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  1. It's because people are sucked in by the 'perks'. They're willing to forego a $500 savings with another cruise line because they have 'status' with RCCL that only gets them $100 in perks. Loyalty programs are like a bonus for me, I don't cruise because of them, but it's a nice extra surprise when you get something out of them. In a weird comparison, it's like loyalty to a company. Job hoppers (aka the people who try different cruise lines), frequently end up better off than people who are blinded by loyalty (aka the people stuck to one cruise line). We like Royal for th
  2. Yes, we embarked last year on a Sunday and it was in the cruise planner and being shown in the Aquatheater.
  3. Is this about the actual porters, or the guys who stand at the belts? We were at Terminal A a few months ago and I walked my baggage up to the belts, there were 3 porters sitting there who pretty much took my bags out of my hands and lifted on the conveyor belts for me. They made some offhand comment when I walked away without tipping them. Is this the people you're talking about?
  4. Aside from being completely tone deaf, you're missing the larger picture here. Hurricanes churn up all kinds of stuff in the ocean and Dorian passed right through a massive belt of it on his way to the Bahamas. Of course there is going to be Seaweed washed up on the shorelines. Aside from that, it's been a massive problem in the Caribbean since ~2015. Uncontrolled fertilizer runoff and warmer ocean water have made the issue 10x worse than it used to be. So to address your entitled attitude here: Dredging won't do anything. All that does is moves earth from
  5. I would be SO happy if they did this. I cannot stand losing all my money on craps and having to deal with second hand smoke. But really, it's a huge problem because it leaks out into other areas.
  6. For those of you wondering. Cococay is probably going to escape this relatively fine. Right now, they're probably experiencing winds of about ~50mph, and barring any major unexpected turn south, it shouldn't get much worse than that. There will probably be some damage from storm surge and the occasional hurricane force wind gust. You can check out the NHC's website which has the wind radii https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at5+shtml/220614.shtml?gm_track#contents
  7. Yeah and worth noting that a category 4 hurricane usually has wind gusts that extend well into the category 5 range. So if it does go over CocoCay I'd expect some severe damage.
  8. I'll be really interested to see how CocoCay fares. Current track has it going almost directly over the island as a Category 4 hurricane. I know Daredevil's peak was built to withstand a 5, but there's plenty of smaller buildings that probably wouldn't fare too well. Also can't imagine the damage the storm surge will end up doing to Oasis Lagoon and such.
  9. Nope, not one bit. Shoplifting is nowhere close to the same as bringing your own booze on a cruise. And yes, my exact argument would be that I'm not taking any product. You say that cruise lines have implemented measures to stop it, but what measures? Virtually no one gets caught smuggling a few plastic flasks full of booze on to a cruise ship, and if they do, the cruise line just throws out the alcohol, nothing happens to the passengers. If they wanted to crack down they could start following their own guidelines and kicking people off the ship for it, but they won't, be
  10. It really doesn't affect any other cruisers at all. You can let the cruise lines tell you all they want that they are increasing costs because of how customers behave, but in reality it's just to increase their bottom line. Besides, the number of people who go through the effort of sneaking alcohol on-board isn't really that high. I was just on Symphony in May and we paid $49/per day. If it really is $65 per day that's a 30%+ increase in less than a year. No way that's worth it for me and no way I'm going to sit here and feel bad about it either. NCL always runs Free at Sea offers
  11. Yep! They did it on Day 7 later in the day. It was listed on the cruise planner.
  12. Here we go! So we flew into FLL the night before the cruise and stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Miami. It was a short ride to the cruise port and the hotel was near stores to get things for the cruise. We had stayed at the Hyatt Centric in South Beach when we cruised Allure before, and I thought that hotel was much nicer. I also liked being in South Beach a bit more. This was our second time sailing out of Terminal A and the experience was great once again. From curbside to ship was about 15 minutes and we were able to use our mobile boarding passes. I'll touch on this later, but traffic man
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