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  1. The actual policy is that a person’s PCR test be done “no more than 5 days prior to their arrival into the Country” and does not reference sailing date. For example, we are arriving on Friday and will be tested on Sunday. RCCL’s stated reasoning is that this will align with the BAHAMAS requirement for unvaccinated person to test 5 days prior to arriving into the Bahamas. Should a parent already have to test their unvaccinated child, for example, 5 days prior to arriving, then RCCL requiring the same time frame makes sense. See attached for RCCL’s detailed explanation.
  2. For the longest time I could view the Dining and Bar menus on the App. It helped me decide what night to book the Chef’s Table on our upcoming Adventure Sailing in a couple weeks. For at least the past few days they are no longer available to view. Has anyone else noticed this? Can others still see the menus?
  3. I thought it was very early to receive this given our cruise departs August 30, 2021.
  4. I was able to get through after multiple attempts. It’s a simple 1 question drop down choice re: vaccination. Yes, No without an exemption letter, No with an exemption letter. Then check off that you certify the accuracy of your choice. Each person on the reservation is listed on the same “page” but with their own drop down to choose.
  5. I actually prefer 5 night cruises. We live on, and run, a ranch and 7 days can feel too long to be away. Plus, I really miss my doggies when I’m gone and I’m ready to be back with them after 5 days. Plus, I’d much rather go on three 5 day cruises than two 7 day cruises. Being a 3 hour drive from Galveston helps. So we booked Breeze, 5 nights, for August. I’m thinking they will keep the vaccination requirement for at least a few months. I might be wrong, but we will see.
  6. I didn’t want to have to go back to Carnival, but Royal has forced my hand with their allowing non vaccinated people on cruises out of Galveston and with Carnival just having announced they will require vaccinations on ALL passengers leaving from Galveston through at least July. Many are anticipating that requirement will go though the end of summer at least. I live 3 hours from Galveston, so I choose to stick with those cruise lines that cruise from there, Royal and Carnival. I switched to Royal exclusively after a fiasco on the Carnival Vista when I booked the Havana Suite a couple years ago and was less than thrilled with the experience. But, I can’t choose Royal over Carnival for my summer cruise out of Galveston given Royal’s decision to allow un-vaccinated people on board on even their very first sailings out of the USA. Seems extraordinarily irresponsible and I certainly don’t want to be aboard a ship where there’s an outbreak among the un-vaccinated passengers and our cruise is thereby interrupted. So, I booked a Grand Suite aboard Carnival Breeze and will give them another try. Sorry to leave Royal but ultimately, they made that decision for me.
  7. Can you tell me what the earliest time available for reservations was in the MDR with My Time DIning?
  8. How are y’all reading this as it pertains to Assigned Dining? We are assigned an early seating at 5:30 on the AOS July 24 sailing from Nassau. Would we be included in the “it is strongly encourages that you make reservations for your onboard dining”? I wouldn’t have thought so except they go on to then say “Reservations for the Main Dining Room and Windjammer can be made once onboard...” after explaining the process for specialty dining and My Time Dining. I could understand that they wouldn’t want the hallway outside the dining rooms to be packed with people waiting for the doors to open for their 5:30 seating. “Dining - As all dining venues will offer spaced seating, it is strongly encouraged that you make reservations for your onboard dining. You can reserve specialty dining and My Time Dining times before your cruise via Cruise Planner. Reservations for the Main Dining Room and Windjammer can be made once onboard by using the Royal Caribbean App or calling the reservation line.”
  9. I’m sailing on July 24 and there are actually just 6 GS remaining on this sailing. Otherwise I might risk waiting for Royal Up options. For our first cruise back, I don’t necessarily want to risk not getting what I would prefer. The cost of the GS had dropped slightly and, although still way more than we have ever paid for a 7 night GS, it is now a bit easier to swallow. Also, I sent a message to RCCL via their FB page and received an answer that the Suite Lounge *will* be available on my sailing.
  10. I’m considering upgrading my Junior Suite to a Grand Suite on my Adventure of the Seas sailing from Nassau this July. Is there a general idea as to whether the Suite Lounge will be available during these sailings? Any hints as to RCCL’s intentions here? It is definitely one of my main reasons for booking Grand Suites and probably would not pay the premium over a Junior Suite for the other perks alone.
  11. Just signed in for July 24 cruise on AOS out of Nassau. Section 4, b, (4) of the Cruise Ticket Contract provided during Sign In clearly states “ (4) mandatory use by each Passenger (except where medically contraindicated) of face coverings in most locations outside of the Passenger?s cabin while onboard, during embarkation, disembarkation and shore excursions...”.
  12. Am I understanding this correctly, if 2 weeks post last vaccine dose we will not need a pre-arrival negative Covid test to enter the Bahamas? When was this changed? https://travel.gov.bs
  13. I did and I booked the $71 second day at Coco Cay a couple of days ago for my husband and I. Both days are now the $161.
  14. Screen shots from a Nieuw Amsterdam video online. So kind of blurry. The curtains between cabanas are normally drawn, this must have been for a larger group that booked them all. But the photos give you an idea of what is “poolside” from the cabanas. Both photos are from inside St. Tropez and you can see the larger open area outside St. Tropez, and you can see the narrow walkway, then wooden railing, then lounge chairs poolside from the other cabanas.
  15. I’m late replying to this post but thought I’d share my experience. We cruised Alaska on the Eurodam which has a very similar Lido Cabana setup. We chose the same location as you did, the cabana furthest from the Dive Bar, closest to the spa (most forward starboard side). We were very happy with this choice. Yes, it has less air flow and in Alaska we felt this was a good thing as the air can be chilly! It *is* next to the restrooms, but I noticed that very few people utilized these rest rooms as they are tucked away and maybe people weren’t aware of them being there. I found this to be a great convenience more than a draw back. The only “less than ideal” thing was that between our cabana and the restrooms was a curtained off area used for storage of various items that staff would come and go to retrieve or store. Mops maybe? Additional seating or lounges? I don’t remember exactly, and it was not a terrible thing just occasionally noticeable more so for the staff’s chatting than for any noise from their activity. The area outside this cabana (toward pool) is a more “open” area that is used for either lounge chairs, dining tables and chairs, and on some days tables set up with items for sale. I liked that as I’m a people watcher and this provided people to “watch”. The more inside cabanas look toward a very narrow walkway then a wooden railing separating the walkway from the poolside lounge chairs. This felt “tight” to me, as far as what the cabana looked out toward poolside and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. Of course most of our time was spent looking out to the view. We are going back to Alaska June 2022 on the Nieuw Amsterdam and have reserved the same cabana, St. Tropez. I think it’s the best $200 one can spend on a cruise, especially an Alaska cruise. Hope this helped. If you have specific questions I w ill be glad to answer.
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