension cord for my wife's CPAP even though they will provide one if requested. Not having either available would be a major issue.
  10. They will flat refuse to sell you a bucket, however they will sell you four beers if you say you are buying a round. I know it makes no sense but it is the carnival way.
  11. Another awesome review! Thanks again for all the time an effort you put into these. Looking forward to you Sunrise and Mardi Gras reviews.
  12. We were on her in March and has a great time. Likes: layout is wonderful and as mentioned rarely felt crowded. Crew was great Red Frog and Alchemy were always a good time. Wait staff was good with MDR quicker than most Serenity was huge. Cons: The ship was having AC issues. Our room was flooded twice and several other had problems. Plus it didn’t keep cool when it was working. The buffet was tight in seating. I think a lot of that is due to no guys or BI. With that said, no guys or BI. Same with the 2.0 bars. Having to go down to red frog to get something not from the pool bar was a downer. Water works was a joke. Overall we enjoyed but wont sail again until the 2.0 upgrades are done.
  13. They have an indian vegetarian offering every night on the menu.
  14. You've outgrown Carnival. They serve a demographic and you seem to have moved on. Princess, Celebrity, Holland among others may offer the amenities you desire. No offense at all intended.
  15. You will be fine. You can just do jeans if you prefer. We get dressed up as we like to "adult" as we call it but on elegant night you'll see all kinds. As long as it's not swim wear or basketball shorts you'll be fine. T-shirts and jeans are common place, and I couldn't care less. As long as they are covered I don't care what others are wearing.
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