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  1. May I ask if the internet was Starlink? Did you find the internet speeds acceptable?
  2. Your guess would be wrong. Please read the *rest* of the post for your answer.
  3. One (hopefully) last time for those that intentionally re-create the narrative of this original post, and for those that simply have poor reading comprehension…this post is about Royal’s intentional mislabeling of a product fleetwide…half and half when it’s milk, crab cake when it’s imitation Krab…hoping the customer doesn’t notice or doesn't care. My ability to obtain half and half while aboard is not the issue. What I may or may not have done as far as addressing this issue of mislabeling on this one specific cruise is a small minded view of the situation and not one I am choosing to share. I can say that it has been verified over the past year of cruising, and aboard this Presient’s Cruise, that staff have been told to provide milk when half and half is requested. It has also been verified that the Crab Cake in both the Main Dining Room and Chops contains no crab. I have no interest in what any of you do with this information on a individual basis. I’m sharing it for those to whom such things, like honesty and integrity, matter. Everyone will, and should, make their choices as they seem fit.
  4. Aboard Allure now, in a Crown Loft Suite. My answer is specific to the Suite Lounge as that is what you asked. You have access to the Lounge at all hours with your SeaPass Card. There is a specialty coffee machine there available for you that will make cappuccinos and lattes in addition to coffee. In the mornings they will have continental breakfast items available and in the evening from 5-8 they will have hors d’oeuvres available. From 11-11 you can get soda, water bottles, beer, and wine at no additional cost from the bar that spans the area between the Suite Lounge and the suite restaurant, Coastal Kitchen. From 5-8PM you can also get mixed drinks at no additional cost from this same bar, or from the drink servers who will take your drink orders during that time. One thing that surprised me because it is NOT the case on smaller ships’ Suite Lounge, they will not (can not?) make frozen drinks. Hope that information helps.
  5. If people would take a minute to read the comments, and replies, before posting they would see that this post is not about my not being able to access half and half. It is about the historical and fleetwide intentional misleading of the customer as has been reported in these forums over and over. My post is adding my anecdotal experience to that conversation
  6. This post is not about my not being able to access half and half. It is about the historical and fleetwide intentional misleading of the customer as has been reported in these forums over and over. My post is adding my anecdotal experience to that conversation.
  7. I am reporting my anecdotal experience on this forum where it has been discussed in the past and I am adding verification of the mislabeling that appears to be fleetwide. This post is not about my inability to manage the situation while aboard, but adding my perspective to a conversation of what appears to be intestinal misleading as has been discussed repeatedly on this forum. If you aren’t aware of the historical conversations then this might not be obvious to you.
  8. I would agree except this has been discussed on these forums and it appears this “half and half” mislabeling has been fleet wide and consistent in Cafe Promenade, Main Dining Room, and Windjammer. Mine is not an isolated incident, but a verification of the situation as has been repeatedly reported.
  9. Another example of this same misleading practice from Royal is that they insist on keeping the “Crab Cake” on their menu when it has been Imitation Krab for quite some time. Call it what it is, a seafood cake. To call it a Crab Cake is purposely misleading and another example of decreasing value and product while trying to maintain the appearance of an elevated product that you no longer provide. In less wordy terms, it is a lie.
  10. I would agree except that this has been discussed in the past and it does, in fact, appear to be a fleet wide practice that is deceptive at best. In Cafe Promenade, in the Main Dining Room, in the Windjammer. Many have commented that what is marked as half and half is, in fact, milk. An isolated incident would speak to what you say, but a fleet wide and consistent practice speaks more to intentional misleading.
  11. Please know that I realize the “lie” within this post might seem trivial, but I am making the post anyway. Mostly because at some point I begin to feel like Royal Caribbean, as a company, has developed a culture of creating an illusion of good intent and good value when what they are actually doing is making cut after cut without being honest and up front about it. They are decreasing the value while trying to hide the decrease from their customers. So, my example may seem trivial, but it is a clear example of my point…Royal Caribbean putting a shiny cheap cover up over a degrading product. Case in point… I am currently on the President’s Cruise and went to get a cup of coffee at Cafe Promenade last night. There were two containers at the coffee prep area one marked milk and one marked half and half. Knowing this subject is one of interest I tested both for what they contained. They contained an identical product, milk. I have read this same thing from others who has found the same thing over the past year. So I do not believe this to be an isolated incident. Royal Caribbean, if you’re only going to provide milk and not half and half then do not lie to your customers about offering half and half as an option. It is insulting and speaks to lack of honesty and integrity. It makes one question what else you are not being honest about. What other short cuts are you taking and purposely misleading your customers about? Whereas I can accept changes and cuts as Royal tries to turn around a bad financial situation, I can not accept being lied to along the way. If you’re going to remove a product, remove the product. But don’t lie about it and intentionally mislead your customers. Again, I know the “lie” might seem trivial. My post is to speak to the greater idea that once a dog kills a chicken, it can not be trusted around chickens. Once I am purposely misled, I then question everything.
  12. Just got the full sugar Passionfruit Syrup and made a Passion Spritz. Nailed it!!!!! It is so so good.
  13. I did use a sugar free Passion Fruit syrup, that’s probably the problem. I’m gonna try again with the real stuff. Just ordered on Amazon. Headed to the President’s Cruise in a few weeks. Wanna pregame. 🙂
  14. Yes, the prices I gave are “all in” cruise costs. The cost for the B2B Grand Suite I reserved aboard Utopia has gone up about $450 since the first day it was available for me to reserve, June 22nd.
  15. Used this recipe found online, https://attractionsmagazine.com/interview-royal-caribbean-director-of-beverage-operations-plus-drink-recipe-to-make-at-home/
  16. This is a problem for sure. Don’t say cream if it’s milk. Don’t bring milk if cream or half and half is requested, unless you let the passenger know. What they are doing is wasting a bunch of milk because the gray brown swill that coffee turns into once milk is added gets thrown away. It is undrinkable to those that use cream or half and half. Don’t lie to the consumer! I can understand change, but never being lied to.
  17. This is exactly as we found it. Ask for half and half or cream with your coffee in the MDR and get low fat milk. They literally had nothing else to offer when questioned.
  18. I’ve tried to make my all time favorite, the Passion Spritz, but have failed miserably in recreating anything even close to the original. Guess I’ll have to just keep on cruising to get my fix.
  19. Just checked. My B2B on Utopia in August 2024, Grand Suite is around $8800 vs Wonder 7 night leaving 2 days later is around $10,000. We aren't sailing these ships for the itinerary but to experience the ships so for us the B2B on Utopia makes sense.
  20. Thanks for the breakdown. Sure makes it easy to see why Royal continues to go cheaper and cheaper with what they are providing their passengers. I wonder when they will run out of new cruisers who don’t know any better and are currently responsible for well over half of the passenger counts filling the ships.
  21. This is exactly what we are seeing. Cruise after cruise, we are paying much more and getting much less. Pretty much at the point now where we no longer see value in the brand.
  22. Best answer to my inquiry yet! And as with most things Royal, it will likely be the ultimate answer. Thank you scottnkim for the laugh. 😂 But what I think might be happening is that many are not answering the specific question…specifically *half and half* in specifically the *Main Dining Room* or *Coastal Kitchen*. But all (most?) has been good information.
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