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  1. My guess is around the end of the latest 100 day shutdown. (I know they can technically resume before that.). NY is on the brink of starting to decline along with most of the other hot spots. Give it another three months and we should be in the clear for the most part. Until there is a vaccine it will never be 100% safe but they cannot BK and entire industry until it’s 100% safe. There will be changes in screening and procedures on board with possible age restrictions. I completely anticipate cruise resuming in July. Doesnt effect me either way as mine was cancelled and next on is scheduled in December.
  2. Did the same thing to the Elation. Took one of the smallest ships and added 30ish rooms while removing the comedy club. More people and less space is there theme at the moment. The Spirit class have the most square footage per passenger and imagine they will find a way to add more rooms in due time.
  3. We technically are cruising 4/20. I have very little doubt that will happen. Realistically I think June is when they will start back. I have a ton of vacation time. We will do a pack and go once they start sailing again. Ship and destination be damned, just need to cruise.
  4. Mitsugirly! I've read several of your reviews, mostly Carnival. Few weeks ago I booked my first NCL cruise for 2021 on the Escape. Low and behold you have one of your excellent in depth reviews. I'd just starting it so have a lot to digest. Also found one of Sids live reviews on another ship but he it's Sid. This is going to take a while lol! Made it through a few pages so far and wow Sakari has gotten big!!!! Cant wait to make it through the review.
  5. Very nice! If they cancel through may the industry is in a bind in a bad bad way.
  6. ‘bankruptcy. I don’t anticipate it if we are limited to 30 days and get federal help. Extended beyond 30 days and not federal help and BK with a restructure is a real possibility. No they won’t go away but our stock will be worthless. All of these ships they’ve ordered the last few years have left them, and the other two as well, leveredged to the hilt.
  7. We do FTF. Normally dont but will be wiping down the room. After those five whole minutes are over it will be a Guys Burger and a Parched Pig IPA to get things rolling.
  8. Pretty much what I have been saying but seems to be poo pooed on by most. I'd love a transcript of the call he had prior to the announcement that they shut down for a month. Yes I know Carnival was the last. A bailout doesn't just have to be a boat load of cash. (pun intended) . But can be very very low interest loans to get them through the period of little to no cashflow. I would also not be surprised for the creditors to forgive penalties until the ships are sailing again. Them going bankrupt and selling assets is not likely to full fill the billions of loans they have out for all the new ships that have been ordered. While the ships are flagged in foreign ports the vast majority of cruise fares are paid in the states and hence taxed. It is going to be an interesting summer. I have 100 Canival I bought at $33. Likely but another 50 or and I'll pick up some RCL as well. Dont cruise them but it's cheap with a good dividend.
  9. Supposed to sail on 4/20 but I feel the same way that the shut down will be extended. If it isn’t we will be going.
  10. it’s pretty common, Carnival is doing the same.
  11. I bought at $33 and am holding. I fully anticipate hitting close to $10. Many ports are closing. Only a matter of time before they also suspend operations but I don't think as long for Carnival as they did for Princess. (not the PR mess and a younger clientel) I'll buy more around $10. I also believe a federal bailout of some form is coming for the industry. NCL in particular is hurting very very badly. Putting up ships as collateral to get some cash flow going.
  12. I bought at close to $20 and dumped it at $13.50 before the market opened this morning for a quick $600 loss. If it get 's into the $5 range I may try my luck at that price. Holding onto my Carnival stock though. It's the small size of NCL that makes me less confident they will see it through.
  13. They already have. Pretty much all but Florida have closed for any new cruises. I fully expect a federal bailout of the cruise lines ala they automakers of the last recession.
  14. Gotcha. New to NCL. Carnival is massive with all their lines and Royal has many themselves. Quick google shows three for NCL after your comment with two being small luxury lines so that certainly makes sense. As long as they dont BK I am not worried so much.
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