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  1. What a timely thread for me. I tried to book a Caribbean cruise today in the UK for next Jan on the Grandeur of the Seas and I found it impossible to add flights. Yet, when using a well known ‘Eskimo house’ travel agency I could..! Is this normal as I’m sure I’ve booked a flight through the UK Royal Caribbean site in the past?
  2. So the angry face remains 🤬 Was going to Norway on the 28/8 £2665 all in for 1 balcony (2 adults and 2 children) plus a nearby inside (2 adults and 1 child). To sail around the UK and having to ‘pay to get off’ it is now £5905 and that is with the past cruiser discount.... no way on earth am I going to pay that especially when I can have the same cabins on the Magnifica for 2 weeks in the Med next August!! They may cancel it of course 🤨
  3. Ha ha, every need for an angry face. I sorted 2 cabins to Norway in August at a cracking price and I reckon I’ll pay double for cruising past my house in Devon 🙄 I could live with a like for like swap but it really is a p1ss take. I was going to book a suite to the Med for 2 weeks next year but there’s no way that’s going to happen now!!
  4. But the price difference on the 2 cabins I have booked will most definitely be a lot more than £250 for each cabin 🤬
  5. For a long period of time the Magnifica has been swapped for the Virtuosa and doing UK only cruises.
  6. It would seem though that the ‘stops’ will be on a ship only excursion rather than a do your own thing. Not for us on that basis 😞
  7. Do you know if excursions off ship will be cruise line only?
  8. We’re on that end of August Magnifica trip too (if it happens) following a previous Iona cancellation.
  9. Check out RC Grandeur of the Seas trips out of Barbados. You can do a fly cruise including a hotel stay pre-cruise or just cruise only. The fly, hotel and cruise package is fairly good VFM.
  10. That very much depends on who you are sailing with and from which berth. If it’s P&O and it’s free then even better. I’ve never had any issues with CPS in fairness... other parking options are available 😁
  11. As I’m on that cruise I damn well hope it’s going to happen 😳
  12. You obviously realised the connection 😁🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  13. Are you sure it wasn’t the Liechtenstein national anthem 😉
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