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  1. Just got notification that my May 21 Vancouver to Seattle cruise was cancelled and all Alaska cruises until at least July 1. Now I can officially get my 100% refund. I am glad they finally took this action.
  2. Thanks everyone, I think ill wait it out and hope I have the option to get 100% money back and not just FCC
  3. I am in the 50% penalty for a few more days. If I cancel now will Celebrity give me a 50% refund and 50% FCC. Or should I wait until Celebrity cancels the cruise due to not being able to dock in Vancouver. My cruise is 8 days Vancouver to Seattle.
  4. hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. we just booked Alaska for may 21 and I was thinking about you. too bad we can't get a family veranda I think its a arm and leg more than a balcony. happy sailing. Bob
  5. Well Turtles 06 you did a wonderful review.. You could be a professional reviewer. It was great meeting you guys and hope you have many more wonderful cruises.
  6. Kathynorth, you got everything correct. Now there are 4 active keys and that caused the real problem.. as for jelayne, sure its great if it works but you wouldn't be going to OV if you didn't have a room. also to answer another question, I had a family veranda, the other couple had a regular veranda. also phoenix dream, the other was not in the room when I first arrived. we had to go to guest services to key new keys. I didn't see other couple until we got back from lunch, it was their 2nd time in the room and the first time we saw them
  7. I am sure the people in the room may have been confused or jet lagged but if you walk in the room for the 2nd time and found 12 bottles of water on the table and 2 opened waters and a backpack on the bed wouldn't you think something strange. and yes the new keys were issued then we went back to room, unpacked some of backpack and then went to lunch (about 15 minutes) and the old keys were still not deactivated. yes it does seem odd
  8. I won't get into all the details (some them you won't want to here about). I boarded the Summit on Sept 8 with my heavy backpack on and headed up to my room all the way aft. After arriving at room, I find no room key on door. The room attendant told me that a couple already took the key, went in to the cabin and then left. I then took my heavy back and headed to guest services. After explaining the situation (they looked at me funny) they kind of blew it off and said they will issue me a new key and I could go back to my room. I said what about the people with the other key and said they
  9. I am on the Summit right now and I am very happy with the internet. about as fast as my internet back home. steamed mob and there were a few stoppages but overall very goo
  10. ship: summit length of cruise: 14 nights cruise sale date: 9/8/19 date of email offer: 7/29/19 captain club tier: classic booked thru TA current cabin: b2 bid: yes cabin category: family veranda bid offer: 205 notification date: 9/5/19 accepted bid on 5 different categories and family veranda was accepted
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