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  1. Please provide the source of your info. I do not believe he said this after the November financing. You seem to have sources that none of us are privy to. And when asked to provide evidence, it seems to have gone missing.
  2. Wasn't that interview before they sold $800+ million in stock in late November. Seems like old news. Yes?
  3. Interested to know the basis for this assertion. Please let me know your source of information. Thank You.
  4. The date of this post is 10/21. Yet on your most recent post on 11/01 you state that your refund was received on 10/19. What am I missing? You say "Don't believe Regent." Whom am I to believe?
  5. Doubt that any of the cruise lines would sail without following all of the recommendations. Perhaps when they issue the new protocols, they will use the terms shall and will.
  6. "The Panel was charged.....to recommend" Quote from the report. If asked for a recommendation, I would never use the terms you shall or will. Should sounds fine to me for recommendations. But I usually try to be polite. Full disclosure --I am not an attorney.
  7. Another airline screed. Been a while but knew it would reappear. Surprised it took so long.
  8. 62 posts on this thread in less than 8 hours. It is Saturday evening. People, pour a martini and relax. Nobody including the "experts" know what is going to happen in the next few months. So relax and go with the flow.
  9. Typical filing. Would not have been filed if it wasn't a done deal. Obviously, some are willing to invest.
  10. But if you understand why it was there before commenting, especially someone with such extensive Big 4 experience, you would not make a big deal of it.
  11. Tell Elon Musk that. Any CEO who makes irresponsible public statements is subject to grave consequences. But then again, I think there was a post a while back where some read more into a " going concern" than anyone who knew what a regulatory filing was intended to do.
  12. Some posts are inevitable. Surprised it took as long as it did. OBTW, who mentioned anything about the Navigator on this thread?
  13. Wasn't meant to refer to the pandemic or future cruising. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. Please don't try to get the last word. This subject could go on for days and nobody knows.
  15. Depends on the amount. AMEX has a limit. Would be good to know the amounts involved from all the posters.
  16. Not quite an apology but close enough. Certainly he contributes more than some prolific posters.
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